The following is a list of the trophies from the F-Zero series that appear in the 3DS. There are 11 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Captain FalconClassic ModeSSB3DSCaptainFalconTrophyTBA
Captain Falcon (EX)All-StarSSB3DSCaptainFalconEXTrophyTBA
Samurai GorohTBASSB3DSSamuraiGorohTrophyThis infamous pilot considers himself to be Captain Falcon's main rival. His racing machine, the Fire Stingray, is incredibly fast. If summoned into battle, he'll head toward the nearest opponent and slash with his katana. He definitely makes a better friend than foe!
Blue FalconTBASSB3DSBlueFalconTrophyTBA
Fire StingrayDefeat at least 30 opponents in Endless SmashSSB3DSFireStingrayTrophyThis pink machine isn't quite what you'd expect an intergalactic-bandit gang leader to drive, but Samurai Goroh does it. What a clash of styles. He holds a grudge against Captain Falcon-perhaps he's a bit jealous of the Captain's good looks?
Golden FoxTBASSB3DSGoldenFoxTrophyDr. Stewart's father, a scientist, left him the racing machine Golden Fox as his inheritance. This marked the start of Dr. Stewart's racing career. He hopes that, by dominating the racing circuit, he can show the world the quality of his father's work and make him proud.
Mute CityTBASSB3DSMuteCityTrophyTBA
Dr. StewartTBASSB3DSDrStewartTrophyTBA
Falcon FlyerTBAFalconFlyerTrophy3DSThe treasured ship of the bounty hunter Captain Falcon. Don't get this confused with the Blue Falcon, his F-Zero machine. The nose looks like a falcon, reflecting Captain Falcon's dauntless pursuit of his prey. Beware, bounty hands! Captain Falcon will track you down!
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