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|Toad||Obtain 30 Trophies||[[File:Toad Trophy 3DS.jpg|75px]]||TBA
|Toad||Obtain 30 Trophies||[[File:Toad Trophy 3DS.jpg|75px]]||TBA
|Red Grass||TBA||[[]]||TBA
|[[Red Grass]]||TBA||[[]]||TBA
|[[Super Mushroom]]||TBA||[[]]||TBA
|[[Super Mushroom]]||TBA||[[]]||TBA
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|[[Banana Peel (item)|Banana Peel]]||TBA||[[]]||TBA
|[[Banana Peel (item)|Banana Peel]]||TBA||[[]]||TBA
|[[Soccer Ball]]||TBA||[[File:SoccerBall3DS.jpg|75px]]||TBA
|[[Soccer Ball]]||TBA||[[File:SSB3DSTrophySoccer.png]]||TBA
|[[POW Block (item)|POW Block]]||TBA||[[]]||TBA
|[[POW Block (item)|POW Block]]||TBA||[[]]||TBA

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The following is a list of the trophies from the Super Mario Bros. series that appear in the 3DS. There are 110 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
MarioClassic Mode75pxTBA
Mario (EX)All-Star[[]]TBA
LuigiClassic Mode[[]]TBA
Luigi (EX)All-Star[[]]TBA
PeachClassic Mode[[]]TBA
Peach (EX)All-Star[[]]TBA
BowserClassic Mode75pxTBA
Bowser (EX)All-Star[[]]TBA
Dr. MarioClasic Mode75pxTBA
Dr. Mario (EX)All-Star[[]]TBA
Rosalina & LumaClassic Mode[[]]TBA
Rosalina & Luma (EX)All-Star[[]]TBA
Bowser Jr.Classic Mode[[]]TBA
Bowser Jr. (EX)All-Star[[]]TBA
Larry KoopaClassic Mode[[]]TBA
Morton Koopa Jr.Classic Mode[[]]TBA
Wendy O. KoopaClassic Mode[[]]TBA
Iggy KoopaClassic Mode[[]]TBA
Roy KoopaClassic Mode[[]]TBA
Lemmy KoopaClassic Mode[[]]TBA
Ludwig von KoopaClassic Mode[[]]TBA
Luigi + PoltergustObtain 500 trophiesLuigi + PoltergustTBA
ToadObtain 30 Trophies75pxTBA
Red GrassTBA[[]]TBA
Super MushroomTBA[[]]TBA
Poison MushroomTBA[[]]TBA
Metal BoxTBA[[]]TBA
Lightning BoltTBA[[]]TBA
Bullet BillTBA[[]]TBA
Fire BarTBA[[]]TBA
Golden HammerTBAFile:Golden Hammer Trophy 3DS.jpgTBA
Fire FlowerTBA[[]]TBA
Green ShellTBA[[]]TBA
Banana PeelTBA[[]]TBA
Soccer BallTBASSB3DSTrophySoccerTBA
Spiny ShellTBA[[]]TBA
Super LeafTBA[[]]TBA
Hammer Bro.TBA[[]]TBA
Lakitu & Spinies TBA 75pxTBA
Chain ChompTBAImage neededTBA
Koopa Troopa (Green)Strike 20 opponents in StreetSmash75pxTBA
Koopa Troopa (Red)TBA75pxTBA
Koopa Paratroopa (Green)TBA Koopa Paratroopa (Green) 3DSTBA
Koopa Paratroopa (Red)TBA Koopa Paratroopa (Red) 3DSTBA
Bill BlasterTBA[[]]TBA
Shy GuyTBA[[]]TBA
Blue Shy GuyTBA[[]]TBA
Yellow Shy GuyTBA[[]]TBA
Green Shy GuyTBA75pxTBA
Flame ChompTBA[[]]TBA
Banzai BillTBA BanzaiBill3DSTBA
Spike TopTBA[[]]TBA
Giant GoombaTBA[[]]TBA
PipesTBAImage neededSometimes Piranha Plants live in them... That's right! I'm talking about those iconic green pipes. World 7 of Super Mario Bros. 3 was actually called Pipe Land. Jump over pipes! Run along pipes! Enter and exit pipes! ...I'm saying there are a lot of pipes.
"?" BlockTBA"?"Block3DSTBA
P SwitchTBA[[]]TBA
Rainbow RoadTBA[[]]TBA
Shy Guy + Standard KartTBA[[]]TBA
Piranha PlantTBA[[]]TBA
Cheep CheepTBA[[]]TBA
Buzzy BeetleTBA[[]]TBA
1-Up MushroomTBA75TBA
Tanooki Mario + Tanooki LuigiTBA[[]]TBA
Statue MarioTBA[[]]Statue Mario is invincible and will be ignored by his enemies. If he transforms in midair, he'll do a nice Thwomp impression but he can't move! Well, unless a moving platform carries him into unlucky enemies. Give it a try in Super Mario 3D Land!
Dry BonesTBA[[]]TBA
Baby MarioTBA[[]]TBA
Big Bob-ombScore more than 2,000,000 points overall on Target BlastBigBob-ombTBA
Professor Elvin GaddTBA[[]]TBA
King BooTBA[[]]TBA
Baby PeachTBA[[]]TBA
Boomerang MarioTBA75pxTBA
Propeller BoxTBA[[]]TBA
Mario + Standard KartTBA75pxTBA
Peach + Birthday GirlPlay 3 matches on Rainbow Road75pxTBA
Bowser + Standard KartTBA Bowser + Standard3DSTBA
Donkey Kong + Barrel TrainTBA75pxTBA
Yoshi + Egg 1TBA75pxTBA
Wario + BruiserTBA[[]]TBA
Lakitu + Cloud 9TBA[[]]TBA
Peach (Mario Tennis)TBA75pxTBA
Daisy (Mario Tennis)TBA[[]]TBA
Gold Blockhead MarioTBA[[]]TBA
Mario (Paper Mario)TBAPaperMarioTrophyTBA
Luigi (Paper Mario)TBAPaperLuigiTrophyTBA
Peach (Paper Mario)TBAPeachTrophyTBA
Bowser (Paper Mario)TBABowserTrophyTBA
Kersti (Paper Mario)TBAKerstiTrophyTBA
Wiggler (Paper Mario)TBAPaperWigglerTrophyTBA
Gooper Blooper (Paper Mario)TBAGooperBlooperTBA
Bowser (Second form) (Paper Mario)TBAShinyBowserTBA
Mario (Mario Golf)TBA[[]]TBA
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