The following is a list of the trophies from the Pokémon series that appear in the 3DS. There are 83 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
PikachuClassic ModePikachuTrophy3DSTBA
Pikachu (EX)All-StarPikachuEXTrophy3DSTBA
LucarioClassic ModeLucarioTrophy3DSTBA
Lucario (EX)All-StarLucarioEXTrophy3DSTBA
CharizardClassic ModeCharizardTrophy3DSThe iconic Fire/Flying-type Pokémon. Charizard's scorching breath can melt anything in its path. It soars through the air, seeking only worthy foes to test itself against. In Smash Bros., Charizard unleashes the destructive Flare Blitz special move--a move so strong, it even injures it's user.
Charizard (EX)All-StarCharizardEXTrophy3DSTBA
JigglypuffClassic ModeJigglypuffTrophy3DSThis Normal/Fairy-Type Pokémon is best known for its soothing singing, which can put foes to sleep. In Smash Bros. it fights best in the air and can even jump six times in a row. The downside, though, is that Jigglypuff's so light, most opponents could launch it in their sleep!
Jigglypuff (EX)All-StarJigglypuffEXTrophy3DSTBA
GreninjaClassic ModeGreninjaTrophy3DSTBA
Greninja (EX)All-StarGreninjaEXTrophy3DSGreninja's Substitute down special lets you teleport to dodge attacks and then strike back, making it an effective and hard-to-predict way to counterattack. You can also control where you reappear by inputting directions. When you vanish, sometimes you'll be replaced by a log, other times by a cuddly toy.
Poké BallTBAPokéBallTrophy3DSTBA
Master BallTBAMasterBallTrophy3DSTBA
ElectrodeTBAElectrode3DSAn Electric-type Pokémon that stores energy inside its body. Nicknamed "the Bomb Ball" by some, the slightest shock risks setting this Pokémon off. If you're feeling brave, you can throw Electrode at your foes before it detonates. Handle with care, or it'll go off in your hands instead!
StaryuTBAStaryu3DSThis Water-type Pokemon, Staryu, greatly resembles a star. Exposing one to a Water Stone causes it to evolve into Starmie. Another star-shaped Pokemon, Cleffa, exists, but the two don't look all that similar. In Smash Bros., Staryu will attack foes with Swift. Anyone hit will be seeing stars!
BellossomTBABellossomTrophy3DSA Grass-type Pokémon, Bellossom evolves from Gloom, losing it's secondary Poison type. It also gets smaller. It's most common to find Bellossom in tropical climates, grouped together and dancing. In Smash Bros., the Sweet Scent from Bellossom can put even the most hardened fighters to sleep.
SuicuneTBASuicuneTrophy3DSA legendary Pokémon that emerged from the ashes of the Burned Tower, Suicune is a Water-type Pokémon easily identified by its long, purple mane. In battle, it'll head toward a nearby fighter and fire an Aurora Beam all the way to the edge of the screen. If you get hit, you'll be frozen solid!
LugiaTBALugiaTrophy3DSDespite being a Psychic/Flying-type Pokemon, Lugia sleeps on the ocean floor. Legend says the flapping of Lugia's wings can create storms that last up to 40 days. It's impossible to know for sure, but in Smash Bros., Lugia definitely brings a storm with its Aeroblast attack.
GardevoirTBAGardevoirTrophy3DSGardevoir is a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon, bearing an elegant appearance that male and female Gardevoir share. In Smash Bros., it uses Reflect to turn back projectiles and items launched toward it. Helpfully, it won't affect any of the shots from the player who summoned it. Take advantage of this!
Latias & LatiosTBALati@sTrophy3DSLatias and Latios are Eon Pokémon. Both are Dragon/Psychic-type Pokémon. The red Latias is female, while the blue Latios is male. By folding in their arms, they can fly faster than fighter jets. They combine speed and teamwork when they cross paths to attack fighters with Steel Wing.
KyogreTBAKyogreTrophy3DSThis Water-type Pokemon roughly resembles an orca whale, though its large fins also look a bit like hands. Be wary of its Hydro Pump attack, which is capable of sending you flying off the stage. Even worse, it will chase after you making it even harder to recover from the attack.
PalkiaTBAPalkiaTrophy3DSStories surround this Legendary Water/Dragon-type Pokemon, saying that it has control over all of space. Its Spacial Rend attack will tear space and flip the screen upside down. When this happens, the left and right controls of the fighters will become flipped as well.
GiratinaTBAGiratinaTrophy3DSThis Ghost/Dragon-type Pokemon is a resident of the Distortion World. When it is given a Griseous Orb, it'll change into its Origin Forme. Its Dragon Breath attack can catch fighters in a powerful, damaging tornado. If you're on the receiving end, be careful it doesn't carry you right off the stage.
ArceusTBAArceusTrophy3DSA Pokémon said to have hatched from an egg that appeared from nothing. Newly hatched, it created the world and the sky. Its Gravity attack will bring any fighter in midair crashing down to earth. No ground below you? Looks like you're going to go plummeting off the stage as if you'd been hit by a Meteor Smash.
SnivyTBASnivyTrophy3DSAlong with Eknas and Onyx, this Pokémon is considered to be a snake Pokémon, even though it has two legs. When it evolves into Serperior, however, it sheds those legs. In Smash Bros., Snivy unleashes Razor Leaf on fighters, sending sharp leaves flying and damaging anything in range.
OshawottTBAOshawattTrophy3DSOshawott carries a little weapon on its stomach known as a scalchop, which can be used to either defend or attack. Its Surf move can knock opponents off the stage, but if you use a reflecting move at just the right moment, you can turn the tide against it!
ZoroarkTBAZoroarkThis Dark-type Pokémon will protect its home and anyone it cherishes by creating illusions to fluster opponents. When it uses Fury Swipes, it will vanish from view and then suddenly appear next to its targets, launching them upward. It will then finish them off by sending them crashing back down.
KyuremTBAKyuremTrophy3DSWhile this Dragon/Ice-type Pokémon is definitely a Pokémon, some believe it is what remained after Reshiram and Zekrom were split apart. In battle, it will generate incredibly cold energy and then unleash it using Icy Wind. This move will deal constant damage before freezing opponents.
MeloettaTBAMeloettaTrophy3DSA a Normal/Pyschic-type Pokémon, Meloetta can change its Forme by using Relic Song. In Smash Bros., Meloetta appears in its Aria Forme, using an attack called Echoed Voice to send waves of sound bouncing around the stage. The more walls and platforms, the harder this is to avoid.
GenesectTBAGenesectTrophy3DSA Bug/Steel-type Pokemon, Genesect was created from a 300-million-year-old fossil and later altered to carry a giant cannon on its back. The type of Drive inserted into the cannon affects the attack type of its Techno Blast. It will follow up this attack with a long-range laser.
ChespinTBAChespinTrophy3DSChespin, the Spiny Nut Pokemon. This Grass-type Pokemon is one of the Pokemon you can choose when starting a new adventure. The spikes on its head could stop a truck. It can evolve into Quilladin. Its Seed Bomb move will scatter bombs around it that instantly explode.
FletchlingTBAFletchlingTrophy3DSThese Normal/Flying-type Pokemon are a popular choice with Trainers, thanks to their beautiful voices and friendly personalities. They're found all over the cities of the Kalos region. They are quire territorial, however, and aren't afraid to use Peck on anyone who trespasses.
GogoatTBAGogoatTrophy3DSLots of people in Lumiose City get around by riding on the backs of these Grass-type Pokemon. If you summon one during a fight, it'll run around the stage and charge at your opponents using Take Down. If you like, you can even jump on its back and get a lift around the stage from it!
DedenneTBADeddeneTrophy3DSThis Electric/Fairy type Pokemon's round shape and antennae-like whiskers make it very distinctive. It has a habit of sticking it's tail into sockets to absorb electricity. Its Discharge attack shoots off in four directions, passing theough obstacles and stunning any fighters it hits along the way.
GastlyTBAGastlyTrophy3DSThis Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon is made up of several toxic gases--touching it would be really unpleasant. Instead, try to take it out with projectiles. It's not the fastest enemy in Smash Run, but occasionally it may try to chase down a fighter, so be careful around this gaseous foe.
PetililTBAPetililTrophy3DSThe leaves on his Grass-type Pokemon's head taste bitter, but eating them is known to refresh a tired body. In Smash Run, it'll disperse purple Sleep Powder over a wide area when it gets close to you. It's easy to get caught off guard by the attack if you're busy fighting other enemies, so if you see a Petilil, take it out as fast as you can.
CryogonalTBACryogonalTrophy3DSThis Ice-type Pokemon uses its ice-crystal chains to capture and freeze its prey to -148 degrees. In Smash Bros., it drifts through the air and attacks with Ice Beam. The beam comes in two forms: one that fires in a straight line and one that curves to follow the fighters.
ZapdosTBAZapdosTrophy3DSGazing up at dark storm clouds gathering in the sky, many children must have once wondered if the Pokemon they saw in the second movie was in the clouds. An innocent and children dream, perhaps... but even today as adults, the sound of thunder might just bring back memories of this Legendary bird Pokemon.
Prism TowerTBAPrismTowerTrophy3DSTBA
Mega VenusuarTBAMegaVenusaur3DSWith a special type of Mega Stone called Venusaurite, Venusaur can Mega Evolve into Mega Venusaur in the middle of a battle. Not only does Venusaur get a large defense boost when it Mega Evolves, but the plants on its back grow so much, it looks like you're being attacked by a walking jungle. Now, that's got to be intimidating!
Mega BlastoiseTBAMegaBlastoiseTrophy3DSSome species of Pokemon living in Kalos have the ability to Mega Evolve, and here's one! Mega Blastoise is a bit bigger than Blastoise, and instead of two cannon on its shell, it has one huge cannon. This may seem like a downgrade, but wait-there are two on its arms! This math is easy: three is better than two.
HitmonleeTBAHitmonleeTrophy3DSSometimes referred to as the Kick Master, this flexible Fighting-type Pokemon can extend each leg to nearly twice its natural length. It can often be seen rubbing its legs down after a battle. In the original Super Smash Bros., it would shout to get itself pumped up and then launch fighters directly upward with a powerful kick.
AudinoTBAAudino3DSThis Pokemon has huge ears and large feelers that look like stethoscopes. It's easy to guess what it's best at! It can pick up even the faintest of sounds perfectly with its feelers, including the heartbeats of other creatures. It can even tell how far away eggs are from hatching.
Pokémon TrainerTBAPokémonTrainerTrophy3DSPop quiz! What do Misty, Brock, Cynthia, Iris, and Ash all have in common? That's right-they're all Pokemon Trainers! This Pokemon Master in the making is the same. Back in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, he fought to be the very best-like no one ever was. To smash them was his real test-to launch them was his cause!
Trainers (X·Y)TBASerena&CalemTrophy3DSWe suppose it's possible you've missed out up till now, so let us explain: in Pokemon, you set out from your hometown on a Pokemon journey, catching Pokemon and fighting battles with them. In Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, you reach he next town and find yourself embroiled in a tale of... No, wait-no spoilers!
Professor SycamoreTBASycamoreTrophy3DSTBA
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