The following is a list of idle poses in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


  • Brings his hands together twice, then roars.
  • Leans back and roars, exhaling steam.

Captain Falcon

  • Leans forward and brings his left arm forward in a battle stance.
  • Leans forward and brings right arm upward in a battle stance.


  • Leans back and roars.
  • Spits a fireball at the ground.

Diddy Kong

  • Scratches his backside, shakes himself, and stretches.
  • Jumps twice in place.

Donkey Kong

  • Bumps his fists together, then performs and uppercut
  • .Leans forward while crossing his eyes and bares his teeth.


  • Waves his left hand in front of his face.
  • Turns his body to the side.


  • Leans forward and gestures "C'mon!" with his left hand twice.
  • Holds his right hand in front of him and takes a breath.


  • Brings his hands together before moving his left arm over his head.
  • Crosses his arms and looks the opposite way in an impatient manner.

Ice Climbers

  • Spins their hammer in place.
  • Briefly takes their hammer off their shoulder before placing it back.


  • Rubs his hand along Ragnell's edge.
  • Taps Ragnell on his shoulder twice.


  • Looks both ways, then shakes itself.
  • Stomps his feet on the ground twice.


  • Turns to the side.

King Dedede

  • Taps his hammer on his shoulder three times.
  • Smacks his belly twice.


  • Falls asleep, then shakes himself awake.
  • Turns to the side.


  • Spins the Master Sword in place.
  • Turns to the side.


  • Leans back and raises his hands in a fighting stance.
  • Swings his arms around.


  • Performs a series a cowardly punches.
  • Taps his feet onto the ground twice with each foot.


  • Scratches the back of his head.
  • Rubs his nose, then pulls it forward.


  • Holds his fists in front of him and shifts his head from side to side.
  • Readjusts his cap.


  • Places his hand on his chest and breathes.
  • Brushes back his hair.

Meta Knight

  • Looks behind him before facing forward and swinging Galaxia.
  • Brings his cape in front of him to hide his face before pushing it back.

Mr. Game & Watch

  • Looks behind him with his mouth open.
  • Spreads his arms and legs upwards in a jumping pose.


  • Closes his eyes and puts his index finger to his head.
  • Looks to both sides.


  • Moves his arms back and forth.
  • Rubs his helmet.

In addition, the Pikmin around Olimar also have idle poses:

  • Sits on the ground.
  • Lays on its side.


  • Brushes her hair.
  • Adjusts her ring.
  • Stretches her arms over her head.
  • Looks over both shoulders and brushes off her dress


  • Scratches one of its ears.
  • Stands up on its feet and looks to each side.


  • Combines the Palutena Bow into its bow form before separating it.
  • Hops back and forth.

Pokemon Trainer

  • Steps to the side.
  • Rubs his leg.
  • Stands upright.


  • Looks to each side.
  • Looks at the ground in front of it before looking back up.
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