The following is a list of idle poses in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

NameIdle pose 1Idle pose 2Idle pose 3Idle pose 4
BowserLeans back and exhales steam. Can avoid attacksClenches fists and pretends to roar
Bowser Jr.Places his hand over his eyes and looks aroundJumps impatiently in his vehicle
Captain FalconMakes a battle pose where he leans forward and thrusts his arm outAnother battle pose where he crouches slightly and thrusts his elbow out
CharizardLeans back and stomps the groundSpits fire onto the ground
CloudRubs the edge of his Buster SwordHolds his Buster Sword upwards in front of himself
Dark PitHolds blades together as a bow, then pulls them apartTaps his foot on the ground, then hops in place
Diddy KongScratches his bottom and stretchesJumps in place
Donkey KongLeans forward and crosses his eyesBumps his fists together and uppercuts the air
Dr. MarioPounds his fist into his open palmExercises his neck by moving his head in circles
Duck HuntSniffs at the groundScratches ear
FalcoSlightly turns to the sideMoves hand in front of his face
FoxHolds hand in front of his face and takes a breathMakes a beckoning gesture, as if performing his down taunt
GanondorfMoves his right hand over his headCrosses his arms and looks away
GreninjaCrouches and makes a hand gestureMoves arms outward
IkeTaps Ragnell on his shoulderRubs the edge of his sword
JigglypuffTurns to look back
King DededePuts his hammer on his shoulderSmacks belly
KirbyHops to look back, then returns to positionBriefly falls asleep, then wakes up again
LinkBriefly poses with his sword behind himLooks behind himself. Link now keeps his shield pointed forward while doing so
Little MacShuffles his feetQuickly shifts his head back and forth with his fists in front of his face
LucarioMoves arms in a circular motionAssumes a fighting stance
LucasTap the edge of his shoeCowardly shakes his fist in front of his body
LucinaHolds chest and takes a breathBrushes hair out of her face
LuigiRubs back of headPulls on his nose, stretching it and snapping it back
MarioAdjusts capMoves his head from left to right and holds his fists in front of his face
MarthHolds chest and takes a breathBrushes hair out of his face
Mega ManTaps his elbow on his palmLooks around himself
Meta KnightQuickly and subtly swings the GalaxiaHolds cape in front of himself, then throws it back
MewtwoCrosses arms and then moves them outwardHold one hand in front of itself
Mii BrawlerQuickly performs four fighting stancesUnclenches fists and moves them downward
Mii SwordfighterPoint their sword towards the skyLooks around cautiously
Mii GunnerRests their arm cannon, then examines itPoints the arm cannon in different directions
Mr. Game & WatchHops in placeLooks behind himself
NessLooks around curiouslyCloses his eyes and places finger on his temple, then points ahead
OlimarRubs his helmet Swings his arms in a limber-up exercise
Pac-ManScratches his head Winks and gives a thumbs-up
PalutenaTaps her staff on the ground, flashing her halo Crosses her arms, flashing her halo
PeachLooks over her shoulders and rubs something off her dressRaises arms up and stretchesLooks at her ringBrushes her hair
PikachuStraightens up and looks aroundScratches its right ear
PitHolds blades together as a bow, then pulls them apartTaps his foot on the ground, then hops in place
R.O.B.Briefly looks at the cameraTilts its head downwards while closing its eyes, as if it's shutting down, then tilts it back up
RobinGlances at his/her active tomeSlowly waves sword in front of him/herself
Rosalina & LumaLeans forward and looks into the distanceTaps her wand on midair
RoyPumps his fistSwipes his hand lightly against the Sword of Seals while holding it in front of himself
RyuAdjusts his glovesWriggles the fingers on both hands, then crosses his arms and pumps them
SamusChecks her arm cannonPuts arm cannon down
SheikMoves her hand in front of her face, then quickly moves it backBalances on one leg
ShulkTaps his foot and makes a thinking gestureQuickly looks behind himself
SonicTaps his foot impatientlyTurns toward the camera and waves his finger in a patronizing manner
Toon LinkLooks around cautiouslyTaps his foot on the ground
VillagerTaps foot and puts hand to his/her chin. This pose is similar to the animation when a villager access their inventory in the Animal Crossing games Scratches the side of their head
WarioCrosses his arms, fists clenchedScratches bottom
Wii Fit TrainerStretches his/her neckShifts his/her weight and twists his/her hips
YoshiDoes a short danceLooks around
ZeldaFlips her hair backHolds her arm and briefly looks awayMakes a thinking gesture
Zero Suit SamusStands up straight and looks around, holding her Paralyzer to her faceChecks her paralyzer
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