The following is a list of the trophies from the Star Fox series that appear in the 3DS. There are 21 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Fox McCloudClassic ModeSSB3DSFoxTrophyFox is the leader of the mercenary unit Star Fox, often enlisted to defeat the evil Andross. His piloting skills are top notch, but in Smash Bros. he brings speed and fast attacks to the battle. His Reflector move allows him to turn projectile attacks against his foes, increasing their power for a punishing blow.
Fox (EX)All-StarSSB3DSFoxExTrophyFox is at home in the air, and many of his moves, like his up smash, Flip Kick, will send foes up there. It's great for KO'ing a damaged opponent. Another handy move is his up special Fire Fox. The flames that surround Fox deal damage to nearby foes, and you can launch yourself in any direction once charged.
Falco LombardiClassic ModeSSB3DSFalcoTrophyA talented pilot and part of the Star Fox team, Falco can be a bit rough around the edges. He once led his own galactic gang before joining up with Fox. In Smash Bros., his ability to jump high and deal damage in the air makes him a powerful threat, and his thrown Reflector can catch foes by surprise.
Falco (EX)All-StarSSB3DSFalcoEXTrophyFalco's Blaster looks identical to Fox's at first, but actually it's quite different! The beams Falco fires deal more damage and cause the victim to flinch, but at a slower rate of fire. Considering Falco's lineage, it's not all that surprising that he can fire faster while airborne.
Smart BombTBASSB3DSSmartBombTrophyAttack or throw this bomb if you want to make a big impact on the battle. The explosion just grows and grows, and despite the "smart" name, this bomb will hurt the thrower too! Sometimes you may throw what turns out to be a dud, but don't go hitting it in anger—it'll still go off in your face!
AndrossTBASSB3DSAndrossTrophyA gifted scientist who worked for the Cornerian Defense Force. Banished to the planet Venom for his extreme research methods, he attacked the Lylat System to exact revenge but was defeated by Star Fox. When summoned, he will aid you in battle by spewing polygon slabs from his mouth.
ArwingTBASSB3DSArwingTrophyThe pride and joy of the Star Fox team--it gets its name from the distinct "A" shape. The adjustable wings give this ship remarkable mobility in all kinds of situations; considering all the dangerous places the Star Fox team goes,you never know when a well-timed barrel roll will save the day.
Great FoxTBASSB3DSGreatFoxTrophyThe Great Fox falls into several different starship categories, but we'll spare you the complicated jargon and just call it an assault carrier. Using three plasma engines for smooth warp travel, this ship is essential to the resupplying, maintenance and recuperation of the Star Fox team.
WolfenTBASSB3DSWolfenTrophyStar Wolf's all-range fighters were designed by an evil scientist (Andross) and a truly shameless mechanic (Pigma). Still, leaving aside the designers' personal qualities, the Wolfen's performance and careful design make it truly stand out. In fact, its turning ability and high-gravity resistance surpass even the Arwing.
Peppy HareTBASSB3DSPeppyHareTrophyA former army officer who's since become a navigator. The instructions he transmits to Fox have proven invaluable time and time again. Peppy was part of the team when it was led by Fox's late father, James, and Peppy supported Fox when he took over leadership of Star Fox. Perhaps he knew tis was James's last wish.
Slippy ToadTBASlippyToad3DSThis mechanic is a valued team member, analyzing enemy shields and spotting mines. That might seem like a job for a calm, cool soldier, but Slippy's more of the frantic, panicky type. This behavior only annoys the Star Wolf team...right? He and Fox are old classmates and good friends.
General PepperTBASSB3DSGeneralPepperTrophyThe Cornerian army's general has a cute and cuddly demeanor—one the members of Star Fox know very well. His gentle nature might have even been his downfall when he let Andross slip by and invade. Still, what do a few mistakes matter when he's got Star Fox to help him save face? Later, Peppy takes his place as general.
ROB 64TBASSB3DSROB64TrophyA robot who assists the Star Fox team, though with statements like "zero percent possibility of success," he's definitely not the team's morale officer. His frank anyalsis does help the team hone their plans, and with the support from him and Peppy, the pilots can stay focused on the fighting.
James McCloudTBASSB3DSJamesMcCloudTrophyFox's father and the founder of Star Fox. He was betrayed by Pigma Dengar while scouting the planet Venom. James died a hero, caught in Andross's clutches. The F-Zero series also has a racer named James McCloud (also with dashing shades!), but Fox McCloud's dad isn't related to that human.
Wolf O'DonnellTBASSB3DSWolfTrophyWolf used to fight in Andross's army, tangling with Star Fox in battle after battle. After Andross's exile, he went his own way and formed a mercenary team called Star Wolf. He and his eternal rival, Fox, have even fought on the same side from team to time...but inevitably, they always meet again as enemies.
Leon PowalskiTBASSB3DSLeonPowalskiTrophyStar Wolf's resident sniper. When he finds his mark, he takes them out with-what else?-his long chameleon tongue! ...OK, you got us; he uses a rifle. Maybe. We haven't watched him do it. Anyway, he's a merciless foe you don't want to cross, but if he's with you, he'll never let you down. He's Wolf's most trusted ally.
Pigma DengarTBASSB3DSPigmaTrophyPigma is many things. He's a traitor who betrayed Star Fox and then convinced Wolf to form his own mercenary team, Star Wolf. He's greedy and cowardly, and eventually Wolf kicked him out of the team. He's also got some good traits, though! How about...? No, that isn't...
Andrew OikonnyTBASSB3DSAndrewTrophyA former member of mercenary Wolf O'Donnell's commando unit, Star Wolf. As Andross's nephew, he's not shy about throwing his weight around despite being an inexperienced pilot. This chilled his relationship with the rest of the team, and eventually they gave him the boot.
Andross BrainTBASSB3DSAndrossBrainTrophyThe true final boss of Star Fox 64, Andross has turned himself into a bioweapon. His face and hands have exploded, revealing a giant brain with eyes that move independently and fire laser beams. When he goes down, he'll self-destruct and try to take Fox with him!
KrystalTBASSB3DSKrystalTrophy3DSAs befitting her name, Krystal was once imprisoned in a giant crystal. After rescuing her, Fox welcomed her into the team, where her telepathic abilities proved invaluable. She and Fox also became romantically involved. Did her telepathic powers help or hinder that relationship?
Panther CarosoTBASSB3DSPantherTrophyThis Star Wolf pilot's flying skills are as stunning as you'd expect, but the cheesy lines are what you'll really remember. He's constantly flirting with women, and the rose he holds adds an extra touch of swagger. His feelings for Krystal seem genuine, but who knows where that will lead.
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