The following is a list of the trophies from the Kid Icarus series that appear in the 3DS. There are 58 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock Picture Description
Pit Classic Mode Pittrophy3DS.png Pit is the captain of Palutena's royal guard. Despite the wings on his back. Pit needs the Power of Flight from Palutena in order to truly Fly. In Smash Bros., he can still get more air then most, with four jumps and a special move that boosts him higher. He has a new reflect move-it protects both sides!
Pit (Alt.) All-Star Pittrophyex3DS.png Pit's side special Upperdash Arm delivers an uppercut so strong, it can send foes flying for a KO. If you miss and fall off the stage, Pit's up special can bring him searing back. Another of Pit's specials is Palutena Bow, which fires arrows Pit can aim even after they've left the bow.
Dark Pit Classic Mode Darkpittrophy3DS.png PIt's mysterious, black-clad doppleganger, Dark Pit. (Some call him Pittoo, but he really doesn't like that.) When he first appears, he immediately goes after both PIt and Underworld Army. In Smash Bros., he uses moves a lot like Pit's, though both his bow and the Sacred Treasures are different.
Dark Pit (Alt.) All-Star Darkpittrophyex3DS.png Dark Pit's Guardian Orbitars special puts up shields of light on either side of you to block attacks, deflect projectiles, and push back any enemies who are too close. You can even use the shields to protect against attacks from above and below. If they take too many hits, though, they'll vanish and become unusable for a while.
Palutena Classic Mode Palutenatrophy3DS.png Said to be able to perform miracles, this goddess supports Pit in battle, using telepathy to communicate with him. She's no slouch on her own, either. She has a huge variety of moves you can customise and use to your advantage. Short or long range, the sky's the limit! Or maybe not. After all, she can teleport.
Palutena (Alt.) All-Star Palutenatrophyex3DS.png Palutena's Reflect Barrier side special deflects any attacks and projectiles that come at her from the front. Unlike other reflective moves, you can leave this barrier in place and it will keep reflecting. If you really want to ruin someone's day, you can push them over an edge using this move.
Three Sacred Treasures TBA Threesacredtreasurestrophy3DS.png The powerful treasures used to defeat Medusa, the Three Sacred Treasures include the Arrow of Light, Wings of Pegasus, and Mirror Shield. That reminds me of a bit of trivia: there are in real life Three Sacred Treasures in Japan, but they are a sword, a mirror, and a jewel.
Dark Pit Staff Unlock Dark Pit Darkpitstafftrophy3DS.png This weapon may be called a staff, but it actually does better shooting powerful shots at targets at long range. Like Dark Pit, this staff was created by the Mirror of Truth. If Pit were to use it, he'd probably feel lingering echoes of his clone's warped personality.
Palutena Bow TBA Palutena Bow.png A bow crafted by the goddess Palutena herself. It is said that one night, as Palutena was caring for this bow, the moon's light formed a beam and fell upon it, blessing it with power. A legendary weapon like this requires skill and training to weild effectively.
Guardian Orbitars Unknown Guardianorbitarstrophy3DS.png Guardian Orbitars are more defensive in nature than other Orbitars. When you fire a charged shot, they will create a shield that protects you and your friends. It's a good thing thses float in the air on their own-they're actually ridiculously heavy.
Upperdash Arm Unknown Upperdasharmtrophy3DS.png Arms are a family of weapons that attach to the user's arm and fire projectiles. This one is outfitted with a disc-shaped device that fires ring shots. As the name implies, its real specialty lies in its powerful Melee dash attack. Remember to take it off before a meal, though.
Daybreak TBA Daybreaktrophy3DS.png A weapon of great and terrible power. The name Daybreak might sound pretty cheerful, but in truth this weapon is destructive enough to doom the world. Unable to be used until all three parts are assembled, it's best to keep this out of your opponent's hands...
Ore Club TBA Oreclubtrophy3DS.png A weapon fashioned from minerals found on the mountain of the gods, this club is infused with a soul, giving it an ominous eye in its center. Maybe it's just my imagination, but I think the eye winks at you each time you land a perfect, wall-penetrating shot.
X Bomb TBA Xbombtrophy3DS.png This bomb will explode shortly after it leaves your hand, expanding outward in an X-shaped blast that tears through anything in its path. Its incredible power can be a lot of fun, but don't get crazy. Blowing up everything is no way to get ahead in life!
Killer Eye TBA Killereyetrophy3DS.png A compact, user-friendly turret. Take the name literally-anything in its field of vision will be showered with a storm of bullets. But if you placed it, it'll be your friend! If you didn't, sneak up behind it and grab it to make it yours!
Back Shield TBA Backshieldtrophy3DS.png This durable, defensive shield comes to Smash Bros. from Kid Icarus: Uprising. If you pick it up, it will attach itself to you, protecting your back from most threats. It won't stop grabs or piercing attacks, however, and it only lasts so long before vanishing.
Magnus TBA Magnustrophy3DS.png Magnus is perhaps the mightiest human warrior, and he has weathered countless battles. He seems to prefer working alone, and he can respect the strength of foes like Dark Lord Gool. However, he seems reluctant--not afraid--to fight Gaol. Is there a connection between these two?
Phosphora Unknown Phosphoratrophy3DS.png Phosphora is a young, beautiful, fierce commander of the Forces of Nature. She also has control over electricity, letting her move at shockingly high speeds. When I write it out like that, it sounds like she has everything! Well, I did hear she isn't a great singer...
Monoeye TBA Monoyetrophy3DS.png These one-eyed monsters are members of the Underworld Army from the Kid Icarus series. In Smash Run, these scouts will usually attack alone and chase fighters. If their eye starts to glow red, they're preparing to fire a projectile. They're really weak, though, so you should have no trouble.
Skuttler TBA Skuttlertrophy3DS.png Skuttlers make no bones about coming up to you and swinging their clubs right at your face. The bigger the swing, the more it'll hurt. They act tough, and they do have a lot of health, but any strong attack from you will send them tumbling. Their shields are just for show, too. Our advice: throw them or whack them in the back.
Skuttler Cannoneer TBA Skuttlercannoneertrophy3DS.png These foot soldiers come in three varieties, which you can tell apart by looking at the color of the cannons they're carrying. The green ones cause explosions, the blue ones' shoots go through obstacles, the red ones fire homing missiles. Occasionally, their cannons will stop working, giving you an opening to attack!
Skuttler Mage TBA Skuttlermagetrophy3DS.png An Underworld enemny from Kid Icarus: Uprising. This type of Skuttler specializes in magical attacks. In Smash Run, it can attack at close range or grab fighters from long range and do magical damage. Be careful! From magic to cannons to hiding in statues, Skuttlers are quite versatile
Daphne TBA Daphnetrophy3DS.png These flowery foes from the Kid Icarus series may look adorable, but they'll reveal their repulsive faces and scatter mines everywhere if given the chance. The mines have an impressive blast radius and knock-back. Best to blow them up from a distance. Daphines themselves have very little health.
Reaper TBA Reapertrophy3DS.png Since he's clearly not planning on doin any gardening, watch out for that scythe! You can tell when one of these has its sights set on you because the music will change and you'll hear a loud scream as it summons its Reapettes. If you always keep your distance and attack from afar, there's no need to fear the Reapers.
Zuree TBA Zureetrophy3DS.png The Zuree usually live in the Underworld, but in kid Icarus, Medusa set them to work guarding the Palace in the Sky. In Smash Bro., they appear as a silvery mist, waiting until they've floated close enough to a fighter before showing themselves and attacking with their sharp claws. That's your cue to fight back!
Orne TBA Ornetrophy3DS.png This creepy ghost, covered in fire, first appeared in Kid Icarus: Uprising. If it shows up nearby, you'll hear eerie 8-bit music and get chased. Don't even think about fighting it - it's invincible and will instantly KO you if it touches you. Just run!
Clubberskull TBA Clubberskulltrophy3DS.png These enormous beasts armed with giant skulls are usually kept locked up, but you can set them free just by attacking them. We should mention, though, that you can't grab or launch them and they're super powerful. What? You already released it? Defeat it, then, and earn lots of stat boosts and prizes!
Nutski TBA Nutski3DS.png A grunt in the Forces of Nature from Kid Icarus: Uprising. It was created by Viridi when she removed a chestnut from its shell and blessed it. In Smash Run, they move quickly and in difficult-to-predict wats. When fighters get close, they'll flip upside down and fire three seeds.
Lurchthorn TBA Lurchthorntrophy3DS.png Is it a bird? is it a plane? No, it's... some kind of giant fossilized fish. Lurchthrons fly around, shoooting at anyone who strays to close. Each of its segments attacks seperately, so the more it has, the more dangerious it is. To get rid of it quickly, take out the head-that'll kill off the entire Lurchthorn in one go!
Lethinium TBA Lethiniumtrophy3DS.png Thses petalled pests from Kid Icarus: Uprising are the big guns in the Forces of Nature. If you get close to one in Smash Run, it'll fire a wide beam that even cuts through terrain. However, while firing, it leaves its back totally exposed. Get behind it, and take it out with a special or a smash attack.
Boom Stomper TBA Boomstomper3DS.png A giant rock bestowed with the gift of life. It usually stays still-as rocks do-but if it catches sight of you, it'll slowly move after you and try to stomp you into the ground. Its stomping also causes shock waves that will harm any fighters in the vicinity. Its weak point in the little leaf on its head!
Mahva TBA Mahvatrophy3DS.png A strange, fishlike thing that shrouds itself in a large, spherical barrier. When it sees one of its allies, it extends the barrier to protect them as well. As you attack the barrier, it'll slowly change color until it finally breaks. That's when the Mahva will try to escape. Finish it off before it does to nab yourself some defense stat boosts!
Bumpety Bomb TBA Bumpetybomb3DS.png This pesky bomb has wheels, which means the time-tested strategy of running away doesn't work as well as you'd hope. Be ready for a big blast if this bomb hits zero. Oh, and sometimes the fuse is a little shorter than normal. You'll have to attack from behind to defuse this dangerous foe.
Megonta TBA Megontatrophy3DS.png You wouldn't think a wood louse would make a very scary enemy, but when it's as big as this... Eek. It attacks by curling into a ball and rolling across the stage. There's no point in hitting it's shell-it's solid. Instead, knock it onto its back with a smash attack, and then pummel its stomack while trying to right itself
Flage TBA Flage3DS.png These gelatinous assassins from the Forces of Nature in Kid Icarus: Uprising can disguise themselves so well, it's like they've disappeared. They furiously slash using their long, bladelike arms and then top off their attack with a powerful finishing blow.
Souflee TBA Souflee3DS.png One of the cuter enemies to come from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Knowing Pit's love for all things edible, it's just cruel to disquise an enemy as a cake. See the little cherry on top? That's actually an eye! And nothing delicious would float around and attack in such an annoying, erratic way.
Mimicutie TBA Mimicutietrophy3DS.png Hey, Look! That treasure chest probably contains stat boosts! Wait, why does it have two legs? Chest, where are you going?! ...Something about this just seems so unfair. Guess the best course of action is to avoid the rapid kicks and defeat it to earn those stat boosts.
Viridi, Goddess of Nature Buy in the Trophy Shop Viridi3DS.png The goddess of nature, she believes it is her duty to return heaven and earth to their pure states, and so she labels humans as contaminants of nature that should be eliminated. She butts heads with human-protecting Palutena but hates soul-stealing Hades even more.
Fiend's Cauldron TBA Fiendscauldron3DS.png A cauldron that can enhance or reduce the intensity of the adventure. Add some hearts to make enemies more challenging, and receive better rewards for defeating them. Be careful, though-if you fail, the cauldron will spill the hearts and you'll lose them. At least the going gets easier!
Medusa, Queen of the Underworld Complete All-Star on Normal Difficulty Medusa3DS.png Medusa is the goddess of darkness and the leader of the Underworld Army. Although she was defeated in the past, Hades has secretly resurrected her to fight again. Those slithering snakes on her head are really unpleasant. That's got to be the worst bad hair day ever.
Twinbellows the Ferocious TBA Twinbellowstrophy3DS.png Twinbellows is a flame-engulfed, demonic, doglike beast unleashed by Medusa during her attack on a human city. Its roar heralds a crimson fire that consumes everything in its path. If you hear both heads roaring, prepare yourself-this beast is definitely drawing near.
Three-Headed Hewdraw TBA Hewdrawtrophy3DS.png A dragon with three regenerating head. Each head has its own unique personality, and they are not known for getting along. One head would want to destroy a wall, the second would go around it, and the third would fly over it. All three are plenty happy to devour a meddling angel, though.
Great Reaper TBA Greatreapertrophy3DS.png The Great Reaper stands guard within Reaper Fortress. ONe swing of his scythe will send a shiver down anyone's spine. If his piercing, red laser vision strickes Pit, expect a wave of Reapettes to arrive! When he takes enough damage and hunches over, aim for the golden light on his head!
Thanatos, God of Death TBA Thanatos3DS.png Don't be fooled by Thanatos's Childish attitude-he's more dangerous than most clowns. And don't expect smiles from the god of death. He serves as Medusa's second in command and, thanks to his shape-shifting talents, can entertain his master with a decent clown act too.
Galatic Fiend Kraken TBA Krakentrophy3DS.png A colossal cephalopod that travels the dark seas of the galaxy. It can detect the faintest ripples of light even from a great distance. Drawn by the battle with Space Pirates, a Space Kraken also attacks Pit during his adventure. Turn the tides on this sushi-to-be!
Hades, Lord of the Underworld TBA Hades3DS.png The true ruler of the Underworld, he is so powerful that he easily resurrected Medusa for his own amusement--and to distract his foes. Full of arrogance, he does have a genuine sense of humor, though it mainly serves to conceal his callous disregard for life.
Reset Bomb TBA Resetbombtrophy3DS.png Created as a secret weapon of the Forces of Nature, this item possesses devastating power. When it is detonated, it wipes out all signs of human civilization, returning the area to nature. The thick brambles and jungle that are created make the area all but inaccessible to humans.
Cragalanche the Mighty Play 3 matches on Reset Bomb Forest Cragalanche3DS.png Once a mere stone with a soul, Cragalanche has grown into a mighty warrior for the Forces of Nature. You can trust him with your darkest secrets because he is a rock and can't speak. He needs no words to assure Viridi of his loyalty, though-she can see it in his glaring red eyes.
Arlon the Serene TBA Arlon3DS.png A suave commander of the Forces of Nature, Arlon resides within the Lunar Sanctum. Compared to Viridi, he is very tall. You could say he has the ear of Viridi, but he has to lean down pretty far to reach it. Despite his refined appearance, Arion is capable of holding his own in combat.
Pyrrhon TBA Pyrrhon3DS.png a Savior from the annals of history! A comic-book hero come to life on the big Screen! ...No one can tell if Pyrrhon is series when he introduces himself. A self-proclaimed sun god, his obsession with the Aurum most be part of Pyrrhon Creed Number 851: know the baddies!
Chariot Master TBA Chariotmaster3DS.png A legendary and powerful soldier, he controls the Lightning Chariot. Normally the eyes are the widows to the soul, but the chariot Master's actual body is long gone, and his eyes burn like the rest of his warrior spirit. He will surrender the Lightning Chariot to a worthy foe.
Chaos Kin TBA Chaoskintrophy3DS.png This malevolent creature thrives on disorder, living in the Chaos Vortex and feeding on souls-even those of divine beings like Palutena. Its totally unpredictable behavior and appearance make it one of the most dangerous things Pit will face in his adventures.
Pseudo-Palutena Unknown Pseudopalutenatrophy3DS.png A creation of Dyntos, the god of the forge, this distorted version of Palutena will attack Pit verbally and physically. Destroying her illusion of beauty only makes her more aggressive. Dyntos puts the real Palutana to sleep during battle, forcing Pit to tackle this creature alone.
Mik TBA Miktrophy3DS.png It's easy to sum up a Mik-it's a large-mouthed monster. It serves as one of the Underworld Army's frontline troops, but maybe it would make a better food taaster? Miks will eat just about anything, you know, and angels are right at the top of the menu.
Specknose TBA Specknosetrophy3DS.png Let's get one thing straight here--those are tentacles, not hair, hanging under that oversized nose. Specknoses may look goofy, but you should be wary of the dangerous projectiles they can shoot from their nostrils. Ew! I hope those are just regular bombs...
Centurions TBA Centurionstrophy3DS.png The standard soldiers of Palutena's Army, Centurions make up in loyalty and number for what they lack in power. They have time and again fallen victim to a curse that turns them to stone, but the head of Palutena's guard, Pit, saves them with the use of a stone-breaking mallet.
Pit (Eggplant) TBA Eggplantpitttrophy3DS.png Let's squash a misconception right now - there is nothing worse than being turned into an eggplant. Just lettuce tell you, being hit by an eggplant bomb is humiliating. It leafs you without mushroom to maneuver and also makes you the laughing stalk of your friends.
Space-Pirate Ship TBA Spacepirate3DS.png This is the spaceship the Space Pirets use to travel the cosmos. It travels from one star to the next, collecting them to use as part of their interstellar power source. If you think this sounds like a romantic adventure, maybe you should consider becoming a Space Pirate!