This page is a list of Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Summoned from Poké Balls

Name Image Move used Effects
Bellossom BellossomBrawl.png Sleep Powder Puts foes near it to sleep.
Bonsly BonslyBrawl.png Tackle Bonsly can be picked up and thrown at foes to do strong damage and knockback.
Celebi CelebiBrawl.png Fly Celebi flies away, dropping trophies as it does so.
Chikorita ChikoritaBrawl.png Razor Leaf Launches a series of leaves in a straight line.
Deoxys DeoxysBrawl.png Hyper Beam Flies to the top of the screen, and launches a vertical beam straight down that has a slight Vacuum effect.
Electrode ElectrodeBrawl.png Explosion Charges for several seconds, then explodes. Players can pick it up while it is black, and the explosion can sometimes fail, although it can explode after a delay. A smash throw guarantees an explosion.
Entei EnteiBrawl.png Fire Spin Launches a "pillar" of fire upwards that traps opponents and deals a large amount of damage.
Gardevoir GardevoirBrawl.png Reflect Makes a circle appear around it that can reflect projectiles.
Goldeen GoldeenBrawl.png Splash Splashes the stage by bouncing to and fro. This attack does not affect the player (such as flinch).
Groudon GroudonBrawl.png Overheat Any opponent who touches it receives damage and knockback.
Gulpin GulpinBrawl.png Swallow Any opponent who comes near it gets swallowed for several seconds and receives damage while being swallowed. The opponent can still be attacked while still being swallowed.
Ho-oh Ho-oh Brawl.png Sacred Fire Flies to the back of the screen, and unleashes a pillar of fire in front of it that traps opponents.
Jirachi Jirachi Brawl.png Fly Flies away, dropping stickers while doing so.
Kyogre KyogreBrawl.png Hydro Pump Flies around the screen and shoots water that pushes enemies back, like F.L.U.D.D. and Water Gun. Any opponents that come in contact with Kyogre's body will receive damage and knockback.
Latias and Latios LatiasLatiosBrawl.png Steel Wing Only one of the two will come out of the Pokéball, pushing enemies away as it arrives. Whichever one came out of the Pokéball will then fly off to the side, and the two will then alternate flying across the screen, pushing enemies back and damaging them as they do so.
Lugia LugiaBrawl.png Aeroblast Lugia flies to the back of the screen and releases a blast of wind that moves around the screen, dealing huge damage and knockback.
Manaphy ManaphyBrawl.png Heart Swap Manaphy switches the bodies of two strangers for a certain length of time. This attack is only effective within a certain range, so if it misses the target, nothing will happen.
Meowth Meowth Brawl.png Pay Day Meowth launches coins at any nearby foes. Meowth will also turn around to hit targets behind him.
Metagross Metagross Brawl.png Earthquake Hurts all nearby foes on the ground. Metagross will bury close characters in the ground.
Mew MewBrawl.png Fly Mew flies up into the air, dropping a CD.
Moltres MoltresBrawl.png Sky Attack After a brief moment, Moltres will fly up. Contact with Moltres can deal a OHKO.
Munchlax MunchlaxBrawl.png Swallow Munchlax walks across the stage, eating all the items it touches.
Piplup PiplupBrawl.png Surf After a second, Piplup will ride a wave off the end of the stage, dragging any foes it touches with it.
Snorlax SnorlaxBrawl.png Body Slam Snorlax jumps into the air, and then falls down, dealing large damage and high knockback to people it touches.
Staryu Staryu Brawl.png Swift Staryu selects a target, flies over to it, and lauches a barrage of stars at the foe.
Suicune SuicuneBrawl.png Aurora Beam Suicune rears it head and then releases a quick, high-damage beam across the stage. The beam deals high damage and freezes characters that it touches.
Togepi TogepiBrawl.png Metronome Togepi can use any of 5 moves, including: Leech Seed, which causes a damaging effect like a Lip's Stick; Sheer Cold, which freezes all nearby targets; Sleep Powder, which puts nearby foes to sleep (like Bellossom); Fissure, which buries all nearby foes in the ground; and Smokescreen, which turns the entire screen black for a brief period.
Torchic TorchicBrawl.png Fire Spin Torchic dances in place, releasing flames in a sphere around its body.
Weavile WeavileBrawl.png False Swipe Weavile dashes back and forth, stunning everyone it passes and dealing 1%.
Wobbuffet Wobbuffet SSBB.png Counter If Wobbuffet is attacked, it will rock back and forth, hurting everyone it touches- including the player and teammates.

Playable Pokémon

The are six different Pokémon to play as.