Most trophies ("figures" or "figurines" in Japan) in Super Smash Bros. Brawl can be obtained through Coin Launcher (labeled as random in how to unlock) or playing certain stages in The Subspace Emissary. Some trophies, particularly the enemies of The Subspace Emissary, can only be obtained by using a Trophy Stand ("Smash Plates" in the Japanese version) on a foe while its health is low. Other trophies, particularly those of playable characters and their Final Smashes, can be obtained by playing Classic Mode and All-Star Mode respectively. Trophies can also be obtained by completing several challenges. There are 544 trophies in all in Brawl, some which tend to be rarer than others. They can be used in the Trophy Hoard.

The following is a list of trophies from the Metal Gear series that appear in Brawl. There are 11 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock Picture Description
Solid Snake Clear Classic Mode as Snake Solid Snake Trophy.jpg A former member of FOXHOUND with an IQ of 180 and mastery of six languages. He's an infiltration specialist whose ability to carry out missions under any conditions has made him a legend. He's saved the world three times from the threat of bipedal, nuclear-armed mechs called Metal Gear. Currently he's working with the anti-Metal Gear group known as Philanthropy
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes
Grenade Launcher Clear All-Star Mode as Snake Grenade Launcher Trophy.jpg Snake's Final Smash. He grabs a ladder hanging from a helicopter and appears in the foreground, then fires a grenade launcher at foes. The grenades explode on impact and damage anyone in the vicinity. Each clip holds six grenades--empty one, and Snake reloads. He can fire a total of twelve shots, but with such limited time, it's better to shoot 'em all.
Gray Fox Clear Target Smash level 5 with all characters Gray Fox Trophy.jpg An enigmatic soldier with great physical and combat skills. Calling himself "Deepthroat" and equipped with an enhanced environmental camouflage suit, he dedicated his life to fighting Snake. In a twist of fate, Gray Fox ends up protecting his sworn rival from Metal Gear REX. Long ago, Gray Fox fought Snake in Zanzibarland.
Iroquois Pliskin Random Iroquois Pliskin Trophy.jpg A SEAL member who infiltrates the Big Shell to suppress a terrorist group threatening to destroy it. He joins forces with Raiden, a new recruit in the special-forces unit called FOXHOUND. Disguised in order to secretly infiltrate the Big Shell, Pliskin is actually Solid Snake.
Naked Snake Random Naked Snake Trophy.jpg As a member of the special-forces unit FOX, Naked Snake assassinated The Boss and ruined the Shagohod, a Soviet nuclear weapon. Years later, he was used to plant the seeds of Les Enfants Terribles, a project designed to create cloned super soldiers. The three Snakes--Liquid, Solid, and Solidus--were thus born. He would then embrace his name, Big Boss, and duel Solid Snake.
Shagohod Random Shagohod Trophy.jpg A massive, nuclear-capable tank developed by the Soviet weapons specialist Nikolai Sokolov. In parallel development with the Metal Gear, the Shagohod is selected for military deployment over its rival. The body is made up of two front and two rear sections. The front uses a pair of drills on hydraulic legs to pull the bulky rear section which houses its ballistic missile.
Metal Gear RAY Random Metal Gear RAY Trophy.jpg An amphibious Metal Gear developed by the U.S. Marines. Revisions to the prototype enabled mass production and made it a viable battle weapon with massive firepower and remote operation. Wings and a tail make it look monsterlike, but scarier still is the high-pressure water cannon in its mouth that fires a stream of water that can slice through rock.
Metal Gear REX Random Metal Gear REX Trophy.jpg A war machine of ruinous power. Metal Gear REX was developed at the weapons company ArmsTech under the eye of Hal "Otacon" Emmerich. It had the ability to launch nuclear warheads from a mounted rail gun. During testing, REX was captured by FOXHOUND, a rogue special-forces unit headed by Liquid Snake, but Solid Snake managed to destroy the machine before calamity ensued.
Gekko Clear All-Star mode with 10 characters (applies to single-player play only). Gekko Trophy.jpg A Metal Gear with a pair of animal-like legs. Gekko are mass-produced weapons used in military combat. Its distinctive legs allow Gekko to move at high speed, jump incredible distances, and even cling to walls, giving it unprecedented mobility. Other noteworthy features of this model include prehensile tentacles strong enough to pick up soldiers and its signature deafening roar.
Cypher Random Cypher Trophy.jpg An unmanned aerial surveillance vehicle used by the U.S. Army. It uses a fan in the center of its body to hover and a camera on its upper fuselage to monitor from the skies. It has a number of models, including the armed Gun Cypher and the remodeled Cypher II. Its small size and continuous flight ability make it extremely effective in guarding against intruders.
Cardboard Box Clear Target Smash Level 4 in less than 32 seconds (with any character) Cardboard Box Trophy.jpg A common, run-of-the-mill cardboard box that is somehow very effective at preventing detection by enemies. Hide inside it and enemies will walk on by. But put it somewhere too odd and you'll be discovered. You can move while in the box, but if anyone sees the box moving, you're in trouble. Both Liquid and Solid Snake have a deep affection for cardboard.


  • Solid Snake made his debut in Metal Gear, not Metal Gear Solid. A number of errors are made in regards to game of origin.
  • On the Metal Gear REX trophy, it is stated that Snake destroyed it. This is incorrect; he merely shut it down. In Metal Gear Solid 4, REX is returned to its fully functioning state, sans the railgun on its right arm, it already having been stolen by Liquid Ocelot.
  • On the Grenade Launcher trophy, the grenades are bigger than the barrel.
  • Solid Snake is stated to have appeared in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, which is highly incorrect. Said game takes place in 1964, and Solid Snake wasn't even born by that time, nor was he born any time during or after either the "Virtuous Mission" or "Operation Snake Eater". The Snake in that game is Naked Snake, later known as Big Boss.
  • It's stated on the cardboard box trophy that Liquid and Solid Snake both have a deep affection for cardboard; this is also incorrect. Liquid never used a cardboard box; only Solid, Naked and Venom Snake did. In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, Naked Snake even stated in a briefing file in that he practically lives in a cardboard box.
  • Naked Snake's trophy shows him wrapped in a number of bandages similar to the ones he wore when thrown into the Dolinovodno River by The Boss as well as after his torture at the hands of Colonel Volgin.
  • On the Cardboard Box trophy, it is possible to see Snake hiding inside the box by moving the view underneath it.
  • The Metal Gear RAY trophy depicts the manned Marines model (coloured blue, as opposed to the orange and brown unmanned model.)
  • The Shagohod depicts its beige coloured model from Operation Snake Eater (It is coloured dark green during the Virtuous Mission prologue.)
  • Any reference to the PS1 and PS2 are omitted.