The following is a list of the trophies from the Fire Emblem series that appear in the 3DS. There are 25 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock Picture Description
Marth Classic Mode MarthTrophy3DS.png The first hero from the Fire Emblem series, Marth is the prince of Altea and descendant of the hero Anri. In Smash Bros., he's known as an exceptional swordfighter, swinging his blade with grace. Striking with the tip will maximize the damage dealt. Teach aggressive foes a lesson with his strong Counter move.
Marth (Alt.) All-Star MarthExTrophy3DS.png Marth's side special Dancing Blade is a four-stage attack. Aim and time your strikes carefully! The tip of his sword does the most damage. For his up smash, Justice Sword, he thrusts his blade into the air. You can use it to block attacks from above and launch nearby foes.
Ike Classic Mode IkeTrophy3DS.png One of the main characters from the Fire Emblem series. Having fought in the Mid King's War, restored the fallen nation of Crimea, and taken on the Begnion Empire, Ike is rightly called a hero. He has the strength to back the title-one good swing of his blade can launch the heaviest of foes.
Ike (Alt.) All-Star IkeExTrophy3DS.png Ike's side smash is a powerful two-handed sword strike. It's one of the best launch attacks in the entire game, though it will leave you wide open when you use it. For Eruption, one of his specials, you stab the ground and unleash a pillar of fire. Charging for too long will hurt Ike, so be careful!
Lucina Classic Mode LucinaTrophy3DS.png Chrom's daughter and the future Princess of Ylisse. When she arrives from a doomed future seeking to prevent it from ever happening, she goes by the name Marth before her identity is revealed. She fights much like her adopted namesake, but more than just the tip of her sword is powerful.
Lucina (Alt.) All-Star LucinaExTrophy3DS.png Lucina's moves are much like Marth's but there are subtle differences. With Marth, you need to try to hit with the tip of his sword, but Lucina's sword is equally powerful all along the blade. her Shield Breaker move let's her attacks opponents and break their shields the same time. Charge it fully to shatter shields in one hit.
Robin Classic Mode RobinTrophy3DS.png This is the male Robin, your avata in Fire Emblem Awakening. The goal of this adventure doesn't change much because of your gender choice, but Robin's marriage options do. In Smash Bros., Robin brings powerful magic and swordplay to bear. He can exhaust his moves, but they'll be restored over time.
Robin (Alt.) All-Star RobinExTrophy3DS.png Robin's magic is powerful, but it has limited uses before needing to recharge. Thunder can be charged in stages, will become Thoron at max Charge, and gains damage and speed with its charge. Arcfire creates a flame pillar, perfect for dealing with an edge-clinging foe.
Roy Classic Mode RoyDLCTrophy3DS.png Roy, the main character of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, returns for the first time since Melee! In The Binding Blade, Roy led the troops of Pherae into battle in his ailing father’s stead, and now he brings his speed and talent for short-range combat into this game.
Roy (Alt.) All-Star RoyDLCEXTrophy3DS.png His sword, the Sword of Seals, is uniquely powerful at the base of the blade. Flare Blade creates an explosion in front of Roy that can be charged by holding down the button. Take care, though, because at the highest levels of charge, Roy himself will catch fire and take damage! His side special, Double-Edge Dance, changes for each strike after the first depending on whether you hold up or down while attacking.
Corrin Classic Mode CorrinDLCTrophy3DS.png Corrin joins the battle from Fire Emblem Fates. Born in Hoshido but kidnapped by Nohr at a young age, Corrin was brought up by Nohrian royalty. Descended from the First Dragons, Corrin has the power to transform into a dragon. In Smash, Corrin can change parts of the body into lance-like hands and feet that have a long reach that deal more damage at the tips.
Corrin (Alt.) All-Star CorrinDLCEXTrophy3DS.png Corrin's side special, Dragon Lunge, is no normal attack–skewer a surface with a lance-like arm, and it will suspend you in the air. Pin an enemy while doing this, and you can keep them in place and then follow up with a flying kick forward or back or just jump up. You can only thrust the lance once before landing.
Chrom TBA ChromTrophy3DS.png Prince of the Halidom of Ylisse and descendant of the Hero-King Marth. He leads a militia force called the Shepherds that protects Ylisse. Though he can get reckless when training-things end up broken-he can be counted on in the head of battle. He and Robin combine their skills in Robin's Final Smash.
Lyn TBA LynTrophy3DS.png Her real name is Lyndis, and she's the last survivor of one of the Sacaean tribes. She's strong and friendly, and her swordsmanship is epic. If you summon her in this game, she'll charge herself up before laying a critical hit on her nearest opponent,expect a solid strike from her to leave a mark!
Lissa TBA LissaTrophy3DS.png The energetic, playful princess of Ylisse. Lissa wanted to become a member of her older brother Chrom's Shepherds, so she trained as hard as she could to be good enough for them. Dhe may seem naive sometimes, and her attempts at sewing and cooking are a bit dubious, but her love for the people of Ylisse shines through.
Anna TBA Anna3DS.png Anna is bright, cheerful young merchant, but her true nature is clouded in mystery. She's very fixated on money and is a girl of many talents, but it wasn't until Fire Emblem: Awakening that she became a playable character. There's still a lot we don't know about her–she likes to keep everybody guessing.
Lon'qu TBA Lon'quTrophy3DS.png Lon'qu is a skilled swordsman hailing from the northern nation of Regna Ferox. Trauma from his past instilled a fear of being near women, so he has a very brusque attitude when he was to work with them. He is committed to his art and hones his fighting skills constantly. As a peculiar side effect, he's become very good at potato peeling.
Gaius TBA GaiusTrophy3DS.png Here's a man who really would take candy from a baby. This Ylissean thief is the cold, collected sort, willing to do any kind of job if the price is right. That said, he's got quite a sweet tooth, and keeping up a cool image is really hard if you're always eating lollipops and hoarding sweets. His silly nicknames for people don't help much either...
Cordelia TBA CordeliaTrophy3DS.png A member of the Ylissean Pegasus Knights. Friends since childhood, Cordelia and sumia have aged quite differently over time, Sumia's scatterbrained nature contrasting with Cordelia's capable efficiency. She may seem self-assured and ready for anything, but he's tormented by her unrequited feelings for a certain soemone...
Owain TBA OwainTrophy3DS.png When Owain first runs into Lissa, he introduces himself as her son from the future and proves his royal heritage with the Brand of the Exalt on his arm. He brings theatrics to battle, referring to his weapons with names he's given them and shouting the names of his special moves as he performs them.
Inigo TBA InigoTrophy3DS.png A mercenary who traveled back in time to save the past. He may be shy, but he still wants to be a dancer like his mother, Olivia. He won't admit it though-not even to her! Most people see him as a helpless flirt, but the truth is he talks to women to work through his crippling shyness.
Tiki TBA TikiTrophy3DS.png Tiki in resides Valm as the Voice of the Divine Dragon. You might be surprised to learn that she is 3,000 years old. As befitting one from the Divine Dragon tribe, she has a very calm demeanor...but every so often, she'll show her youthful spirit.
Validar TBA ValidarTrophy3DS.png Validar is the leader of the Grimleal, the religious sect dedicated to the Fell Dragon, Grima. Their goal is to resurrect their fallen master, and Validar himself practices dark magic. In one possible timeline, he uses his own child as a vessel in a spell to resurrect Grima. Fire Emblem Awkening follows a different timeline.
Ryoma Download Corrin RyomaDLCTrophy3DS.png The eldest son of the Hoshido royal family and Corrin's brother. A natural swordsman, he tries to embody the honorable spirit of a samurai in all that he does. Ryoma is the wielder of the Raijinto and known to be one of the strongest men in Hoshido. He's also known for never giving up...and occasionally for his reckless actions.
Xander Download Corrin XanderDLCTrophy3DS.png Xander is the eldest son of the king, and crown prince of Nohr. He's taciturn and quite stubborn, but he views Corrin as true family though they aren't blood relatives. Said to be the strongest and most skilled swordsman in Nohr, Xander wields the divine weapon known as Siegfried.