The following is a list of the trophies from the Pikmin series that appear in the 3DS. There are 15 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
OlimarClassic ModeOlimarThrophy3DSA veteran spaceship pilot for Hocotate Freight, Captain Olimar partners with Pikmin in Smash Bros. to help him in battle. Olimar is much stronger when he's got Pikmin with him, so keep them plucked and good to go. his b is the pikmin pluck Pikmin abilities are based on their color-learn what each is best at!
Olimar (Alt.)All-StarOlimarEXThrophy3DSPikmin aren't just good for attacking, you know. For example, when you throw them, they can pick up items on their why back. Only items that aren't very heavy, though! Also, if there's someone charging or shooting at you, a well-timed Pikmin throw can stop them in their tracks!
AlphRandomAlphThrophy3DSAlph is a young explorer who crashed on the planet PNF-404. As the engineer of the S.S. Drake, he feels responsible for fiding the missing crew and the ship after the crash. Walking up in a pond, Alph quickly encounters a tiny creature-it's a Pikmin!
Red PikminTBARedPikminThrophy3DSThis Pikmin has a red body and a long, red nose. It was the first type of Pikmin Olimar ever met. In Smash Bros., they have the second highest attack power among the Pikmin. Like their fiery color suggests, they can attack with flames and withstand them.
Blue PikminTBABluePikminThrophy3DSThis blue Pikmin walks around with his mouth ajar. At home in the water, they're very helpful when objects are submerged and need retrieving. In Smash Bros., blue Pikmin have defense second only to purple Pikmin. They are also able to do more damage when thrown, so don't be shy about hurling them at foes.
Yellow PikminTBAYellowPikminThrophy3DSThis yellow Pikmin is sporting some pointy ears on its head. Maybe those are ears? Hmm... Anyway, yellow Pikmin are immune to electricity and are the lightest Pikmin in the Pikmin series. In Smash Bros., a thrown yellow Pikmin will fly through the air in a nice curve, zapping anyone it comes in contact with.
White PikminTBAWhitePikminThrophy3DSThese tiny, white Pikmin have bright-red eyes. They are the fastest of the Pikmin, perfect for finding and retrieving hidden treasure. In Smash Bros., you can use them to poison your enemies. Since they can fly the farthest of any Pikmin when thrown, use them to poison enemies from afar.
Purple PikminTBAPurplePikminThrophy3DSThses Pikmin are the strongest, but they're also slower and heavier. in Pikmin, they can be thrown at animals to stun them! in Smash Bros., they're great for attacking and launching, but they've got a pretty short reach. Get close to your foe to make these little ones truly effective!
Rock PikminTBARockPikmin3DSThese Pikmin are made of solid rock, so they can stand up to a lot of attacks and won't get hurt when they get stepped on. They specialize in body blows, dealing a lot of damage when thrown, and they can also break right through glass and crystal. They can't latch on to other creatures. But that's OK-nobody's perfect!
Winged PikminTBAWingedPikminThrophy3DSThese pink Pikmin have big, blue eyes and nice wings to help them fly. In Smash Bros., they show up to carry Olimar and friends theough the air. However, how high and far they can fly is affected by how many friends they have to carry. More Pikmin will weigh them down.
Hocotate BombTBAHocotateBombThrophy3DSWith the outward appearance of a Hocotate Freight ship, this is actually a bomb in disguise! Arm it by throwing it on the ground, and give it a nudge if you're impatient. It'll fly up into the sky, returning a short time later and eploding. Force your foes into the landing zone!
BulborbTBABulborbThrophy3DSThese creatures from the Pikmin series have small snail-like protruding eyes, huge mouths, and really bad tempers. They're known for snapping at fighters and trying to trample them underfoot. If you see one in a group of enemies, you should try to take it out fast-it'll shoot off and bounce around, hitting other enemies as it goes.
Iridescent Glint BeetleTBAIridescentGlintThrophy3DSHope you're not scared of bugs... In Pikmin, these guys drop necter, but in Smash Run they drop coins instead. They hide, waiting for fighters to get too close...then strike! They're tough to catch, but your reward for success is coins, coins, coins. They'll slink away to sulk after being properly robbed.
PelletsTBAPellets3DSA crystallized nectar that contains the essence of the pikmin's home world, these pellets are most often harvested from the plant life of the planet. Each pellet displays a number on its survace, and this number may increase over time. The onion generates more Pikmin with bigger numbers.
LouieTBALouieThrophy3DSLouie worked for Hocotate Freight in Pikmin 2. His appetite has gone into overdrive in Pikmin 3. Rescued from a swarm of Scornets by Alph and crew, Louie thanked them the next day by stealing all of the food they'd collected. Maybe he should work on his manners more than getting a meal...
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