The following is a list of the trophies from the Super Mario Bros. series that appear in the 3DS. There are 110 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
MarioClassic ModeMarioTrophy3DSAs iconic as iconic gets, this gaming celebrity is known for saving the world from Bowser. He's got amazing jumping skills and makes use of a wide range of transformations. In his free time, he plays too many sports to count. In Smash Bros., he's a well-rounded fighter you can rely on. Say it with me: "It's-a me, Mario!"
Mario (Alt.)All-StarMarioEXTrophy3DSTBA
LuigiClassic ModeLuigiTrophy3DSTBA
Luigi (Alt.)All-StarLuigiEXTrophy3DSTBA
PeachClassic ModePeachTrophy3DSTBA
Peach (Alt.)All-StarPeachEXTrophy3DSTBA
BowserClassic ModeBowserTrophy3DSThe archenemy of Mario and the reason Peach spends more time kidnapped than in her own castle. His plans aren't always the best, and occasionally he even finds himself on Mario's side. In Smash Bros., he's a serious heavyweight who laughs off weaker attacks. Hit him hard to send him flying!
Bowser (Alt.)All-StarBowserEXTrophy3DSTBA
Dr. MarioClassic ModeDr. Mario Trophy 3DSIn the 1990 puzzle game Dr. Mario, Mario threw on a white coat and decided to take a shot at that whole "medicine" thing. In this game, he's a balanced fighter who can throw Megavitamin capsules and nimbly deflect blows with his Super Sheet. He's nit quite as quick as normal Mario, but his attacks deal a bit more damage.
Dr. Mario (Alt.)All-StarDrMarioEXTrophy3DSTBA
Rosalina & LumaClassic ModeRosalinaTrophy3DSTBA
Rosalina & Luma (Alt.)All-StarRosalinaEXTrophy3DSTBA
Bowser Jr.Classic ModeBowserJrTrophy3DSTBA
Bowser Jr. (Alt.)All-StarBowserJrEXTrophy3DSTBA
Larry KoopaClassic ModeLarryTrophy3DSTBA
Morton Koopa Jr.Classic ModeMortonTrophy3DSTBA
Wendy O. KoopaClassic ModeWendyTrophy3DSTBA
Iggy KoopaClassic ModeIggyTrophy3DSTBA
Roy KoopaClassic ModeRoyTrophy3DSTBA
Lemmy KoopaClassic ModeLemmyTrophy3DSTBA
Ludwig von KoopaClassic ModeLudwigTrophy3DSTBA
Luigi + PoltergustObtain 500 trophiesLuigi + PoltergustTBA
ToadObtain 30 TrophiesToad Trophy 3DSA race of charming mushrooms that dwell in the Mushroom Kingdom, they prefer to be called Toads... Come to think of it, that's an odd name. It's not like they're very good jumpers. Captain Toad can't jump at all! What's that? ToadSTOOLS? ...That makes more sense.
Super MushroomTBASuperMushroomTrophy3DSTBA
Poison MushroomTBAPoisonMushroomTrophy3DSTBA
StarmanTBAStarman(item)3DSYou may recognize these star-shaped items as they bounce around the stage. Picking one up will grant you a short period of invincibility. You can't wipe out enemies just by walking into them-like in Mario games-but you can still attack without fear. Your foes will be running scared!
Metal BoxTBAMetalBoxTrophy3DSTBA
Lightning BoltTBALightningBoltTrophy3DSTBA
Bullet BillTBABulletBillTrophy3DSTBA
Fire BarTBAFireBarTrophy3DSTBA
Golden HammerTBAGolden Hammer Trophy 3DSTBA
Fire FlowerTBAFireFlowerTrophy3DSTBA
Green ShellTBAGreenShellTrophy3DSThe green shell of the Koopa Troopas. The launching power of this weapon is incredible in the right hands, but you should be careful; if it hits a wall, it may bounce back toward whoever threw it. If you see it coming back at you, just jump on it to stop it. It's like playing Super Mario Bros.!
Banana PeelTBABananaPeelTrophy3DSTBA
Soccer BallTBASSB3DSTrophySoccerTBA
Spiny ShellTBASpinyShellTrophy3DSTBA
Super LeafTBASuperLeafTrophy3DSTBA
Hammer Bro.TBAHammerBroTrophy3DSTBA
Lakitu & Spinies TBA Lakitu&SpiniesTrophy3DSTBA
Chain ChompTBAChainChompTrophy3DSTBA
Koopa Troopa (Green)Strike 20 opponents in StreetSmashKoopaTroopaGreenTrophy3DSTBA
Koopa Troopa (Red)TBAKoopaTroopaRedTrophy3DSBowser's go-to foot soldiers. They sport red shells and advance forward, but they have the common sense not to walk off cliffs. During Smash Run, they'll advance toward any fighter they see, attacking with their whole body. These Koopas leave red shells when beaten.
Koopa Paratroopa (Green)TBA Koopa Paratroopa (Green) 3DSTBA
Koopa Paratroopa (Red)TBA Koopa Paratroopa (Red) 3DSThe red-shelled Paratroopa. Many a time Mario has used these flying turtles as a stepping-stone to victory. In Smash Run, they have better agility than their green brethren but are largely similar. If you defeat them, their wings will fall off and they'll become regular Koopa Troopas again.
Bill BlasterTBABillBlasterTrophy3DSTBA
Shy GuyTBAShyGuyTrophy3DSTBA
Blue Shy GuyTBABlueGuyTrophy3DSTBA
Yellow Shy GuyTBAYellowGuyTrophy3DSTBA
Green Shy GuyTBAGreenShyGuy3DSTBA
Flame ChompTBAFlameChompTrophy3DSTBA
Banzai BillTBA BanzaiBill3DSA giant bullet-like menace from the Mario series. In Smash Run, they want nothing more than to blow up on you. If you trick them into crashing, they'll get stuck and blow up soon after. Beware that lethal blast radius! Beat one before it blows up to get a banzai amount of stats. Tricky, but well worth the effort!
Spike TopTBASpikeTopTrophy3DSTBA
Giant GoombaTBAGiantGoombaTrophy3DSTBA
PipesTBAPipesTrophy3DSSometimes Piranha Plants live in them... That's right! I'm talking about those iconic green pipes. World 7 of Super Mario Bros. 3 was actually called Pipe Land. Jump over pipes! Run along pipes! Enter and exit pipes! ...I'm saying there are a lot of pipes.
"?" BlockTBA"?"Block3DSTBA
P SwitchTBAPSwitchTrophy3DSTBA
Rainbow RoadTBARainbowRoadTrophy3DSTBA
Shy Guy + Standard KartTBAKartGuyTrophy3DSTBA
Piranha PlantTBAPiranhaPlantTrophy3DSTBA
Cheep CheepTBACheepCheepTrophy3DSTBA
Buzzy BeetleTBABuzzyBeetleTrophy3DSTBA
1-Up MushroomTBA1-UpMushroomTrophy3DSEating one of these mushrooms will add another you. "1-Up." Even just saying it aloud feels so right. "Was getting more 1-Ups and increasing the number of us the adventure's ultimate objective?" All the Marios got together and discussed this theory. The end.
Tanooki Mario + Tanooki LuigiTBATanookiBrosTrophy3DSTBA
Statue MarioTBAStatueMarioTrophy3DSStatue Mario is invincible and will be ignored by his enemies. If he transforms in midair, he'll do a nice Thwomp impression but he can't move! Well, unless a moving platform carries him into unlucky enemies. Give it a try in Super Mario 3D Land!
Dry BonesTBADryBonesTrophy3DSTBA
ThwompTBAThwomp Trophy 3DSTBA
Baby MarioTBABabyMarioTrophy3DSTBA
Big Bob-ombScore more than 2,000,000 points overall on Target BlastBigBob-ombTBA
Professor Elvin GaddTBAEGaddTrophy3DSTBA
King BooTBAKingBooTrophy3DSTBA
Baby PeachTBABabyPeachTrophy3DSTBA
Boomerang MarioTBABoomerangMarioTrophy3DSTBA
Propeller BoxTBAPropellerBoxTrophy3DSTBA
Mario + Standard KartTBAMario + Standard Kart Trophy 3DSTBA
Peach + Birthday GirlPlay 3 matches on Rainbow RoadPeach+BirthdayGirlTBA
Bowser + Standard KartTBA Bowser + Standard3DSTBA
Donkey Kong + Barrel TrainTBADonkey Kong + Barrel TrainTBA
Yoshi + Egg 1TBAYoshi + Egg 1TBA
Wario + BruiserTBAWarioBruiserTrophy3DSTBA
Lakitu + Cloud 9TBALskitoCloud9Trophy3DSTBA
Peach (Tennis Outfit)TBAPeachMarioTennisTrophy3DSTBA
Daisy (Tennis Outfit)TBADaisyTennisTrophy3DSTBA
Gold Blockhead MarioTBAGoldBlockheadMarioTrophy3DSTBA
Mario (Paper Mario)TBAPaperMarioTrophyThe paper-thin Mario from the Paper Mario series recently quested for the wish-granting Royal Stickers. These magic stickers are for more than just collecting, though. Mario can use them to change his paper world, and nothing helps him in battle more than a sticker!
Luigi (Paper Mario)TBAPaperLuigiTrophyPaper Luigi is Paper Mario's younger brother. He shows up from time to time during Paper Mario's quest for the Royal Stickers, but he doesn't stick around for long. Such a modest guy... I wonder what he's getting up to now!
Peach (Paper Mario)TBAPeachTrophyUsually the Sticker Fest, sponsored by Princess Peach, is held without a problem. However, one year Bowser shows up to steal the Royal Stickers and ends up peeling off with Princess Peach! With your help, Mario must set out to stick things back in their proper place!
Bowser (Paper Mario)TBABowserTrophyBowser's defense team argues that, considering his latent savageness and the promises of wish-granting power, it could only be expected that Bowser would try to grab the Sticker Comet. Who could resist something like that? Bowser was just a victim of circumstance!
Kersti (Paper Mario)TBAKerstiTrophyA sticker fairy who went to the Mushroom Kingdom on the Sticker Comet, she is very strong willed. Though she appears paper thin, her heart runs deep, and she shows herself to be a loyal companion on Mario's quest to help the Mushroom Kingdom by recovering the Royal Stickers.
Wiggler (Paper Mario)TBAPaperWigglerTrophyIn the world of Paper Mario, even the normally quite round Wiggler becomes paper thin. Something awful happens to him when he runs into Kamek, however. Mario and Kersti are able to help pull him together, but it's not easy to forget what happened to poor Wiggler.
Gooper Blooper (Paper Mario)TBAGooperBlooperThe culprit behind the poisoning of Wiggler's forest, even this bruiser is thinned down in Paper Mario. Really, he looks more like a dried squid... But don't let this fool you—he's still plenty dangerous. He also spits poisonous ink. Grody.
Bowser (Second form) (Paper Mario)TBAShinyBowserThe Royal Stickers can grant wishes, both good and bad. One sticker enhanced Bowser's natural greediness and rage, making him so powerful that Mario had to beat him twice in a row—the recycled Bowser even bigger and more powerful than before!
Mario Golf: World TourTBAMarioGolfTrophy3DSLooks like Mario is really on his game today! Or he can just sent his ball off the course and into the trees--it's hard to tell. Getting a ball out of the rough is part of golf! It adds a bit of adventure to the game, though the undersea course in this world tour probably adds more.
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