The Leaf Shield (リーフシールド Rīfu Shīrudo) is Mega Man's Down Special Move. Four leaves circle around Mega Man for a short time, protecting him from projectile attacks. He can also throw them.


Each leaf causes 2% damage to opponents that touch them, disappearing afterwards. Mega Man can move while the Leaf Shield is up, and also make a combo by hitting opponents with the leaves while he grabs, pummels, and throws them. However, besides those actions and throwing a held item, he can't do anything else until the shield disappears or is thrown. By pressing the A or B attack button, he throws the shield out in front of him, dealing 4% damage regardless of how many leaves are left. This allows Mega Man to do up to 10% damage by approaching or grabbing an opponent to hit with three leaves, then throw the last leaf. It can be customized into the Plant Barrier and Skull Barrier.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Leaf Shield no longer disappears on contact. It also needs to be immediately thrown unless the B button is held.


Mega Man receives this weapon by defeating the boss Wood Man, first appearing in Mega Man 2. However, Mega Man can't move while the shield protects him, as doing so will throw it.

Mega Man's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Metal Blade
Side Special Crash Bomber
Up Special Rush Coil
Down Special Leaf Shield
Final Smash Mega Legends