Like Like is an enemy from the Hyrule universe. It appears in the Adventure Mode Underground Maze level.

Like Likes attack by swallowing a nearby character. The character is then spat out and damage is taken. Attacking the Like Like will kill it when it accumulates enough damage. They can also be picked up with the "Z" button and thrown at opponents for damage.

For every Like Like KO, 500 points are added to the Like Like KO bonus.

In The Legend of Zelda series

Like Likes were somewhat common enemies within the games. Possessing a voracious appetite for shields, they would ooze towards anyone who donned them, in this case, the unlucky Link. Upon swallowing him, they would rip his shield from him and spit him back out, requiring him to buy a new one. In Ocarina of Time, they would go far as to eat the extra tunics if Link is wearing one at the time, though it is possible to retrieve the lost items after slaying the creature.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee

Like Likes appear as enemies as well as a collectible trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Trophy description

Like Like trophy (SSBM).jpg

In The Legend of Zelda, these slow-footed monsters inhaled Link and ate his shield, just beating out Wallmasters for the coveted title of "Most Aggravating Enemies Ever." Supposedly, their name comes from an old, almost indecipherable Hyrulian proverb: "Shield-eaters and world leaders have many likes alike."

Game: The Legend of Zelda (07/87)

In Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

Trophy Description

These tube-shaped monsters have been in almost every Legend of Zelda game since the very beginning, and they've developed quite a taste for Link in that time. They'll even take his shield and clothes! You can get them back nowadays, but when Like Likes first appeared, if you didn't take Link's Magical Shield back quickly, they'd consume it!