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Jet the Hawk

Jet the Hawk is a green hawk seen in Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, The leader of the Babylon Rogues, who are a gang of thieves that focus on getting treasures. Other members include Wave the Swallow and Storm the Albatross. Jet has a strong rivalry with Sonic the Hedgehog since Sonic Riders, because of Sonic still being the fastest on an airboard, which happens to be Jet's main element, since then, he has vowed to meet Sonic again and plans to beat him in a race. He appears in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a trophy from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

Trophy Description

A hawk who is the leader of the Babylon Rogues and also goes by the moniker "The Legendary Wind Rider." When it comes to Extreme Gear racing, there is no one better. Jet's extremely competitive and takes tremendous pride in winning, so you know things are going to be exciting when he takes on the speedy Sonic in an Extreme Gear battle.


Sonic Riders, 2006
Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, 2008
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