The following is a list of the trophies from the Game & Watch series that appear in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. There are 9 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock PictureTrophy BoxDescription
Mr. Game & WatchBeat Classic Mode with Mr. Game & Watch.
Game & WatchGame & Watch was a series of handheld video games that started in 1980, which pretty much makes Mr. Game & Watch the father of the Game Boy and Nintendo DS. Or maybe an older sibling? Smash Bros., Mr. Game & Watch uses distinct retro moves to damage his foes. However, he only has two dimensions, so he's pretty easy to send flying.
  • Game & Watch (04/1980)
Mr. Game & Watch (Alt.)Purchase from the Trophy Shop after beating Classic or All-Star Mode with Mr. Game & Watch.
MemorabiliaMr. Game & Watch's Oil Panic special catches shots and turns them into oil. After catching three, the bucket will be full and you'll be able to throw oil all over your enemies. Some shots, like Samus's fully powered Charge Shot, will fill the bucket in one go! Throwing the oil you get from a shot like that can KO your foes in a flash!
  • Game & Watch (04/1980)
OctopusBeat All-Star Mode with Mr. Game & Watch.
Game & WatchThe Game & Watch title Octopus featured a hero collecting treasure while avoiding a bothersome giant octopus's tentacles. Activate Mr. Game & Watch's Final Smash to transform into that octopus! Ram into opponents, and use the attack button to extend the tentacles. The only thing you can't do is change the direction you're facing.
Game & WatchMany fans of modern handheld games will fondly remember the classic Game & Watch games they played years ago, like the intense challenge of Fire. Save people from a burning building using a trampoline, bouncing them to the waiting ambulance and safety.
  • Fire (07/1980)
ManholeRandom / Clear the "Great Fox Defense" event.
Game & WatchNo scrolling, only one stage, only a few sounds, and the age of 3D was nothing more than a twinkle in someone's eye. Nevertheless, this game was a blast at the time. In the Game & Watch title Manhole, you move a manhole cover back and forth so that the pedestrians can safely cross the road. What a simple yet fun game!
  • Manhole (01/1981)
Game & WatchBetter than a regular ol' watch is Game & Watch. One of the classic titles is Helmet. Move from left to right, avoiding the falling tools. If you get hit, you'll fall down and lose your helmet. What kind of helmet falls off after only one hit?! Good thing this game is so fun you'll overlook that.
  • Helmet (02/1981)
Game & WatchBack in the day, there were a lot of kids into the Game & Watch series. Quite a few adults as well, honestly. This game was a popular pick, with players controlling two zookeepers as they tried to keep the lions from escaping. The built-in clock was great for keeping track of your time spent playing!
  • Lion (04/1981)
Game & WatchBack in the days of the Game & Watch and the early NES years, there were a lot of games with short and simple titles—and at just four letters and one syllable, Chef is a prime example. It's all about flipping food on a frying pan without dropping any on the floor. Whether any of that food ever actually gets served to customers is a mystery...
  • Chef (09/1981)
Oil PanicRandom
Game & WatchThe Game & Watch Multi Screen series is the big, big brother of the Nintendo DS. One classic title was Oil Panic, which puts you in charge of a petrol station that's sprung a leak. As oil drips down on the upper screen, you've got to catch it in buckets on the lower screen or risk an angry customer with a face full of oil!
  • Oil Panic (05/1982)
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