The following is a list of idle poses in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

NameIdle pose 1Idle pose 2Idle pose 3Idle pose 4
BowserMoves head from forward to back while roaring
Captain FalconMakes a battle pose where he leans forward and thrusts his arm outAnother battle pose where he crouches slightly and thrusts his elbow out
Donkey KongRocks body back and forth
Dr. MarioExercises his neck by moving his head in circles
FalcoTurns slightly to the sideTurns slightly to the side and waves his hand in front of his face
FoxSlightly looks towards his right side
GanondorfBrings his hands together, then swings his right hand over his head
Ice ClimbersShake hammers
JigglypuffTurns and looks towards the left side
KirbyHops a bit to look back, then hops again, returning to normal position
LinkMoves torso from forward to back
LuigiScratches back of his head
MarioAdjusts cap
MarthBrushes hair out of his face
MewtwoHold one hand in front of itselfCrosses arms and then moves them outward
Mr. Game & WatchLooks behind himself
NessLooks from side to side
PeachLooks over her shoulders and rubs something off her dressRaises her arms up and stretchesLooks at her handsBrushes her hair
PichuLooks from side to sideJumps while looking side to sideLeans slightly forward while looking side to side
PikachuScratches earStraightens up and looks around
RoyGets in a ready pose
SamusPuts up arm cannon
SheikShakes hand in front of her face and then swings it to the side
YoshiSlowly looks from side to side
Young LinkBeats the tips of his boots on the ground to dust them off (this animation is also performed by Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)Looks around himself
ZeldaFlips her hair backMakes a thinking gestureTurns her body away
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