The following is a list of the trophies from the Pokémon series that appear in the 3DS. There are 83 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock Picture Description
Pikachu Classic Mode 75px TBA
Pikachu (EX) All-Star [[]] TBA
Lucario Classic Mode [[]] TBA
Lucario (EX) All-Star [[]] TBA
Charizard Classic Mode [[]] TBA
Charizard (EX) All-Star [[]] TBA
Jigglypuff Classic Mode [[]] TBA
Jigglypuff (EX) All-Star [[]] TBA
Greninja Classic Mode [[]] TBA
Greninja (EX) All-Star [[]] TBA
Poké Ball TBA [[]] TBA
Master Ball TBA [[]] TBA
Meowth TBA [[]] TBA
Electrode TBA 75px TBA
Goldeen TBA [[]] TBA
Staryu TBA 75px TBA
Eevee TBA [[]] TBA
Snorlax TBA [[]] TBA
Moltres TBA [[]] TBA
Mew TBA [[]] TBA
Togepi TBA [[]] TBA
Bellossom TBA [[]] TBA
Entei TBA Entei.png TBA
Suicune TBA [[]] TBA
Lugia TBA [[]] TBA
Gardevoir TBA [[]] TBA
Metagross TBA 75px TBA
Latias and Latios TBA [[]] TBA
Kyogre TBA [[]] TBA
Deoxys TBA [[]] TBA
Abomasnow TBA [[]] TBA
Palkia TBA [[]] TBA
Giratina TBA 75px TBA
Darkrai TBA [[]] TBA
Arceus TBA [[]] TBA
Victini TBA 75px TBA
Snivy TBA 75px TBA
Oshawott TBA 75px TBA
Ivysaur TBA 75px TBA
Audino TBA 75px TBA
Mega Venusuar TBA 75px TBA
Magnemite TBA 75px TBA
Hitmonlee TBA 75px TBA
Cryogonal TBA 75px TBA
Zoroark TBA Zoroark.png TBA
Fletchling TBA 75px TBA
Fennekin TBA 75px TBA
Pichu TBA 75px TBA
Trainers (X·Y) TBA 75px TBA
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