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The following is a list of the spirits from the Animal Crossing series that appear in Ultimate.

Primary Spirits

Spirit Artwork origin Type Rating Effect(s)
Digby Animal Crossing: New Leaf Neutral Advanced Battering Items Power ↑
Lloid Shield Novice Speed decrease
Tom Nook Animal Crossing Neutral Advanced
Tom Nook (Nookington's) Animal Crossing: Wild World Neutral Ace Item Gravitation
DJ K.K. Neutral Advanced
K.K. Slider Animal Crossing Neutral Ace Running Start
Resetti Animal Crossing Grab Ace Jump decrease
Don Shield Advanced Speed decrease
Gulliver Grab Advanced Jump ↑
Zipper T. Bunny Grab Novice Jump ↑
Lottie Grab Novice

Support Spirits

Spirit Artwork origin Type Rating Effect(s)
Rover Animal Crossing Support Ace Ice-Floor Immunity
Redd Support Advanced Trade-Off Defense ↑
Gracie Support Advanced Super Launch Star Equipped
Pete Support Ace Strong-Wind Immunity
Phyllis & Pelly Support Advanced Back Shield Equipped
Joan Support Advanced Stats ↑ after Eating
Katrina Support Advanced Irreversible Controls
Tortimer Animal Crossing: New


Support Ace Critical-Health Stats ↑↑
Kapp'n Support Ace Easier Dodging
Kapp'n (Wild World) Animal Crossing: Wild World Support Advanced Dash Attack ↑
Able Sisters Animal Crossing Support Ace Shield Durability ↑
Blathers Support Ace Black Hole Equipped
Celeste Support Advanced Item Gravitation
Harriet Support Advanced Weapon Attack ↑
Brewster Support Ace Slumber Immunity
Lyle Support Novice Green Shell Equipped
Kaitlin & Katie Support Advanced Fog Immunity
Dr. Shrunk Support Advanced Falling Immunity
Frillard Support Novice Braking Ability ↑
Kicks Support Advanced Sticky-Floor Immunity
Serena Support Novice Star Rod Equipped
Cyrus & Reese Support Ace Ore Club Equipped
Leif (Animal Crossing) Support Advanced Bury Immunity

Master Spirits

Spirit Image Origin Facility
Timmy & Tommy Animal Forest

(Artwork: Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

Shopping (Timmy & Tommy's)
Copper & Booker Animal Forest

(Artwork: Animal Crossing: City Folk)

Dojo (Brick-Wall Style)

Fighter Spirits

Spirit Image Game and artwork origin
Villager (Male)
Animal Forest

(Artwork: Animal Crossing: City Folk)

Villager (Female)
Animal Forest

(Artwork: Animal Crossing: City Folk)

Isabelle (Animal Crossing New Leaf)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf