The following is a list of the trophies from the Super Smash Bros. series that appear in the 3DS. There are 44 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Mii Brawler Classic ModeSSB3DSTrophyMiiBrawlerThis fighter is based on a player's Mii. It excels at fighting with punches and kicks. This type of Mii is very agile, blending attacks with movement to get the battle flowing. It has superior dash and jump compared to other types. Stay close and keep whaling on foes-you'll KO them in no time!
Mii Brawler (Alt.) All-StarSSB3DSTrophyMiiBrawlerEXTBA
Mii Swordfighter Classic ModeSSB3DSTrophyMiiSwordfighterThis fighter is based on a player's Mii and favors a sword in battle. Enjoy the extra reach the sword offers, but remember that it takes a bit longer for strikes to reach your opponent as a result. Customize your Mii with chargeable moves, counters, or projectile attacks.
Mii Swordfighter (Alt.)All-StarSSB3DSTrophyMiiSwordfighterEXTBA
Mii Gunner Classic ModeSSB3DSTrophyMiiGunnerTBA
Mii Gunner (Alt.) All-StarSSB3DSTrophyMiiGunnerEXTBA
Smash BallTBASSB3DSTrophySmashBallTBA
Assist TrophyTBASSB3DSTrophyAssistTrophyThis strange capsule contains a guest character who will aid you in your battle. Who will emerge? Grab it to find out! Maybe it'll be a famous character from a popular game, or perhaps a goofy sidekick here to prove his or her worth. Too bad you can't choose who shows up or control them...
Rolling CratesTBASmash crateTBA
Blast BoxTBASSB3DSTrophyBlastBoxA dangerous box that has been packed full of gunpowder. The player who sets off the box, either by hitting it or throwing it, will get points for any KOs. Setting off the box will result in a massive explosion, and you've only yourself to blame if you blow yourself up. It says DANGER right on the front.
CapsuleTBASmash capliseThis tiny capsule can hole one item inside it, no mater how massive that one item may be. How does it do that? No idea! But all you have to do to get the prize is break the capsule. It's possible for these things to explode, so it's best to break it against walls or opponents. They won't be upset. Maybe.
Party BallTBASSB3DSTrophyPartyBallA celebratory ball, filled with irresistible treasures just begging to be released. Once thrown, it floats into the air and releases its prizes. It could be a variety of awesome items, but you should be careful-sometimes the Party Ball is stuffed full of Bob-ombs! How rude!
SandbagScore more than 15,000 points on Home-Run ContestSSB3DSTrophySandbagThis little guy is great for getting in some practice against. In Home-Run Contest you'll send it flying, and in normal battles it has a habit of dropping items when you lay into it. Sandbag seems pretty content with being your punching bag, so it'd almost be mean not to go all out on it.
FoodTBASSB3DSTrophyFoodPick up food and eat it to restore health. There are 28 kinds of food in all, including bread, which heals 10 damage, roast chicken, which heals 15, and so on. The fancier the food, the more damage i will heal. Keep an eye out for Party Balls-they may drop a whle buffet for you to nom!
Beam SwordTBASSB3DSTrophyBeamSwordTBA
Home-run BatPlay Home-Run Contest for the first time on the 3DSSmash batCombine this black bat with a forward smash to try for a home run, using your opponent as the ball! Unfortunately, the reach on the bat is not all that impressive, so it takes some real skill to line up a hit. Keep your chin up, though-the loud "KREEENG" of a hit makes it all worthwhile.
Drill ArmTBASSB3DSTrophyDrillArmTBA
Motion-Sensor BombTBASSB3DSTrophyMotionSensorBombTBA
Gooey BombTBASmash bros gooey bombThis one is incredibly sticky, clinging to anyone or anything it touches before exploding. If you happen t be the "anyone," you can hand it off by passing or touching one of your foes-time to get real friendly! If there isn't anyone around, you'd better spend the next few seconds wisely..
Smoke BallTBASSB3DSTrophySmokeBallTBA
BumperTBABumper 3dsAh, pinball... What a fun game. And with this item, you can add a bit of pinball wham to the battlefield. Once thrown, this item will bounce anything that comes near it violently away. Just don't get careless and walk into a deployed one yourself, or you'll get bounced too!
Team HealerTBASSB3DSTrophyTeamHealerTBA
Smash Run Power-upsTBASmash run powersTBA
PowersTBASSB3DSTrophyPowersIn Smash Run, you'll sometimes see a yellow bag emblazoned with a question mark. Enemies occasionally drop them when defeated, or you can pick them up in treasure chests. Inside you'll find custom goodies, but you'll have to wait until the end of the run to find out what you've picked up!
CustomizationsTBASSB3DSTrophyCustomizationsThe white bags with the little wrenches on the front contain custom items you can use to give your fighters that extra "oomph." Maybe you'll find a new special move inside for one of the fighters, or a hat or outfit for your Mii Fighter. Either way, open all the treasure chests you see and defeat lots of enemies in Smash Run to get them!
Gold (Smash Run)TBASmash coinsIn Smash Run, defeating an enemy or opening a treasure chest might net you some gold. The coins come in three varieties: gold-the most valuable-then silver, then bronze. You can use them in the game for things like buying trophies or placing bets in Spectator mode. Just choose your bets wisely!
Gold (Classic)TBASSB3DSTrophyCoinsYou'll find these coins as you move through Classic mode. As you might guess, the most valuable of the three types are the gold ones. Your opponents gain strength as you progress, but stronger opponents also drop more gold. You can then use gold to up the intensity, giving you even stronger foes! It's a wonderful golden cycle!
GlireTBASSB3DSTrophyGlireThis rotating enemy will follow the terrain. The red one is called Glire. Should a fighter come too close, a blast of fire will erupt from Glire, damaging nearby foes. Glire has high stamina compared to Glice and Glunder, but it's very slow. It's especially vunerable to ice attacks!
GliceTBASSB3DSTrophyGliceA rotating enemy that likes to follow the terrain. The blue one is called a Glice. It'll release a blast of icy damage if fighters wander too close, freezing them if they are caught in it. Quickly wiggle around to break free. Use fire attacks against it-it has a weakness to them!
GlunderTBASSB3DSTrophyGlunderThis rotating enemy likes to follow the terrain. The yellow one is called Glunder. Whenever a fighter gets too close, it'll release a blast of lightning. One hit isn't too bad, but taking several will really leave you hurting. Best to try to take this thing out from a safe distance.
RoturretTBASSB3DSTrophyRoturretThis enemy from the Subspace Army in Super Smash Bros. Brawl hangs in the air and fires at fighters with its two cannons. The last of the three pairs of shots it fires has much higher launching capabilites, so watch out! Hitting it between the two cannons can disrupt its firing-or even completely destroy it!
MitesTBASSB3DSTrophyMiteThese foes are part of the Subspace Army from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They're paper thin and can easily escape a fighter's grasp. If you get too close, they'll jump-kick, but by themselves they don't pose much of a threat. Getting caught by a group of them, though, can mean some serious pain.
Subspace GeneratorTBASSB3DSTrophyGeneratorTBA
Fighting Mii TeamTBASSB3DSTrophyFightingMiiTeamThese weak fighters show up in droves in Multi-Man Smash. These are Brawler, Swordfighter, and Gunner types. Since they're based on the Mii characters saved on your Nintendo 3DS system or Wii U console, you could end up battling your friends and family! Don't get soft--just take them out! Almost any attack does the trick.
Master HandClear Classic Mode with five charactersSSB3DSTrophyMasterHandThe mysterious Master Hand is the source of creation in the Smash Bros. universe. He appears in Final Destination when all other rivals are defeated. He fights with a diverse move set and only grows stronger if you make him angry. If you know when to fight and when to dodge, you'll take him down!
Crazy HandTBASSB3DSTrophyCrazyHandTBA
Master CoreTBASSB3DSTrophyMasterCoreTBA
BytanTBASSB3DSTrophyBytanThese spherical enemies made their first appearence in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. They have a white portion underneath with sharklike teeth and an upper portion with a giant red eye. They attack by rolling straight into you. Try not to leave them alone for too long-they multiply by popping more Bytans out of their eyes!
GamygaTBASSB3DSTrophyGamygaThese tall, tower-like things first showed up as enemies in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The head is really the main part of its body, with the other four components acting as bases. You could always take the head out first, but if you are height challenged, you can attack the bases first.
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