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Announced at E3 2001, Link (リンク, Rinku) is a starter character in all three Super Smash Bros. games.

Special Moves

Pro Links

Pros & Cons


  • Large range with close up attacks and projectiles
  • Multiple and useful projectiles and is very proficient at spacing with them against his opponents as well
  • Has a large grab range
  • Has powerful smashes and aerial attacks
  • Has one of the best neutral aerials in the game due to good knock back and fast speed when SHFFL'd
  • Can Fast Fall very well
  • Excellent at edgeguarding with many techniques
  • Up-B is a good finisher and edgeguarding tool
  • Can recover via bombs (Bomb recovery) and hookshot to keep him alive longer
  • His Hylian Shield can act on its own and defend against projectiles when standing stationary, although it will not block projectiles above or below his Hylian shield.
  • Can grab the ledge backwards with the Spin Attack
  • Can tether recovery with Hookshot, if necessary.


  • Sluggish, not one of the faster characters, unlike his younger counter part, Young Link
  • Easily ground comboed due to his heavy drop
  • Can be chain grabbed by certain characters, such as Sheik
  • Terrible, short Wave dash, unlike Young Link's faster, longer Wave dash
  • High lag attacks and moderate startup times can make Link even more sluggish

PAL differences


  • A good combo to use in one on one battles is to use the boomerang, to momentarily disable the character of any attacks (he will pop into the air), use this momentary cease fire to use a spin attack and send him flying away. You must be quick or else chances are he will attack.
  • Another great combo is to grab your opponent, throw him up/down, depending on what character and damage the opponent have, if its a fastfaller then use upthrow, if he has high damage use the downthrow anyway, then instantly use the up-B attack. On high damage this is lethal. Follow the up-B with a boomerang and charge in for the kill (a F-air or another up-B usually does the trick.)
  • Up throw, Uair, then Up B. If the enemy still lives, Up smash.
  • Up-B throw the bomb into the air, grapple your opponent and throw them upwards. If done quickly enough your opponent will be hurled into the bomb and fly away from you, doing no harm to you. (However if too much time is wasted, the bomb will bounce off your opponent and land on you.

Changes from N64 to Melee

  • New Neutral B (Bow). Boomerang is now Link's Side B.
  • Different Spin Attack animation (both on air, and on ground).
  • Can use Hookshot for a wall-grapple.
  • Spin attack is a better recovery.
  • Forward Smash has two hits, instead of just one.
  • Link is a bit faster

In Single-player

Link can be fought in the Underground Maze where if the player comes across the Master Sword, they will be taken to a battle with a different colored Link until they come across the Triforce. It is possible to complete the stage without fighting Link at all.

Link is featured in the following Event Matches:

Trophy Descriptions

In addition to the normal trophy about Link as a character, there are two trophies about him as a fighter, unlocked by completing the Adventure and All-Star modes respectively with Link on any difficulty:

LinkTrophy2 copy
Link (smash red)
Burdened with a shield, a heavy sword, and plenty of equipment, Link is not a very mobile character. Nevertheless, he's skilled with the blade, and his varied supply of missile weapons makes him a powerful fighter. To master Link, you must control the pace by balancing your long-range attacks with head-to-head swordplay. (B: Bow, Smash B: Boomerang)
LinkTrophy3 copy
Link (smash blue)
Link's Bow, Boomerang, and Bombs all take time to wield, so you may want to try drawing them in midair to prevent your foes from attacking you while you're vulnerable. The Spin Attack can score consecutive midair hits, and the final slash is very powerful. Link's Bombs are his trump card, but he can't pull one out if he's carrying another item. (Up & B: Spin Attack, Down & B: Bomb)

Costume Gallery


Link's changeable clothing in SSBM

Target Test

To start with, jump once and do the spin attack (B+up) move to destroy targets 1 and 2.

Go off the start platform to the left. When you hit the bottom, double jump and whirling sword up to destroy target 3. You should be able to make it onto the rising and falling platform with this move. Jump and whirling sword to destroy target 4 above you. Prepare an arrow now (B), fully charged, release when you are on the same level as target 5, or use the boomerang (B+forward). Do the same for target 6 when the barrier is out of the way.

Jump back to the start platform, and off to the right. As you fall, take a kick (A) at target 7 to destroy it. Jump onto the platform that slants up and right. From there, use a jump and whirling sword to destroy target 8. From there, jump up to target 9 and take a sword swing at it. Now, double jump and whirling sword to the right to destroy target 10.

An alternative technique is demonstrated here:

World Record

The current world record for Link's Target Test is 3:55. However, the strategy used to complete it this quickly is complex and difficult to perform. It, along with every SSBM Target Test record, can be seen here:

Home Run Contest

Use arrows, and repeatedly hit until the timer says about 2 seconds left. go a little bit farther away, and use his double slash (Smash-A, then A Again) and only have the second attack hit. It will send him farther than home run bat.

Link's HRC record is held by Sin this video shows close to the world record

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Link puts his right hand on his hip and races his left hand through his bang.


Sex Kick

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