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This is a list of Music that originated from the Minecraft series that appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, all of which come with the Steve Challenger Pack as a part of Fighters Pass Volume 2.


Note: All songs play on Minecraft World and all Smash Bros. stages in Ultimate.

Title Description Details Game of Origin
Halland / Dalarna A remix that combines the two camp themes from Minecraft Dungeons, a dungeon-crawler spin-off of Minecraft. Much like the original songs, their main melodies are played on a piano. However, this new arrangement speeds up the tracks and adds additional instrumentation such as electric guitar, strings, and a drum kit. Its arrangement is meant to sync up with the timelapse of Minecraft World, with the "Halland" sections reserved for the daytime and the "Dalarna" section for nighttime.
This song is used in Steve's reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Arrangement Supervisor: ACE (TOMOri Kudo / CHiCO)
Composition: Mojang AB
Arrangement: SEKAI WALKER Producers LLC.
Minecraft Dungeons
Earth An upbeat orchestral rendition of the theme to Minecraft Earth, a mobile game spin-off of Minecraft. The instrumentation contains a drum-and-bass beat, further contrasting it from the original's more slow and calm piano. Arrangement Supervisor: Mitsuhiro Kitadani
Composition: Mojang AB
Arrangement: BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.
Minecraft Earth
Clockwork Crafter One of the themes for the Steampunk Battle minigame. The song does not have a proper loop, but an ending instead, resulting in a brief pause before the song restarts. Directly ripped from Minecraft. It was composed by Gareth Coker, best known for his work on the Ori series, which are also published by Xbox Game Studios. Composition and Arrangement: Mojang AB Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition
Toys on a Tear A faithful rendition of one of the themes to the Shrunk Battle minigame. The instrumentation uses synths that have been programmed in a way to emulate the soundfont used by the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. Arrangement Supervisor: Yuzo Koshiro
Composition: Mojang AB
Arrangement: Ancient-corp.
Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition
Dance of the Blocks A faithful rendition of another theme for the Shrunk Battle minigame. The instrumentation uses lighter percussion and a timpani, making the song's feel much calmer and gentler than the original. Arrangement Supervisor: Yoko Shimomura
Composition: Mojang AB
Arrangement: Midiplex Co., Ltd.
Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition
Glide A remix of the theme for the Glide minigame. Much like the original, the song is arranged in an orchestral style but adds new elements such as a backing acoustic guitar and a proper loop. Arrangement Supervisor: Hiroki Hashimoto
Composition: Mojang AB
Arrangement: BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.
Minecraft: Legacy Console Edition
The Arch-Illager An orchestral remix of the boss battle theme that plays when facing off against the Arch-Illager. The instrumentation is mostly faithful to the original as it keeps the backing choir but adds new elements including a drum kit and a piano. Arrangement Supervisor: Motoi Sakuraba
Composition and Arrangement: Mojang AB
Minecraft Dungeons


  • Minecraft has the fewest amount of songs out of both all third-party series and all Fighters Pass Challenger Packs for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    • According to Masahiro Sakurai, music from the base version Minecraft were unable to be acquired due to "various circumstances", citing their more slow and relaxed tone as unfitting as well as apparent licensing issues. More songs were also planned to be included in Ultimate, but had to be scrapped midway for unknown reasons.
  • The song "Halland / Dalarna" is named after real-life provinces in Sweden, the home country of Mojang Studios.
    • The inclusion of both this track and "The Arch-Illager" makes Minecraft Dungeons the first game of the 2020s to be represented in Smash, succeeded by "Dearly Beloved -Swing Version-" from Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.
  • The inclusion of the song "Earth" makes Minecraft the second series to have a song originate from a mobile game, following "Gear Up For..." and "Fire Emblem Theme (Heroic Origins)" from Fire Emblem Heroes.
  • Ultimate is the first game to give "Glide" an official title, as it had remained unnamed since its debut in the Legacy Console Edition of Minecraft.
  • None of the song titles have been translated in Japanese; as such, they remain English in the Japanese version of Ultimate, making Minecraft one of two series with this unique distinction - the other being Kingdom Hearts.


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