The following is a list of the trophies from the Pac-Man series that appear in the 3DS. There are 12 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock Picture Description
Pac-Man Classic Mode SSB3DSTrophyPac-Man.png The yellow, circular hero of the game PAC-MAN, which is recognized as the "Most Successful Coin-Operated Arcade Game" by Guinness World Records. In Smash Bros., he uses several moves inspired by the original PAC-MAN. Wakawaka your foes by charging up the Power Pellet move and aiming at them.
Pac-Man (EX) All-Star SSB3DSTrophyPac-ManB.png PAC-MAN's Fire Hydrant down special pushes opponents away with blasts of water. You can drop the hydrant on top of your opponents to damage them, but they can also attack it to damage you if you're standing on it! His Pac-Jump up special spawns a trampoline he can jump on three times—the third jump is especially high!
Power Pellet TBA SSB3DSTrophyPowerPellet.png These round, flashing items are found in all four corners of the stage. When PAC-MAN eats one, the normally fearsome ghosts turn blue and run off; that's PAC-MAN's cue to take them out. In Smash Bros., PAC-MAN eats a Power Pellet with his side special, sending him rushing in the direction he was facing.
Fire Hydrant TBA SSB3DSTrophyFireHydrant.png Fire hydrants appear as obstacles in the game PAC-LAND. Some of them shoot water, and some even reveal items when pushed. In Smash Bros., PAC-MAN's down special puts a fire hydrant under him that shoots water to push foes. Try dropping it on someone returning to the stage!
Fruit TBA SSB3DSTrophyBonusFruit.png All kinds of fruits appear in the original PAC-MAN—along with some other items in later rounds—and they're a great way to rack up a high score. Here, PAC-MAN's standard special lets him throw one of these. Different ones have different movement patterns and launching ability. Press the button again to pick!
Ghosts TBA SSB3DSTrophyMonsters.png Each of the four types of ghost in PAC-MAN behaves a bit differently. In Smash Bros., they appear in 8-bit form and move around the stage in their own quirky way, tormenting the fighters. The longer they chase you, the faster they move—and even if you get a Power Pellet and defeat them, they'll be back soon enough!
Blinky TBA SSB3DSTrophyBlinky.png A red ghost that chases after PAC-MAN in the PAC-MAN series. The way he incessantly follows PAC-MAN earned him the nickname Shadow. When you get further in the stage, he also gets a terrifying speed boost! In Smash Bros., he appears in the PAC-MAZE stage and in PAC-MAN's side smash.
Inky TBA SSB3DSTrophyInky.png A blue ghost that chases after PAC-MAN in the PAC-MAN series...sometimes. He's also known as Bashful, since he moves around indecisively depending on whether PAC-MAN is nearby. In Smash Bros., he appears in the PAC-MAZE stage and in PAC-MAN's up smash.
Pinky TBA SSB3DSTrophyPinky.png A pink ghost that strategically targets PAC-MAN in the PAC-MAN series. She's also known as Speedy, as she can anticipate PAC-MAN's moves and get ahead of him quick enough to ambush him. In Smash Bros., she appears in the PAC-MAZE stage and in PAC-MAN's down smash.
Clyde TBA SSB3DSTrophyClyde.png An orange ghost that doesn't really chase after PAC-MAN all that much in the PAC-MAN series. Instead, he likes to just wander around, doing his own thing. He's also known as Pokey, and in PAC-LAND he appears as a tough and speedy enemy. In Smash Bros., he shows up in the PAC-MAZE stage and in PAC-MAN's down smash.
Feared Ghost TBA SSB3DSTrophyGhost.png The colorful ghosts in PAC-MAN generally act as pursuers, chasing down the hero as he searches for food. But feed the hero a Power Pellet, and now it's the ghosts' turn to run! They take on this new form as they run for their ghostly lives. In Smash Bros., these scaredy-ghosts will appear in the PAC-MAZE stage if you grab a Power Pellet.
Pac-Maze TBA SSB3DSPacMaze.png A stage where you can collect Pac-Dots and defeat scared ghosts, just like in the original PAC-MAN! Eating enough Pac-Dots will nab you a Power Pellet, which boosts your abilities in all kinds of ways. Attacks in particular get about 1.7 times as strong! If an opponent earns a Power Pellet, you'd better destroy it before they grab it.
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