The following is a list of the trophies from the Earthbound (Mother) series that appear in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. There are 14 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock PictureTrophy BoxDescription
NessBeat Classic Mode with Ness.
Mother SeriesHailing from Onett, a small town in Eagleland, this young boy's ordinary looks hide his psychic powers. Ness fought against the evil Giygas in EarthBound, and in Smash Bros. he unleashes some of the same PSI moves. Watch out for PK Thunder, a guided attack that can also launch Ness like a rocket!
  • Earthbound 06/1995
Ness (Alt.)Purchase from the Trophy Shop after beating Classic or All-Star Mode with Ness.
N/ANess may have psychic powers, but that doesn't mean he shies away from getting physical. His side smash packs a real punch if you hit enemies with the end of his bat, and it can even deflect projectiles! His up and down smashes also have a lot of range - Ness can land his strikes with ease!
  • Earthbound 06/1995
PK Starstorm (Ness) [1]Beat All-Star Mode with Ness.
Final Smashes 3In EarthBound, this PSI ability belonged to Poo, the Crown Prince of Dalaam and one of Ness's friends. Ness must have learned it especially for Smash Bros.! The attack makes a shower of meteors fall onto the stage, damaging any foes it hits. While the attack's in progress, Ness is invincible and can adjust the meteors' trajectory.
LucasBeat Classic Mode with Lucas.
N/AThe younger of the twin brothers from Nowhere makes his triumphant return to the game of Smash. Hailing from the Japan-only game Mother 3, Lucas’s specialty is psychic projectile attacks. He can use these PSI attacks to do things like absorb enemy projectiles and deal supernatural damage!
  • Mother 3 2006 (JP)
Lucas (Alt.)Download Lucas.
N/ALucas’s up special PK Thunder can hit enemies multiple times, but if you hit yourself with it, you can then tackle and launch opponents! Lucas’s up smash has the strongest launch power of any fighter’s up smash. The range for this attack is wide, and it’s strongest right after Lucas unleashes the attack.
  • Mother 3 2006 (JP)
PK Starstorm (Lucas)Beat All-Star Mode with Lucas.
N/AYou can adjust the direction of the shooting stars in this attack! Rain stars down on multiple fighters at once, or be mean and pick on a single fighter. The choice is yours! If a star connects, it will deal ongoing fire damage, making it hard for opponents to return to the stage.
Mr. SaturnRandom
Mother SeriesMr. Saturns are curious beings that speak their own language. They might not look it, but they're scientific geniuses! In this game, they tend to go for a stroll around the battlefield. Throwing one at an enemy won't do much damage, but Mr. Saturn will take out a shield very easily.
  • Earthbound 06/1995
  • Mother 3 2006 (JP)
Franklin BadgeRandom
Mother SeriesWhile not the most flashy of accessories, the Franklin Badge is actually incredibly useful. When wearing it, any projectiles launched your way will be reflected harmlessly off you. There is no downside, so grab this as soon as it appears. Don't get too confident, though—the bonus doesn't last long.
  • Earthbound 06/1995
  • Mother 3 2006 (JP)
Starman (EarthBound)Random
Mother SeriesThese alien henchmen serve Giygas, the chief villain of EarthBound. In Smash Bros., the assist trophy Starman will teleport around and fire off PSI moves like PK Beam γ or PK Beam Ω. You can defeat one summoned by an opponent, but they won't go down without a fight.
  • Mother 1989 (JP)
  • Earthbound 06/1995
JeffPlay as Ness in Stage 3 and get a score of 200,000 or more in a single game of Solo Target Blast.
Mother SeriesOne of the main party members in EarthBound, he attends Snow Wood Boarding School in Winters. Jeff takes after his inventor father, Dr. Andonuts, creating devices in his free time. One of these is the bottle rocket, which fires one large missile and four smaller ones. And sometimes one extra!
  • Earthbound 06/1995
Flying ManStart the final battle with 10 fighters in Smash Tour.
N/AThe Flying Men from EarthBound are five kind brothers with a cruel fate. They live together in a house on the outskirts of Magicant. The brothers gladly join Ness on his journey, but if they fall in battle, they return home to be buried. In Smash Tour, they'll ally themselves with the first player to touch them.
  • Mother 1989 (JP)
  • Earthbound 06/1995
Mother SeriesPorky was just a chubby, selfish little boy in EarthBound. When he next appeared, in Mother 3, look what he'd become! We might need another two games just to explain how this occurred. Oh, Porky, what in Eagleland (or beyond?) happened to change you so?
  • Earthbound 06/1995
  • Mother 3 2006 (JP)
Mother SeriesBefore adventuring, Lucas was a timid, cautious boy. His journey has made him a stronger person. Maybe he met someone to spend his life with... Hang on—we're moving way too fast! For now, remember that Lucas and Ness are favorites in the hearts of EarthBound fans.
  • Mother 3 2006 (JP)
Ultimate ChimeraRandom
Mother SeriesIf you ever find yourself faced with this thing, run! There isn't enough time to stop and wonder what two creatures were combined to make this! It's so insanely out of control, even the people at the Chimera Laboratory wish they'd never made it. Eek!
  • Mother 3 2006 (JP)


  1. If Lucas has not been downloaded, the name of this trophy is simply "PK Starstorm".
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