The following is a list of the trophies from the Pokémon series that appear in the 3DS. There are 83 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock Picture Description
Pikachu Classic Mode PikachuTrophy3DS.png TBA
Pikachu (EX) All-Star PikachuEXTrophy3DS.png TBA
Lucario Classic Mode LucarioTrophy3DS.png TBA
Lucario (EX) All-Star LucarioEXTrophy3DS.png TBA
Charizard Classic Mode CharizardTrophy3DS.png The iconic Fire/Flying-type Pokémon. Charizard's scorching breath can melt anything in its path. It soars through the air, seeking only worthy foes to test itself against. In Smash Bros., Charizard unleashes the destructive Flare Blitz special move--a move so strong, it even injures it's user.
Charizard (EX) All-Star CharizardEXTrophy3DS.png TBA
Jigglypuff Classic Mode JigglypuffTrophy3DS.png This Normal/Fairy-Type Pokémon is best known for its soothing singing, which can put foes to sleep. In Smash Bros. it fights best in the air and can even jump six times in a row. The downside, though, is that Jigglypuff's so light, most opponents could launch it in their sleep!
Jigglypuff (EX) All-Star JigglypuffEXTrophy3DS.png TBA
Greninja Classic Mode GreninjaTrophy3DS.png TBA
Greninja (EX) All-Star GreninjaEXTrophy3DS.png TBA
Poké Ball TBA PokéBallTrophy3DS.png TBA
Master Ball TBA MasterBallTrophy3DS.png TBA
Meowth TBA MeowthTrophy3DS.png TBA
Electrode TBA Electrode3DS.png TBA
Goldeen TBA GoldeenTrophy3DS.png TBA
Staryu TBA Staryu3DS.png TBA
Eevee TBA EeveeBallTrophy3DS.png TBA
Snorlax TBA SnorlaxTrophy3DS.png TBA
Moltres TBA MoltreslTrophy3DS.png TBA
Mew TBA MewTrophy3DS.png TBA
Togepi TBA TogepiTrophy3DS.png TBA
Bellossom TBA BellossomTrophy3DS.png A Grass-type Pokémon, Bellossom evolves from Gloom, losing it's secondary Poison type. It also gets smaller. It's most common to find Bellossom in tropical climates, grouped together and dancing. In Smash Bros., the Sweet Scent from Bellossom can put even the most hardened fighters to sleep.
Entei TBA Entei.png TBA
Suicune TBA SuicuneTrophy3DS.png A legendary Pokémon that emerged from the ashes of the Burned Tower, Suicune is a Water-type Pokémon easily identified by its long, purple mane. In battle, it'll head toward a nearby fighter and fire an Aurora Beam all the way to the edge of the screen. If you get hit, you'll be frozen solid!
Lugia TBA LugiaTrophy3DS.png TBA
Gardevoir TBA GardevoirTrophy3DS.png TBA
Metagross TBA Metagross3DS.png TBA
Latias and Latios TBA Lati@sTrophy3DS.png TBA
Kyogre TBA KyogreTrophy3DS.png TBA
Deoxys TBA DeoxysTrophy3DS.png TBA
Abomasnow TBA AbomasnowTrophy3DS.png TBA
Palkia TBA PalkiaTrophy3DS.png TBA
Giratina TBA GiratinaTrophy3DS.png TBA
Darkrai TBA DarkraiTrophy3DS.png TBA
Arceus TBA ArceusTrophy3DS.png TBA
Victini TBA Victini3DS.png TBA
Snivy TBA SnivyTrophy3DS.png TBA
Oshawott TBA OshawattTrophy3DS.png TBA
Zoroark TBA Zoroark.png This Dark-type Pokémon will protect its home and anyone it cherishes by creating illusions to fluster opponents. When it uses Fury Swipes, it will vanish from view and then suddenly appear next to its targets, launching them upward. It will then finish them off by sending them crashing back down.
Kyurem TBA KyuremTrophy3DS.png TBA
Keldeo TBA KeldeoTrophy3DS.png TBA
Meloetta TBA MeloettaTrophy3DS.png TBA
Genesect TBA GenesectTrophy3DS.png TBA
Chespin TBA ChespinTrophy3DS.png TBA
Fennekin TBA FennekinTrophy3DS.png TBA
Fletchling TBA FletchlingTrophy3DS.png TBA
Spewpa TBA SpewpaTrophy3DS.png TBA
Swirlix TBA SwirlixTrophy3DS.png TBA
Gogoat TBA GogoatTrophy3DS.png TBA
Inkay TBA InkayTrophy3DS.png TBA
Dedenne TBA DeddeneTrophy3DS.png This Electric/Fairy type Pokemon's round shape and antennae-like whiskers make it very distinctive. It has a habit of sticking it's tail into sockets to absorb electricity. Its Discharge attack shoots off in four directions, passing theough obstacles and stunning any fighters it hits along the way.
Xerneas TBA XerneasTrophy3DS.png TBA
Gastly TBA GastlyTrophy3DS.png This Ghost/Poison-type Pokémon is made up of several toxic gases--touching it would be really unpleasant. Instead, try to take it out with projectiles. It's not the fastest enemy in Smash Run, but occasionally it may try to chase down a fighter, so be careful around this gaseous foe.
Koffing TBA KoffingTrophy3DS.png TBA
Petilil TBA PetililTrophy3DS.png TBA
Chandelure TBA ChandelureTrophy3DS.png TBA
Cryogonal TBA CryogonalTrophy3DS.png TBA
Magnemite TBA Magnemite3DS.png TBA
Zapdos TBA ZapdosTrophy3DS.png TBA
Milotic TBA MiloticTrophy3DS.png TBA
Shaymin TBA ShayminTrophy3DS.png TBA
Whimsicott TBA WhimsicottTrophy3DS.png TBA
Emolga TBA EmolgaTrophy3DS.png TBA
Reshiram TBA ReshiramTrophy3DS.png TBA
Zekrom TBA ZekromTrophy3DS.png TBA
Helioptile TBA HelioptileTrophy3DS.png TBA
Yveltal TBA YveltalTrophy3DS.png TBA
Prism Tower TBA PrismTowerTrophy3DS.png TBA
Ivysaur TBA Ivysaur3DS.png TBA
Mega Venusuar TBA MegaVenusaur3DS.png TBA
Squirtle TBA SquirtleTrophy3DS.png TBA
Mega Blastoise TBA MegaBlastoiseTrophy3DS.png TBA
Hitmonlee TBA HitmonleeTrophy3DS.png TBA
Articuno TBA ArticunoTrophy3DS.png TBA
Mewtwo TBA MewtwoTrophy3DS.png TBA
Pichu TBA PichuTrophy3DS.png TBA
Celebi TBA CelebiTrophy3DS.png TBA
Proygon-Z TBA Porygon-ZTrophy3DS.png TBA
Audino TBA Audino3DS.png TBA
Sylveon TBA SylveonTrophy3DS.png TBA
Pokémon Trainer TBA PokémonTrainerTrophy3DS.png TBA
Trainers (X·Y) TBA Serena&CalemTrophy3DS.png TBA
Professor Sycamore TBA SycamoreTrophy3DS.png TBA