The following is a list of trophies that are from other, less notable Nintendo series that appear in the 3DS. There are 65 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock PictureDescriptionSeries(')
Lip's StickTBASSB3DSTrophyLip'sStickWith this wand in hand, a simple flick of the wrist will sprout a flower from a character's head. If you keep flicking, the flower frows larger. The bigger the flower, the more nutrients it craves, dealing more and more damage to the host. Shake it off by running around real fast!Panel de Pon (Japan only)
Super ScopeTBASSB3DSTrophySuperScopeThe wireless weapon from the SNES era can be used kind of like a bazooka in battle. Press the attack button rapidly to spray shots, or hold it down to charge up a powerful blast. The weapon's ammo won't last forever, however, so try not to get caught without juice left in your batteries.SNES peripheral
Steel DiverTBASSB3DSTrophySteelDiverThis weapon is modeled after the ND-03 Blue Shark, a balanced submarine that appears in Steel Diver. It fires small, torpedo-shaped projectiles that pick up speed as they travel horizontally. Don't dismiss them based on their size-these tiny shots pack a punch!Steel Diver
UniraTBASSB3DSTrophyUniraWhat a cute little creature! You just want to... Oh, wait-those spikes aren't just for show! Once thrown or attacked, its spikes extend out and hurt anyone but the character who threw it. Attacking it again can make the spikes retract, so you could even throw it back at the original owner.Clu Clu Land
Boss GalagaTBASSB3DSTrophyBossGalagaA boss enemy from Galaga. When thrown, it will spiral skyward and hang out for a time and then descend and pull in fighters with a tractor beam. If you get caught, try to escape by wiggling around as best you can. Unfortunately, there is no bonus fighter for defeating this enemy.Galaga
Rocket BeltTBASSB3DSRocketBeltThis item is basically two jet engines with a belt connecting them. if you pick it up, you'll be able to soar through the air. It has a limited amount of fuel, but it can recharge when you're on the ground. It's especially helpful for returning to the stage when you've been launched.PilotWings
Special FlagTBASSB3DSTrophySpecialFlagThis item appeared as a hidden object in the 1983 arcade game Xevious. Picking one up would give you an extra life. In Smash Bros., it shows up for you to grab during battles. It may seem like nothing is happening, but holding it high will earn you an extra stock in a stock battle or a KO in a timed battle.Rally-X & Xevious
Color TV-Game 15Play 50 hours of multiplayer (more fighters can lower the time)SSB3DSTrophyCTV-Game15Nintendo released this video-game console way back in 1977. You could play 15 different games, inspired by sports like tennis and hockey. In Smash Bros., paddles will appear on the left and right sides of the stage. You can hit the ball, but avoid touching the paddles at all cost!Color TV-Game 15 (PONG)
SheriffTBASSB3DSTrophySheriffThis arcade game was released in 1979 in Japan. The game used an eight-direction joystick and a switch to control the title character. In Smash Bros., the sheriff will appear in his original glory and fire in eight directions. The bullets are tough to dodge, and they pack a serious punch.Sheriff
DevilTBASSB3DSTrophyDevilA devil who holds absolute authority in Devil World. When he appears, he'll fly into he sky as a bat and then transform into his devil form. He'll then begin to point frantically in different directions, scrolling the stage where he points. You're...not really helping things, buddy.Devil World (Japan only)
TakamaruTBASSB3DSTrophyTakamaruThe main characters of the Mysterious Mursame Castle, in this game, he dashes and jumps straight to the nearest opponent and shows off his swift sword skills. If he's got a bit of distance, he uses his special ninja techniques, based on the rook and the bishop in Japanese chess, to send projectiles spinning through the air.Nazo no Murasame Jo (Japan only)
Infantry and TanksTBASSB3DSTrophyInfantryandTanksTwo units from the Advance Wars series, infantry are best for capturing bases and tanks for fighting the enemy. If summoned, these two form up on the player who activated them. Don't underestimate them just 'cause they're pixels-the infantry's gun and tank's cannon are formidable.Advance Wars
Dr. WrightTBASSB3DSTrophyDrWrightThis hardworking assistant is the most trustworthy partner a mayor could ask for. If trouble strikes your city, he'll be right there to offer advice. In Smash Bros., he'll attack by constructing a building in the middle of the battlefield. It's tough to aim but can launch your foes.SimCity
Prince of SabléTBASSB3DSTrophyPrince of SableA naive but kind prince in the Game Boy title Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru. He starts of on a journey to the Milla-Feuille Kingdom to rescue the kidnapped Princess Tiramisu. If you summon him in this game, he'll turn into either a frog or a snake. When a foe gets close, he'll kick up a cloud of white smoke and go on the offensive.Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru (Japan only)
Saki AmamiyaTBASSB3DSTrophySakiThe main character of Sin and Punishment, he is often mistaken for a girl because of his...interesting...hairstyle. Resurrected by the blood of Achi, he has gained superhuman powers. When summoned, he'll target the closest opponents and unleash his powerful gunsword.Sin and Punishment
StarfyTBASSB3DSTrophyStarfyStarfy is the absentminded prince of the Pufftop Kingdom, and the hero of The Legendary Starfy. Is he a star? A starfish? His commitment to helping you when summoned is obvious, even if his species isn't. He'll use a Star Spin attack, which isn't all that powerful. It's the thought that counts!The Legendary Starfy
NintendogTBASSB3DSTrophyFrenchBulldogThis is one of the many adorable dogs you can care for in Nintendogs + Cats. It's hard for them to wag their little tails, but they can make up for it with that cute face. In Smash Bros., they want to get right up in your face, blocking your view of the battle. They just want to be loved!Nintendogs
Dr. KawashimaTBASSB3DSTrophyDrKawashimaDr. Ryuta Kawashima is the neuroscientist behind the Brain Age series. In this game, he sends numbers from1 to 9 flying onto the screen to crash into one another. If two colliding numbers addup to 10 or more, they'll explode. If two numbers total 10 exactly, the explosion will be even more impressive!Brain Age
DillonTBASSB3DSTrophyDillonOnly one armadillo can save the village from a Grock invasion, and that's Dillon, a.k.a. the Red Flash. With his trusty claws and roll attacks, he'll take them out one by one. If you summon him to the battle, he'll launch a devastating roll attack and follow it up with his ultimate technique, Arma-Charge, to send foes flying!Dillon's Rolling Western
PookaTBASSB3DSTrophyPookaThese little monsters from the Dig Dug series like to jump around and throw themselves into people. They'll burrow through the ground to protect themselves from attacks as they approach. If you do manage to hit one, it'll puff up, growing with each attack until it explodes. Try hitting enemies with its explosion!Dig Dug
BacuraTBASSB3DSTrophyBacuraThese panels are enemies from the arcade game Xevious. In this game, multiple panes will appear on-screen at once, dropping down on fighters from above and passing through the torrain. Like in Xevious, they can't be defeated, so all that's left to do is dodge around them or get out of there in a hurry!Xevious
Polar BearTBASSB3DSTrophyPolarBearThis free-spirited polar bear usually just wanders around aimlessly, but sometimes he likes to shake things up a bit. Literally! He'll jump in the air and then land hard, causing a huge earthquake that makes the whole screen shake and does damage to anyone on the ground. He's not keen on heat, though, so hit him with fire attacks!Ice Climber
Sneaky SpiritTBASSB3DSTrophyShiroiObakeSkinny white ghosts that travel with a smirk on their face. They move like they do in Rhythm Heaven, popping up and down in rhythm before trying to run away. If you manage to defeat one, you'll earn a star-shaped stat boost that improves all of your stats. Time your attacks and keep them from escaping.Rhythm Heaven
Ghosts (Find Mii)TBASSB3DSTrophyGhostsMiiGhosts that appear in the Find Mii game in StreetPass Mii Plaza. In Smash Bros., these ghosts have their own shields to ward off attacks. They try to keep their distance, but that doesn't mean you can ignore them-they'll often use their shields to protect other enemies. Hit from behind to defeat these pests.Find Mii (StreetPass Mii Plaza)
ExcitebikeTBASSB3DSExcitbikeReleased in 1985, Excitebike was one of the original launch titles for the NES in North America. A happy return to this racing classic, Excitebike: World Rally, was released in 2009 on the Wii. Racers use a variety of techniques in courses set all over the world. You can even make your own tracks!Excitebike
Ice ClimbersTBASSB3DSTrophyIceClimbersThis pair of adventureres starred in an action game released in 1985. Popo wears blue, and Nana wears red. The goal of their adventure was to reach the top of the mountain, collecting vegetables and defeating animals along the way. Grabbing the condor earned them a nice bonus too!Ice Climber
Chibi-Robo & Chibi-TotTBASSB3DSTrophyChibi-RoboChibi-Robo, from the not-too-distant future, travels back in time to collect NostalJunk. Use your Nintendo 3Ds system's cameras to take pictures of real objects, and send them to the museum. Life's pretty good as a Chibi-Robo... until your battery runs out.Chibi-Robo
BarbaraTBABarbara-0As the manager of a slightly dubious talent agency, Barbara's always looking for people who want to join a band. She'll even teach you to play-whether you ask her or not. It's best to let her think she's taking advantage of you, even if she really isn't. Her hidden theme music really illustrates the contrast of darkness and light in her soul...or something.Daigasso! Band Brothers (Japan only)
AthletesTBASSB3DSTrophySoccer(Nintendo)In Nintendo Pocket Football Club, These young athletes' career are in your hands. As their manager, you decide their training regime and guide them through intense matches against the many teams standing in their way. Who knows-if they put their best foot forward, maybe they'll win the prestigious World Cup Classic!Nintendo Pocket Football Club (Japan and Europe only)
Karate JoeGet at least 20 KO's in 3-Minute SmashSSB3DSTrophyKarateJoeHas there ever been a cry more manly than the "Uh!" that appears at the start of every Karate Joe stage? It's like he digs deep down inside himself, reveals his spirit with that "Uh!" of power...and then directs that energy into smashing flowerpots, bulbs, and exploding barrels. Karate Joe knows no fear!Rhythm Heaven
The Chorus KidsTBASSB3DSTrophyChorusKidsThere are few games with as many charming characters as the Rhythm Heaven series. Take those groovy Love Lizards, for example. Birds could learn a thing or two from them. And what about the Chorus Kids? They look adorable in their little bowties, but things get odd when they open their mouths...Rhythm Heaven
Steel DiverTBASSB3DSTrophySubmarinesThe little brown sub is known as the Manatee. It's agile and equipped with vertical-launch torpedoes to attack enemies above. The Blue Shark handles very well. Finally, the Serpent, a large, stealthy sub, is hard to control but well rounded. Take your pick, and dive into a 3D ocean battle.Steel Diver
King RoyTBASSB3DSTrophyKingRoyThe king has been kidnapped! Use the formee you create to explore dungeons and beat the icky bosses to save him! Of course, you could always just go on a nice, little stroll with your formee instead. (The king might not like that so much, though.)FreakyForms
GuardianClear Classic on intensity 9.0 or higherSSB3DSTrophyKetzel's CorridorsThe blue King Prana, a deity with the power of flight. The green King Leo, a majestic lion god who rules earth and sky. The purple King Croco, an all-knowing reptilian deity. Xolo and the Guardians travel a world of puzzles to recover stolen hearts from Koruptal, god of destruction.Ketzal's Corridors
Sakura SamuraiTBASSB3DSTrophySakuraSamuraiInside an ancient sakura tree there lived Princess Cherry Blossom, a goddess with a light that protected her country. One day, however, she got kidnapped, and the world fell into war. The young boy, upon hearing this tale, sets off to rescue the princess. Will his sword skills save the day?Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword
MayaTBASSB3DSTrophyMayaThe diary of faces. They say that a woman dressed all in black takes the faces of those who trapped in the diary, robbing them of their faces and their lives! AHHHHH! Ahem. Sorry. Anyway...Maya has been trapped inside, and you must use Camera Obscura (Nintendo 3DS Camera) to solve the mystery!Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir
GoliganTBASSB3DSTrophyGoriganThe creator of the world, Culdra, once predicted that the world would end thanks to an evil called Geminigh. Goligan is a magic staff designed to stop Geminigh's evil schemes. He has a face and talks A LOT for a staff. He seeks a skilled Cepter who can use cards. That's where you come in.Culdcept
TempoTBASSB3DSTrophyTempoHaving once saved the land, Master Woodwin is now teaching the rhythmic ways to this plucky lad from Nintendo 3DS title Harmoknight. However, when the Noizoids attacks, trying to fill Melodia with cacophony, Tempo sets out with his rabbit friend Tappy to disrupt the rhythm of their evil plans.HarmoKnight
MichaelaObtain all custom outfits, headgear, and special moves.SSB3DSTrophyStyleSavvyDaphneManager of Mira Luna, the most fashionable boutique in town. When she's not showing off her styling skills, she's helping with Fashion Contests so the city's boutique owners can showcase their flair. Yep, this chic stylista is always busy, busy, busy! When does she sleep?!Style Savvy: Trendsetters
MalloTBASSB3DSTrophyMalloBuild yourself a path to the goal by pushing and pulling the blocks of the Pushmo in the playground. This sounds like a perfect job for a little sumo wrestler! Mallo pushes and pulls all day anyway, so he should be great at this! Help him learn some new skills on his way to the goal.Pushmo
EddyTBASSB3DSTrophyEddyEddy is a water spirit on a journey to save the Rainbow Spirits trapped inside picture books. Tilting your Nintendo 3DS left or right will move this water spirit through the many puzzles he must face. Just like normal water, Eddy can transform into ice or steam. Go with the flow to save the day!Fluidity: Spin Cycle
NintendojiClear All-Star on Hard.SSB3DSTrophyNintendoujiNintendoji is the name of a game that was given out to 2012 gold and platinum Club Nintendo members in Japan. In the game, Nintendoji is also the name of the young man who is trying to save a country on the brink of destruction.Nintendoji
Gallo, Boone & NomadTBASSB3DSBooneGalloNomadDillon's back to protect the frontier from rock monsters for a second time, and he's not alone! Joined by the lizard and professional assassin, Gallo, the rugged bear mercenary, Boone, and the rifle-wielding pirate squid, Nomad... This gang can handle anything that comes their way!Dillon's Rolling Western
GoldenTBASSB3DSTrophyMonsterManorOne of the Luxury Interiors available in Tomodachi LIfe, yours to own for the low, low cost of $20,000! What could make you feel more like a celebrity then a room coated in gold? All the gold coins on display absolutely scream "I'm rich and Famous!" Your friends will be so Jealous.Tomodachi Life
Iris ArchwallTBASSB3DSIrisArchwallA ghostly curse has made all the rooms and hallways of the old mansion disappear! You are an investigating detective who gathers pieces from the Mii characters, slowly restoring the vanished rooms and halls. Iris Archwell is your trusted assistant and will help you on your quest.Monster Manor (StreetPass Mii Plaza)
Demon King ArzodiusTBASSB3DSArzodiusThe final boss on the top floor of Monster Manor. Once a simple researcher who lost his beloved daughter, he made a desperate attempt to bring her back but was possessed by the terrible spirit he summoned. He has since kidnapped countless people, perhaps hoping that one of them might set him free.Monster Manor (StreetPass Mii Plaza)
WentworthCollect 600 or more unique trophies.SSB3DSWentworthThis kind butler to the monarch of a remote kingdom has a single dream: to see his monarch become ruler of the whole world! He'll give advice as best he can, but it's up to you, the previously mentioned monarch, to assemble an army of a, a, several hundred thousand!Warrior's Way (StreetPass Mii Plaza)
The EmperorTBASSB3DSTrophyFynalleEmperor Fynalle, the last monarch you must face in Warrior's Way. With his golden helm and vast military forces, he challenges you to all-out war. Each round will pit all of your forces against his. Secure victory, and you'll claim the world (and the Emperor's Crown) as your own!Warrior's Way (StreetPass Mii Plaza)
Mii Force CaptainTBASSB3DSTrophySquadLeaderThe Mii Force Captain resolved to stop the Gold House Gang, but his "force" is only him and the Mii Force Squad Leader! However, you can buff up your team by using StreetPass. Follow the captain's instructions to defeat those silly space pirates.Mii Force (StreetPass Mii Plaza)
Gold BoneComplete all the challenges on the 3rd pageSSB3DSTrophyGoldBoneA giant golden robot from Mii Force. It fires half-moon homing shots from its eyes, barrages of smaller shots from its nose, and a gigantic laser from its chest. What's more, it can fire its hands as rockets to perform a variety of nasty attacks—certainly not the easiest foe the Mii Force has ever faced!Mii Force (StreetPass Mii Plaza)
Mr. Mendel & Ms. BlossomTBASSB3DSTrophyMendel&BlossomMr. Mendel comes from the Florafield Gardening Club to support players. The friendly Ms. Blossom works behind the counter at Flower Power. Both of these florists are so elegant and peaceful, it wouldn't be surprising if a butterfly mistakenly landed on one of them!Flower Town (StreetPass Mii Plaza)
Inuji DarumeshiTBASSB3DSTrophyInujiDarumeshiInuji used to be a professional baseball player, but these days he's the owner of the Darumeshi Sports Shop. In order to keep his shop alive, this mutt started selling baseball video games. There are 10 games in all, and bold customers can go in and haggle for a better price.Rusty's Real Deal Baseball
Rusty SluggerTBASSB3DSTrophyRustySluggerA retired professional baseball player, Rusty Slugger spends his days as the owner and operator of Rusty Slugger's Sports Shack. He keeps his business running by selling baseball video games. There are 10 games in the store, and rumor has it his prices are a bit flexible...Rusty's Real Deal Baseball
Fossil Fighters (Heroes)TBASSB3DSTrophyFossilFightersJura and Tria are dinosaur-loving kids, as well as fossil fighters. However, their adventures don't end at simply digging up fossils. Sometimes they meet and battle people they'll never forget. They also have a strange connection to Nibbles... What draws Nibbles to them?Fossil Fighters
Reaper GeneralTBASSB3DSTrophyReaperGeneralA Scythe-wielding enemy from Find Mii. Its curse gas will prevent heroes from attacking, instead sending them home without acting. It can also revive its partner, the Marauding Mummy, with magic—over and over and over. The key to victory is to defeat the Reaper General first!Find Mii (StreetPass Mii Plaza)
Diamond GolemTBASSB3DSTrophyDiamondGolemAn enemy from Find Mii whose body is made from solid diamond. Obviously, a simple sword won't do a whole lot of damage to it. It will improve its physical defenses even more with magic, but your own magic attacks can break through that diamond body! defeat this foe to save the princess!Find Mii (StreetPass Mii Plaza)
Dark EmperorPlay 3 matches on the Find Mii stage.SSB3DSTrophyDarkEmperorThis enemy brings chaos to the battlefield, employing three different attack patterns. He'll use magic to help-or hinder-fighters depending on their color. He will also amsh platforms with a localized earthquake. Last, he'll directly strike fighters. Wait a sec... What a cheater-he's invincible when he's in the background!Find Mii (StreetPass Mii Plaza)
Toy PoodleTBASSB3DSTrophyToyPoodleThose adorable eyes and curly hair may remind people of teddy bears more easily than dogs. But unlike a stuffed animal, these dogs are active and love to play. One reason the dogs are so popular is that they are quite easy to train. They appear in Toy Poodle & New Friends.Nintendogs
Shiba InuTBASSB3DSTrophyShibaInuThe Shiba is one of the oldest breeds in the world. These Japanese dogs can be very loyal, and in the past their agility and active nature proved useful to their owners on hunting trips. You can look after and train one of these dogs in Golden Retriever & New Friends.Nintendogs
BeagleTBASSB3DSTrophyBeagleHunting wild rabbits used to be a popular sport in England, and the beagle, an active and playful breed, was a popular companion for it. Perhaps sleeping beagles nowadays dream of chasing rabbits like their ancestors. You can choose this breed in Golden Retriever & New Friends.Nintendogs
Jack Russell TerrierTBASSB3DSTrophyJRTerrierThis breed originated in England and is especially good at chasing foxes. With no foxes in the living room, though, it'll chase toys instead. Terriers are tough, athletic, and curious--a perfect fit for someone who is the same! You can choose this breed in Toy Poodle & New Friends.Nintendogs
Golden RetrieverPlay 3 matches on the Living Room stage.SSB3DSTrophyGoldenRetrieverThis large breed was originally from Scotland and was used to hunt waterfowl. They're smart but way to friendly to make good guard dogs. They come in a variety of shades, but all members of the breed share the golden color. This breed is included in Golden Retriever & New Friends.Nintendogs
CalicoTBASSB3DSTrophyCalicoCatOnce you and your puppy have bonded in Nintendogs + Cats, you can get a kitten from the kennel, too! The standard kittens come in varieties, like tiger striped or calico. On that subject, did you know that less than one percent of calicoes are born male? They're like Gerudo of the cat world!Nintendogs + Cats
Mii ApartmentsTBAMiiApartmentsTrophy3DSThis apartment complex is located in the middle of the island - so convenient! But wait. Why even leave when there's so much fun stuff to do inside? More importantly, what's up with the girl in 301 and the guy in 105? I'm sure someone around here wants to gossip...Tomodachi Life
InklingDLCInklingDLCTrophy3DSMeet the Inklings, a mysterious race of beings that can transform into squid at will! They like to octopi their time with frantic, multicolored turf wars, and they won’t miss out on any oppor-tuna-ty to get to the top. And we wouldn’t go so far as to call them cod’s gift to fashion, but check out that fresh style!Splatoon
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