Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailers have been released to reveal all the newcomers in the game. The trailers follow in the same format as Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, a majority of which being produced by the same animation studio. The trailers have been released typically during Nintendo Directs, though some of debuted on different special events.

Inklings + Game Reveal


Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Switch!

Titled "Super Smash Bros. is coming to Nintendo Switch!" as it also served as the reveal of the game, the trailer starts out with a white background. Then a few slashes of ink appear on screen. Soon, 2 Inklings appear and fight a battle in vain of Splatoon and Splatoon 2. Later on, the white background slowly fades into black, and the music begins echoing and then stops. The camera zooms in on Inkling girl. A light appears behind her. She looks, and the camera zooms in on her eye, a smudge appears on it and is later revealed to be a fiery Super Smash Bros. logo.

The camera zooms out to show it in its entirety, with several figures appearing in the flames. Mario and Link appear with their faces shadowed, along with other fighters around them. Inkling boy walks slowly towards the flames before stopping. Everything but the Smash Bros. logo fades. a white background appears and the new text logo of Super Smash Bros. appears on the screen before it disappears and the release date, 2018, appears.



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - A Piercing Screech - Nintendo Switch

Fittingly titled "A Piercing Screech", it starts out with a long shot of Mega Man, Mario, and Samus treading slowly across a bridge. The camera goes a close shot of them walking and then zooms back out to a bird’s eye view. Mega Man and Mario look around cautiously while Samus looks straight ahead. A sudden flash then takes Mega Man and the screen turns red with a silhouette of him getting impaled in the chest. Mario and Samus continue to walk across the bridge. Then the mysterious creature then takes Mario without his hat and the screen turns red again with a silhouette of Mario being grabbed by the throat. Samus continues treading on without noticing until she realizes that nobody is following her, then taking a deep breath, turns around with her arm cannon pointed. The camera focuses on Samus and then Mario’s cap when a loud clang is heard twice. Ridley then smashes through the bridge catching Samus off-guard. The camera zooms into Samus’s eyes through the visor while a remix of Ridley’s theme starts playing. Ridley then screeches and then spins Mario’s cap on one of his fingers ("Ridley Hits The Big Time!").

The trailer ends off with Ridley hovering in the air with the camera zooming into his face as he sees Samus in her Zero Suit, escape from the wreckage in a high jump and kicks downwards towards Ridley.

Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Vampire Killer - Nintendo Switch

Titled "Vampire Killer", it starts out with a shot of a castle at night during a thunderstorm. It then transitions to a shot of a mysterious hooded figure walking over a puddle of water before stopping in front of the castle doors which have opened. The figure then hears a faint scream from inside the castle, which transitions to the next shot revealing that it was that a frightened Luigi was fighting off a group of mummies as he used a flashlight and a plunger mechanism incorporated into his Poltergust, to no effect. The mummies attempt to swipe Luigi who runs away in fear. After stopping to catch his breath, the Green Wonder hears the creaking of a head bust, which causes Luigi to turn and look at the bust, letting out a scream of fright as the eyes glow red in sync with a lightning flash. Scared, Luigi attempts to run away again but almost runs into a candle on his way before running down the corridor as the head bust's hair turns into snakes, revealing that it was Medusa. While running, he trips and falls onto the floor. After getting himself back up, he then sees an ominous figure floating in front of him. Luigi shines his flashlight onto the figure, revealing it to be Death himself. Luigi screams in horror as his eyes roll back before fainting, leaving him open to a slash from Death’s Scythe, causing his soul to leave his body.

Just as Death prepares to harvest Luigi’s soul for his dirty work, a chained spiky ball whip suddenly hits Death right in the jaw, then returning to its wielder, which was the hooded figure from earlier. He then takes his hood off and readies his whip, revealing himself to be Simon Belmont ("Simon Lashes Out!"). He then throws his Cross directly at Death, defeating him and freeing Luigi’s soul. He later encounters Dracula, who he attempts to attack before being knocked back by a fireball. As he crouches, the fireballs float towards Simon, only to be extinguished by his descendant, Richter Belmont, who exclaims "Begone! You don't belong in this world, monster!" ("Richter Crosses Over!"). Simon and Richter then team up to battle Dracula, with Simon using his Cross and Richter using his Uppercut to defeat him.

The trailer ends off with Luigi‘s spirit circling his lifeless body. As he tries to get his spirit back in, Carmilla appears in the window, emitting a purple liquid from her left eye, causing Luigi to scream in terror again as she appears, and the camera transitioning to an outside view, where it was revealed that they were in Dracula's Castle the entire time.

King K. Rool


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - The Rivals - Nintendo Switch

Titled "The Rivals", the trailer starts out with illustrations of famous Nintendo heroes battling their famous adversaries, such as Mario battling Bowser who was attempting to kidnap Peach, Link and Zelda battling Ganondorf, Kirby battling Meta Knight, Fox and Falco battling Wolf, and Samus battling Ridley, before cutting to black.

The next shot then shows Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong napping in their treehouse, with Donkey laying on the floor eating bananas and Diddy resting in his tire swing. The ground suddenly shakes, alarming the Kongs who look outside the window to see what was causing all the shaking. A shadow casts over the window as the Kongs see the silhouette of a familiar foe, who is revealed to be King Dedede in disguise. As both Kongs look on in absolute shock, Dedede then laughs at the outcome of his trickery, unaware that the same silhouette from before comes up from behind and smacks Dedede in the back of the head, causing him to fly offscreen, the silhouette revealed to be none other than King K. Rool himself ("King K. Rool Comes Aboard!"). Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong then scream in terror (with their eyes shooting through the window breaking the glass) as King K. Rool lets out a menacing roar. King K. Rool then shows off his moveset, finishing with his Blast-O-Matic for his Final Smash.

Then they transition to a shot of King K. Rool and Donkey Kong charging towards each other, before proceeding to jump into the air and collide their fists (Diddy helps DK out with a kick), the resulting shockwave going across the entire jungle. The trailer ends off with the Kongs having seemingly defeated King K. Rool as they taunt (unaware that K. Rool snuck off-screen) before getting dug into the ground by a larger King K. Rool, who then taunts back.



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - All in a Day's Work - Nintendo Switch

Titled "All in a Day’s Work", the trailer starts out with Isabelle sorting the mayor’s office and working on her tasks. After performing the tasks, she starts to get tired out but refuses to rest stating that she is almost finished with her work. She then states that she wishes the Mayor wasn’t so busy with the campsite (referencing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp) and the Smash tournaments, later stating that maybe she should be the mayor instead, but tells herself to stop thinking about it.

She then hears the doorbell ring and Pete the pelican mailman comes in with a letter for Isabelle. After Pete leaves, she starts reading her letter, wondering what it was about. It is then revealed that the letter was an invite to the Smash tournament, with Isabelle caught by surprise ("Isabelle Turns Over A New Leaf!").

The trailer ends off with Isabelle in Onett stating that she hopes she gets cheered on by her peers as she waves.

Ken and Incineroar


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Clash of Flames - Nintendo Switch

Titled "Clash of Flames", the trailer starts out with Little Mac in a boxing match with a silhouetted figure in the Boxing Ring. Just as Little Mac is starting to get the upper hand, the figure punches him right in the cheek, revealing himself to be Ken Masters, who exclaims "Bring it on!" ("Ken Turns Up The Heat!").

Little Mac attempts to hit him several times, with no success, while Ken unleashes his Hadoken, with Little Mac barely dodging the oncoming attack. As they were battling, a pair of menacing yellow eyes looks on from within the shadows.

Just after Ken uses Shippu Jinraikyaku to send Little Mac crashing into the screen, the figure then runs and jumps right into the ring, as Ken jumps out of the way. The figure, engulfed in flames, tears its robe off, revealing to be Incineroar ("Incineroar Enters The Ring!"). After Ken challenges the flaming Pokémon by saying "So, you wanna fight fire with fire, huh?", the two flame wielding fighters start to battle.

The trailer ends off with Ken being defeated (the same way he defeated Little Mac prior) and Incineroar posing for the cheering crowd. However, he stops posing to see that Villager, Bowser Jr., and King K. Rool are eager to engage in a match with him, with Incineroar growling in apathy.

Piranha Plant


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Piranha Plant Pipes Up! (Early Purchase Bonus) - Nintendo Switch

Titled "Piranha Plant Pipes Up!", the trailer begins with showing Luigi and some Yoshis are stunned. Mario approaches forward to find its cause, only to find a stationary Piranha Plant. Mario proceeds to attack it, but the Piranha Plant dodges it and counterattacks, then do a taunt. It then cuts to its splash art, "Piranha Plant Pipes Up!", and proceeds with the gameplay footage.


Joker has two trailers for Smash.

Take Your Heart


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Take Your Heart - Nintendo Switch

The trailer starts with a noise screen, which eventually clears into a red screen displaying the Phantom Thieves' logo and slogan. Then Joker gives a message "This is Joker. The mission is go." ("This is Joker. I've infiltrated the theatre." in the Game Awards 2018 version). Then Joker appears running to somewhere, while it is followed by a conversation among the Phantom Thieves:

Skull: “Wait a second! You mean... he went alone?”

  • "Wait, seriously? You went alone to the Game Awards?" in the Game Awards 2018 version.

Panther: “What's so important that he'd run off by himself?”

  • "But... it's so far away. Why is he there?" in the Game Awards 2018 version.

Mona: “There's only one thing that the Phantom Thieves of Heart specialize in.”

Fox: “He's there to steal a treasure. Have you already sent a calling card?”

Mona: “We're not the ones who sent a card this time. In fact, we've been invited. Invited to steal the greatest treasure of all!”

Then Joker proceeds to throw their calling card and it transforms into a blank white card which he catches it. He flips the card and later founds it to be a Smash invitation letter, to which, everyone caught in surprise. They later continue the conversation:

Panther: “WHAAAAAAT?!”

Skull: “Smash Bros.? Is this for real?!”

Then it shows monsters unmasked to reveal Personas which resemble various characters in Smash Bros. (Mario, Donkey Kong, Samus, Link, Fox, Kirby, and Ness). Mona continues to comment.

Mona: “We'll be going up against the best of the best! Can't wait to see our fearless leader show his stuff!”

The screen fades to black and Joker appears standing in the dark, removes his mask while exclaiming "Persona!" and releases his Persona, Arsene, appearing behind him. Arsene promises to himself, "I am thou, thou art I. Show the strength of thy will, and rage against all challengers!". The trailer ends with a text announcing that Joker from Persona 5 will appear in Challenger Pack #1.

Unlike all the trailers, this one only features just animation and no in-game footage, and it also lacks the new challenger banner.

The Masked Rebel


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Masked Rebel – Nintendo Switch

This trailer shows Joker catching the Smash Bros. invitation ("Joker Steals The Show!"). Just like the previous trailer, it also follows a conversation among the Phantom Thieves while gameplay for Joker can be seen:

Mona: "Joker, it's the moment you've been waiting for!"

Oracle: "So many legendary fighters! Awesome!"

Fox: "Uhh... Are you sure he can handle this?"

Queen: "I mean, he's got a knife and a gun... I'm sure he'll be fine."

Skull: "I don't know... they looked pretty tough!"

Mona: "Harness the power of the heart to summon a Persona! Unleash the rebellious spirit growing inside you!"

It is followed by a cutscene of Joker removing his mask while exclaiming "Persona!" and releases his Persona, Arsene, appearing behind him. The gameplay of Joker with Arsene is shown while the conversation continues:

Fox: "Ah... Arsene."

Skull: "Arsene? Can't he use a more powerful Persona?"

Panther: "What are you talking about? Arsene is awesome!"

Mona: "It's Joker's main Persona! As long as you hold on to your rebellious spirit, Arsene will give your attacks an extra punch!"

Noir: "Wow! He can use wings instead of his grappling hook!"

Mona: "If Joker is attacked while Arsene is around, he can counter-attack, with Tetrakarn and Makarakarn!"

Oracle: "A counter that's also a reflect?! Is that even allowed?!"

Then more gameplay is shown featuring the Mementos stage. The conversation continues:

Queen: "This is... Mementos?"

Noir: "The palace birthed from the hearts of the masses, right?

Mona: "Yes. And Mementos has a little secret"

Fox: "Isn't its entire existence a secret?"

Mona: "The base color changes, depending on the music!"

Most of the Phantom Thieves: "Wow!"

Skull: "Seriously? That's awesome!"

Panther: "I can't believe our eyes!"

Joker then proceeds to break a Smash Ball to perform his Final Smash, as the team prepares:

Skull: "Now's our chance! Let's help him out!"

Mona: "Witness the power of the Phantom Thieves!"

All Phantom Thieves: "GO!"

After Joker's final smash, his victory screen is shown. Mona comments further.

Mona: "Smash is looking cool, eh Joker?"

At the end of the trailer, Joker was shown stealing King K Rool's crown and Wario's bike.



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Heroic Encounter – Nintendo Switch

Titled "Heroic Encounter", the trailer starts with a glimpse of Dharkon in a dark cloud-filled sky. Link is shown battling a Marth puppet fighter. As Link is about to land a hit with his sword, Meta Knight puppet fighter suddenly appears and kicks his side. Link retaliates with a throw of his boomerang, but they dodge it. Elsewhere in the distance, a horse is running across the burning forest fields towards the battlefield. As the false characters corner Link and prepare to land the final blow, a shadowed figure slashes them, launching them into the distance. The light then shines upon the shadowy figure, revealing it to be the Luminary ("The Hero Draws Near!").

Later, the Luminary is seen being launched into a pillar with a group of Slimes watching and fleeing. The Luminary then finds himself surrounded by several puppet fighters. Then, they notice a shining light in the distance, revealing Eight, Solo and Erdrick. The combined heroes then join forces to battle these false characters.



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Best Friends – Nintendo Switch

Titled "Best Friends", the trailer itself is mostly the same as King K. Rool's trailer, but with a few differences. The trailer starts off with the villain montage from the aforementioned trailer, this time adding King K. Rool fighting the Kongs. We then see the Kongs and (unsurprisingly) King K. Rool napping together in Donkey Kong's treehouse. When a familiar puzzle piece bounces by, Donkey Kong wakes up and enters his battle stance, with Diddy Kong waking K. Rool up. The group then look outside the window to see what is afoot out there, accidentally destroying their window, where they soon see the silhouettes of a very familiar duo, who reveal themselves as Duck Hunt. With the Kongs and K. Rool shocked, the duo laughs at their misfortune, only for the same silhouettes to land right behind them, scaring them away. The silhouettes reveal themselves as the real Banjo & Kazooie ("Banjo-Kazooie are Raring to Go!"), with the Kongs and K. Rool excitedly cheering in response.

After their Final Smash, the trailer then transitions to King K. Rool falling off a cliff, making a crater on the ground in his shape before being trapped by a boulder (mimicking Gruntilda's defeat in Banjo-Kazooie). Banjo then bounces off the boulder and lands on the ground, almost losing his balance as he does so, but the bear then does a victory pose, with various characters watching from the background, seemingly cheering then before the Banjo-Kazooie transition starts.

The trailer then ends with Banjo sneaking up on a Giant Ivysaur sleeping next to some Pancakes. Banjo eats the food, accidentally waking up the Ivysaur, who chases Banjo as he runs away.

Terry Bogard

Much like Joker, Terry has two trailers for his Smash debut.

–Breaking News– The Challenger


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate –Breaking News– The Challenger - Nintendo Switch

The trailer starts with a chronology of the Nintendo consoles and handhelds from the Color TV-Game series to the Nintendo Switch. The screen zooms in to the Nintendo Switch, then it scrolls up almost all the way back to the Color TV-Game game system, but suddenly, it stopped at the Super Nintendo console, which was released on 1991. Right next to the Super Nintendo, it shows a Neo Geo console. After the screen flicks to black, a Neo Geo start-up screen shows up. Then, it shows an opening that is similar to the opening of The King of Fighters '94, with a Smash Bros. invitation letter spinning. The message then says:


Then, it shows Kyo Kusanagi's hand about to grab a letter, but he misses as it jumps off from his hand. The theme from Art of Fighting plays as Ryo Sakazaki is about to grab a letter, but he misses. Andy Bogard and Joe Higashi from the Fatal Fury series jump to get the letter, but they miss as well as they fall down. The screen then transitions to the top of Geese Tower as "Soy Sauce for Geese" plays, where Geese Howard jumps to get the letter, but he too fails as he falls to his supposed doom below. Then, cherry blossoms are seen, as Nakoruru from the Samurai Shodown series sends her partner Mamahaha to grab the letter while her theme plays, only for it to miss the letter as Nakoruru sees Mamahaha flying away. The screen then shows Iori Yagami from The King of Fighters series with his purple flame as he is about to grab the letter while his theme plays, but to no avail; he then proceeds to laugh maniacally.

The letter then slowly falls to the ground, receiving an accompanying spotlight on it. Suddenly, a gloved hand appears to grab successfully grab the letter. The silhouette of the one who grabbed the letter is then revealed to be Terry Bogard, the main protagonist of the Fatal Fury series, saying "Hey, come on!", cueing his splash art - "Terry Faces the Fury!". The trailer ends with a message that says "Now in development!", in which Terry will be released on November 2019.

The Legendary Wolf


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - The Legendary Wolf - Nintendo Switch

This new trailer is an extended version of the above trailer, with the exception of the chronology of the Nintendo consoles and handhelds. The difference is that Terry's splash art now shows a red background instead of a blue background from the previous trailer, and features gameplay of him.



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - The Ashen Demon - Nintendo Switch

Titled "The Ashen Demon", the trailer begins with an animated cutscene. Byleth is seen surrounded and trapped by dark energy cast by one of his old foes, Solon. Solon declares, "The time has finally come, to unleash the forbidden spell of Zaharas upon our enemies!". The dark energy soon engulfs Byleth. It then cuts to a mysterious area, with Sothis sitting on her throne. The trailer switches to an in-game conversation from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, with Sothis asking, "What were you thinking, charging right into an enemy's trap? As you and I are one... I, too, am trapped within this void. In time, our hearts and minds will cease to be."

When he hears "Are you prepared to die?," Byleth shakes his head in response. Sothis then replies, "I thought as much. I also do not wish to die. And yet... There is no other choice..." Byleth puts his hand to his chin, unsure about what she meant. She responds, "You must join Smash." Byleth seems to be surprised and confused.

The trailer switches back to animation as Sothis continues talking while holding a Smash invitation, "Join Smash Brothers already! What in the world are you waiting for?" She holds up the invitation and shines its light upon Byleth. The sky has two streaks of light coming together, and Byleth flies out from it ("Byleth Joins Smash House!"). Solon stares him in amusement and exclaims, "So joining Smash consumes even the darkness itself!" The gameplay for Byleth is shown, before being defeated by the various sword fighters in Smash.

Byleth comes back to Sothis, beaten and bruised. Sothis looks at him and says, "So you return and sooner than expected. I see. Too many swordsmen, are there? And you, you wield the sword as well?! What will you do?!"

The screen switches back to an in-game conversation showing Byleth, now female. Sothis, presumably after hearing Byleth's plan to recruit his female counterpart, replies, "Huh. So that is how you plan to win the day? So be it. I reward your cleverness this time." The trailer switches back to an animated cutscene, showing a red, blue, and yellow glimmers of light. The glimmers now became three streaks of light that strikes in front of the female Byleth. The dust settles, revealing the three Heroes' Relics. Sothis asks her, "How is this?"

The two streaks in the sky are now circled in light, completing the Smash logo, as the female Byleth flies out of it with the three weapons ("Byleth Recruits ...Byleth!") while Solon stares at her in shock. More gameplay is shown while Sothis comments, "If anyone, you should be able to handle the Hero's Relics. With Areadbhar, strike with superior reach! Use Amyr's overwhelming power! Unleash the blinding speed of Failnaught! Along with the Sword of the Creator, each weapon matches a direction!"

Before and during Byleth's Final Smash, Sothis declares, "Your will and mine be now as one! To you, both sides of time are revealed! Through Smash, show the world!" Sothis is shown looming in the background with both versions of Byleth standing in front. In the end, Byleth looks on a red, blue, and yellow Pikmin, referencing the three houses.

Min Min


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Ramen time!

Titled "Ramen time!", the trailer starts with Captain Falcon and Kirby eating ramen noodles at the Mintendo Noodle House. Kirby literally swallows the whole bowl of ramen noodles and then stares at Captain Falcon, who seems to be slurping ramen noodles in a rush.

Meanwhile, at the Spring Stadium, Spring Man and Byte and Barq are fighting in an ongoing ARMS match. Spring Man manages to give the final blow to Byte and knock him unconscious, eventually leading him to be victorious in the match. Spring Man celebrates while posing victoriously, while a Smash invitation letter can be seen behind flying behind him. Spring Man, noticing the letter immediately, quickly grabs the letter with his ARMS and celebrates his invitation to Smash. Then, he gets immediately knocked away by Ribbon Girl, releasing the letter from his gloves. Ribbon Girl proceeds to grab it, only to be snatched by Ninjara using his abilities. Other ARMS fighters proceed to launch their ARMS towards Ninjara, which he manages to dodge every one of them, only to be caught off guard by Master Mummy's punch, causing him to let go of the letter.

It switches back to the noodle shop where Captain Falcon is still slurping ramen noodles in a rush. The waitress behind can be seen patiently smiling near the entrance. More close-up shots of Captain Falcon are shown, slurping ramen noodles more intensely than before. As soon as he finishes his bowl of ramen noodles, the waitress turns her attention elsewhere, now with a look of determination, and quickly disappears from the shop while Captain Falcon and Kirby wonder where she ran off to.

Back at the stadium, it is seen that most of the ARMS fighters are fallen down unconscious and the only ones fighting for the letter are Kid Cobra and Twintelle. The letter flies away from them while fighting and is grabbed by the waitress. Her clothes then transform, as it revealed to be Min Min. Kid Cobra and Twintelle lunge themselves onto her but Min Min successfully dodges them and immediately thrusts her ARMS towards them, flying them into the air and blasting them with her Dragon ARM's laser. Then Min Min victoriously poses which cues her splash art, "Min Min arms herself!".

At the end of the trailer, Min Min and Kirby are seen back at the Mintendo Noodle House eating ramen together. Min Min and Kirby then share a smile as Captain Falcon, now in a waitress getup, looks on in the background.



Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - A New Seed! - Nintendo Switch

Titled "A New Seed!". The trailer begins with in-game footage of Mario first battling Peach, Mega Man, and Terry on Battlefield. Mario will then jump off of the stage and land on Temple's Omega form where he is now facing off against Cloud and Pikachu until Sonic launches him into the air. It will then cut to the CGI section, where Mario crashes through a cave wall. Mario lands on the cave floor, gets up, adjusts his cap, and immediately puts his guard up as he hears the various sounds from Spiders and Skeletons. As the camera rotates around him, several pairs of Endermen eyes can be faintly seen in the background. Mario will then turn his attention to the cave wall, where mining sounds can be heard; Steve then emerges which cues his splash art, "Steve Rocks the Block!". The two proceed to stare at each other while Steve eating a steak. A Creeper will then appear behind Mario, leading to Steve retreating from the cave and closing it, leaving the two behind. The Creeper will then detonate, with the explosion serving as a transition to the gameplay section of the trailer.

As the trailer progresses, three more splash arts flash on screen to introduce Steve's alternate costumes ("Alex Swaps In!", "Zombie Swarms In!", and "Enderman Steps From the Shadows!"). One of Steve's victory screens will then play at the end of the trailer.


  • Simon and Richter's trailer shows Luigi with a new design of Poltergust. This design is present in Luigi's Mansion 3, which was yet to be announced at that time.
  • Joker's trailer has been changed slightly from the Game Awards 2018 version to make it fit for YouTube.
  • Joker, Terry, and Min Min's trailers are the only ones to show off Kirby's respective Copy Hats.
  • Joker and Terry are the only characters that have more than one different trailer.
    • In terms of uniqueness, Joker is the only character to have more than one unique trailer.
  • In the non-Japanese versions of Terry's trailer, there is an error. The release years of the NES and SNES are those of the Japanese years (1983 and 1990, respectively). But, when the camera zooms in to focus on each Nintendo console, their release years change to that of the North American release years (1985 and 1991, respectively).
  • Terry and Steve's trailers are the only one to show their victory screens.
  • Byleth is the only character to have two introduction taglines in a trailer. This is due to the fact that the two genders have different names in the Japanese version of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
  • Byleth has the longest trailer of all the newcomer characters, with a total of 4 minutes and 5 seconds.
  • At the beginning of Min Min's trailer, she was shown to have normal arms. This depiction differs from the lore of ARMS, where fighters with the ARMS ability are always shown to have coiled arms even when constricted to normal length.
  • Min Min's trailer uses new voice clips for Captain Falcon which are totally original from the game.

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