This article lists differences between the different versions of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


  • In the NTSC version, stage names are in capital letters when continuing from the first word, whereas in the PAL version, they aren't.
  • In the PAL version, all Pokémon names are in capital, as they are in their own main series video games.
  • The Nintendo Chronicle in the NTSC version goes up to "December 2007". In the PAL version, it goes up to "14 March, 2008".
  • All games that have different names in PAL regions have been changed accordingly. For example, the song entitled "Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day" is now called "Dr Kawashima's Brain Training: How Old is Your Brain?". All references to "Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast" are now "Donkey Kong: Jet Race", all references to "Kirby Squeak Squad" have been altered to "Kirby Mouse Attack", and all references to "Star Fox" and "Star Fox 64" have been changed to "Starwing" and "Lylat Wars" and so on.
  • The song entitled "The Roost" for Smashville has been changed to "Brewster's Roost".
  • The trophy description on Lyn lists her age as eighteen, while in the US version, her age is said as fifteen. In the Japanese version of Fire Emblem, Lyn was fifteen, while in the US, her age was changed to eighteen.
  • In some Lucas' Trophy, "Tazumili" was changed to "Tazmily", a name used in EarthBound 64's production.
  • The PAL version of Negative Zone trophy mentions nothing about Luigi embracing the dark side in his brother's shadow, it just says that in contrast to the oddness of the dance, it is a very powerful Final Smash.
  • The Challenges section in PAL has no shatterproof windows.
  • In the PAL and Japanese versions, the Home-run Contest states meters instead of feet. This is mostly as Europe and Japan use the metric system opposed to the imperial system. The NTSC version is restricted to the imperial system, despite the fact that the metric system is commonly used in Canada.
  • There are overall less errors in the PAL version, such as some of the trophy descriptions, due to having more time to fix them and delaying the game's release at the time.
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