The following is a list of the trophies from the Donkey Kong series that appear in the 3DS. There are 26 trophies in total.

Name How to Unlock PictureDescription
Donkey KongClassic ModeDonkeyKongTrophy3DSTBA
Donkey Kong (EX)All-StarDonkeyKongEXTrophy3DSTBA
Diddy KongClassic ModeDiddyKongTrophy3DSTBA
Diddy Kong (EX)All-StarDiddyKongEXTrophy3DSTBA
Peanut Popgun TBA Peanut Popgun 3DSTrophy TBA
Rocketbarrel PackTBARocketBarrelTrophy3DSTBA
Hammer HeadTBA68gpwLqTBA
Tiki BuzzTBATikiBuzzTrophy3DSThis member of the Tiki Tak Tribe appears in Donkey Kong Country Returns It'd be really tempting to see what kind of sound that drum-shaped head of his would make. In Smash Run, they do a dive-bomb attack if a fighter passes below. You can bounce off their heads to boost your own jump!
Cranky KongTBACrankyKongTrophy3DSTBA
Funky KongTBAFunkyKongTrophy3DSTBA
Candy KongTBACandyKong3DSTrophyIt's no surprise she catches the eyes of Donkey Kong and Funky Kong. Just by glancing at them, she makes guys wonder if she likes them. You probably best remember her as the helpful lady who runs Candy's Save Point in Donkey Kong Country.
Rambi the RhinocerosTBARambi Trophy 3DSA longtime and trustworthy animal friend. Even the king of the jungle, the lion, fears Rambi's might. Mario would love a life from Rambi, but he is all Donkey Kong's! His impressive horn can defeat enemies and smash walls, and since Donkey Kong Country 2, he can super-dash!
Expresso the OstrichTBAExpessoTrophy3DSTBA
Squawks the ParrotTBASquawksTrophy3DSTBA
King K. RoolTBAKingK.RoolTrophy3DSTBA
DK BarrelTBADKBarrelTrophy3DSTBA
Dixie KongTBADixieKongTrophy3DSTBA
Squitter the SpiderTBASquitterTrophy3DSTBA
Professor ChopsTBAChopsTrophy3DSTBA
MuglyStrike 10 opponents in StreetSmashMuglyTrophy3DSTBA
Scurvy CrewTBAScurvyCrewTrophy3DSTBA
KalimbaTBAKalimbaTrophy3DSThe Tiki Tak Tribe is an evil group of instrumental Tikis from Donkey Kong Country Returns. You first meet Kalimba as he hypnotizes animals with his music. The top of Kalimba Tiki looks a bit like his namesake, an African instrument that is also called a thumb piano.
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