The following is a list of the trophies from the Xenoblade series that appear in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. There are 17 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock Picture Trophy Box Description
Shulk Beat Classic Mode with Shulk.
Shulk and his Companions In Xenoblade Chronicles, this young lad's colony is attacked by the Mechon, so he and his friends set off to take them down. In Smash Bros., his Monado Arts let him change his specialization during battle. You can choose to boost a stat—his jump or attack, for example—but other stats might drop as a result, so choose wisely.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Shulk (Alt.) Purchase from the Trophy Shop after beating Classic or All-Star Mode with Shulk.
N/A Shulk's up special Air Slash is an upward slash done during a jump. Press the button again quickly to launch opponents sideways. His side special Back Slash, on the other hand, is a downward swing with a very wide range, though using it leaves Shulk wide open. Try hitting foes from behind with this!
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Chain Attack Beat All-Star Mode with Shulk.
Shulk and his Companions In Xenoblade Chronicles, building up the party's team spirit would let them unleash a chain attack, using multiple Arts in a row to deal massive damage. In this game, Shulk's Final Smash calls party members Dunban and Riki to help obliterate an unlucky target... or multiple targets if you catch more than one in the circle of light!
Dunban Random
Shulk and his Companions Dunban was hailed as a hero when he stopped the Mechon invasion of Bionis with the Monado. However, it cost him the use of his right arm. He's always looking out for others, and Shulk sees him as an older brother. In Shulk's Final Smash, Dunban, Riki, and Shulk team up to overwhelm the enemy!
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Riki Use 18 or more Tour Items in a single game of Smash Tour.
Shulk and his Companions A Nopon from Frontier Village in Xenoblade Chronicles. Despite appearances, this year's legendary Heropon is actually a middle-aged father of 11. If you summon him in this game, he'll use Arts to knock over your foes, freeze them, and even send them to sleep. Riki can also heal you, but if he does, he'll heal everyone else too!
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Metal Face Random
Mechonis A faced Mechon who appears on the Gaur Plain stage. He swoops in from the sky when night falls and then leaves with the break of dawn. He doesn't actively pursue fighters, but if you get too close, you'll taste the deadly bite of his claws. Watch out for his laser attack too-it can destroy parts of the stage itself!
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Mechonis Clear the true Solo All-Star mode within 6 minutes while playing as Shulk.
N/A When the Mechon invaded, the lives of the peaceful inhabitants of Bionis were thrown into chaos. The ancient battle between the Bionis and the Mechonis had never truly ended at all, and for a time it seemed that the will of the Mechonis would succeed in wiping out all organic life. Until a hero appeared, wielding the legendary Monado...
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Bionis Get 3 or more checkpoint bonuses in Smash Tour.
N/A The region known as Bionis' Leg is a vast landscape of lush fields, towering hills, and flowing rivers. But its name is no metaphor. No, it really is the leg of the titanic Bionis, a god whose body has become an entire world since it fell in the battle long ago. Whole races, such as Homs and High Entia, have lived and died on this great being.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Fiora Random
Shulk and his Companions Fiora is Dunban's younger sister and a childhood friend of Shulk and Reyn. In fact, her feelings for Shulk are more than friendly, but their relationship hasn't quite reached that next level, despite all the delicious food she makes him. Fiora's a skilled fighter and wields twin blades with ease, but when a Mechon attacks her...
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Reyn Random
Shulk and his Companions A member of Colony 9's Defence Force and Shulk's longtime best friend. He and Shulk seem to understand each other better than anyone else. However, Reyn's more of a "leap before you look" kind of guy. It's not the most strategic approach to things, but it usually works out OK!
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Sharla Random
Shulk and his Companions Having saved countless lives, Sharla, a devoted combat medic from Colony 6 and a real source of hope on the battlefield. Though she longs to be reunited with her fiancé, Gadolt, who went missing after Colony 6 was attacked, she soldiers on, using her skills to take care of refugees before joining Shulk on his quest.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Melia Random
Shulk and his Companions Time for a quick Melia-themed quiz! Take a look and try to guess how old she is. Eighty-eight! You're right! ...Wait-that's not what you guessed? OK, truth is, Melia's a High Entia, and they age MUCH more slowly than Homs. Still, if she's 88, maybe her old-fashioned turns of phrase aren't just because she's a princess!
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Bronze Face Random
Mechonis Faced Mechon, or just Faces for short, are feared for their tremendous strength. Most are piloted by Homs who have been converted into the machines' Core Units, and each Face's design tends to reflect some aspect of its former self. In Bronze Face's case, his giant hammer recalls the old life of his Core Unit, Xord--blacksmith.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Face Nemesis Random
Mechonis A silvery faced Mechon that resembles a goddess. Created by Vanea, the sister of the Mechonis' ruler, Egil. She hoped this Mechon would be able to put a stop to her brother's mad quest for revenge, and to that end, she chose Fiora as its Core Unit. Thus Fiora came to host the soul of the Machina Goddess, Meyneth.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Mecha-Fiora Random
Mechonis In the hand-fought battle to save Colony 9 from the Mechon, it looked very much like Fiora had sacrificed her life. When she finally appeared before Shulk again, she'd not only been taken to Mechonis and given a new mechanized form, she'd become a vessel for the Mechonis's soul. Only later does she regain her own personality.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Jade Face Random
Mechonis Sharla believed her fiance had died in the attack on her colony...but the truth was more heartbreaking than that. Gadolt had been converted into a Mechon's Core Unit and with no memory of his past self, he saw his former lover as an enemy. Jade Face's use of its shoulder-mounted rifle cannons reflect Gadolt's skill as a sniper.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)
Yaldabaoth Random
Mechonis The ultimate Mechon, also known as Gold Face. It's around twice the size of the other faced Mechon and piloted by Egil, ruler of Mechonis and leader of the assault on Bionis. Egil ultimately fuses Yaldabaoth with the Mechonis itself, becoming the great titan's core. The machine's name comes from a false god of legend.
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (4/2012)