This article lists differences between the multiple NTSC versions and PAL version of Super Smash Bros. Melee.


  • Version 1.0
  • All glitches exist, including one that can overwrite Multi-Man Melee scores.
  • If you play one of the clone characters, lower scores can overwrite higher ones, and if you play a clone then a regular character, the score can duplicate itself on other characters.
  • Bowser can Flame Cancel by landing during the ending animation of the Fire Breath
  • In HRC, the track ends at 4990.0 ft., and if the bag isn’t already on the track when you strike it with the final attack and it goes over 4556.9 ft., it will say No Distance. In Japanese language it will start to say No Distance from about 890 m.
  • Version 1.1
  • Bowser cannot Flame Cancel.
  • It is easier to Smash DI out of rapid hit attacks such as Pikachu’s down-smash.
  • Ness can no longer charge his up smash and down smash over the ledge.
  • Home Run Contest track was changed to 4990 m. long, but the bag can’t land anywhere past 11347.2 ft or 3458.5 m.
  • The Shadow Glitch was removed.
  • Version 1.2
  • The Multi-Man Melee glitch was fixed, the Superjump Glitch was removed, and many other glitches were corrected.
  • The announcer now says “A New Record” in Multi-Man Melee.
  • PAL – All changes in 1.2 are present, but there are many more changes.
  • Bowser, Kirby, and Yoshi are each heavier.
  • Marth, Fox, and Mario are each lighter. This puts Marth below the weight threshold of standing up during Fox's waveshine.
  • Falco's down aerial only spikes for the first half of the animation. The rest sends the opponent at a 45 degree angle (the Sakurai Angle).
  • Sheik's up aerial isn't as strong, and has one less frame of landing lag.
  • Marth's down aerial's spike hitbox is now a Meteor Smash instead and sends the opponent at a 270 degree angle (straight down).
  • Fox's down and forward smashes are less powerful.
  • Fox's Up-Smash weakened, damage dropped from 18% in NTSC to 17% in PAL, and knockback dramatically weakened. For example, in PAL version, Peach would die to Fox's Up-Smash at as high as 83%. In the NTSC version, Peach only needs to be at 71% to be Star KO'd at Final Destination uncharged. A fully charged fully stale Up-Smash could kill Peach at 55% on Final Destination.
  • Yoshi's forward smash is more powerful.
  • Peach's dash attack is less powerful.
  • Luigi's neutral aerial is less powerful.
  • Ganondorf's down aerial inflicts less damage, from 22% in NTSC to 21% in PAL.
  • Ganondorf's forward aerial has dramatically decreased in terms of knockback, in PAL his back aerial is more powerful.
  • Yoshi's down aerial inflicts less damage, from 44% in NTSC to 36% in PAL.
  • Fox's forward aerial has more range on its hitbox.
  • DI (in other words, the angle) on Sheik's down throw has been changed so that it can no longer chain throw consistently.
  • Fox can tech Falco's down throw in PAL.
  • Link's spin attack is no longer a semi-spike.
  • Captain Falcon's "Gentleman" A-attack combo is much easier to perform.
  • Bowser's down throw can hit Mr. Game & Watch.
  • Link's super jump glitch was removed.
  • Samus's extended grapple beam was removed. In addition, her ability to cancel the aerial grapple with bombs was removed.
  • The Ice Climbers freeze glitch was removed.
  • Lag and loading times have been reduced.
  • The 'Special Movie' was removed.
  • In Home-Run Contest mode, the platform is longer and the invisible back-wall is a bit farther.


  • PAL
  • The NTSC version allows changing between English and Japanese, while the PAL covers 5 languages: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.
  • Names can now include upper and lower case letters but no Japanese character set.
  • The Motion Sensor-Bomb is called Proximity Mine.
  • In the English language setting, distances are measured in meters.

Character names

All the characters' names are the same in English, Italian and Spanish. Characters not mentioned are the same in English.

English French German
Young Link Link Enfant Junger Link
Mewtwo MEWTWO Mewtu
Jigglypuff RONDOUDOU Pummeluff
Pikachu PIKACHU Pikachu
Pichu PICHU Pichu


  • In the French versions of both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pokémon names are in ALL CAPS, as well as being changed. In the German version of SSBB, the names are in ALL CAPS as well.

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