Lakitu, known in the Japanese version as Jugem (ジュゲム, Jugemu), is a character in the Mario series of video games from Nintendo. He is typically depicted as a turtle-like creature (a Koopa in Mario terms) with a green shell, orange or yellow body, and thick, black glasses. He usually rides in a cloud with a smiling face (known as Jugem's Cloud). The name Lakitu is also used for an entire type of Koopas, most of whom fly about in this fashion.

Lakitu is one of the few Mario enemies to have appeared in the series from the beginning. This puts Lakitu into the same pantheon as foes such as Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Bullet Bills and Piranha Plants. However, unlike most of these other enemy characters, Lakitu has not changed a great deal from one game to the next.

In his role as an enemy character, Lakitu typically flies about and throws spiked eggs at Mario, although variant types employ other attack patterns. Lakitu appears in a number of games as a figure neutral to Mario. Lakitu features in a handful of non-Mario games and media such as comic books and animated cartoons.


In Super Smash Bros.

A Fishin' Lakitu appears in the background of the Peach's Castle stage. His design is based on his appearance in Super Mario 64, complete with the camera on the end of the fishing rod.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee

An 8-bit Lakitu appears in the background of Mushroom: Kingdom along with Spinies, while a Fishin' Lakitu appears in the background of Yoshi's Island.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In Brawl, a Lakitu can appear from an Assist Trophy. He drops Spinies from the sky, which wander around and damage opponents upon touch. If the character is hit by a Spiny while airborne, they will be Meteor Smashed. He appears in his original 8-bit, Super Mario Bros. sprite form. He can be KO'd, which will prevent any additional Spinies from appearing. However, this can be hard, as reaching him can prove difficult, and hitting him correctly is also difficult. If he holds an egg, it could damage you if you strike him, and sometimes, it takes two hits to make him fall.


When Lakitu is defeated, he'll fall while upside down. A glitch however, can cause Lakitu to be stuck in midair when defeated for a short period of time. While it lasts, it will disappeared.

Trophy Info

The Lakitu & Spinies Trophy

A particularly stubborn breed of Koopa. Lakitus chase Mario aboard clouds and attack by throwing Spiny Eggs down from above. More recently, Lakitus have taken over the role of cameramen, filming with cameras that they dangle from long rods. Spinies are Koopa creatures with tough, spiked shells. Jumping onto them has no effect, but fireballs can dispatch them.

Super Mario Bros. (1985)
Super Mario 64 (1996)

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

Lakitu in Smash Run.

Lakitu returns as a common enemy for Smash Run they attack fighters by throwing Spiny eggs which become Spinies upon hitting the ground. Further details are still unknown.

Trophy Description

Lakitu and Spinies

Flying over the battlefield in a cloud, this member of Bowser's forces persistently chases after Mario. He takes a break from throwing Spiny Eggs to do some racing in Mario Kart 7. When summoned, he'll appear as a sprite and toss Spiny Eggs at those fighting below him.

  • NES - Super Mario Bros (10/1985)
  • Wii U - New Super Mario Bros. U (11/2012)


With his cute little specs and smiling cloud, it's hard not to love Lakitu...until he starts pelting you with Spiny Eggs. This meanie has been tormenting Mario since the very first Super Mario Bros. game, and his mode of attack is no different here. He'll try and hover out of reach, but only by taking him out can you keep the Spiny rain from falling.


Somebody needs to ask Lakitu just where he gets these spiky-shelled little critters... They start off as Spiny Eggs when he hurls them and then turn into Spinies when they land. They'll immediately head for any fighters in the area. Avoid them or take them out--your choices!

Lakitu + Cloud 9

The cloud kart is basically the bottom half of Lakitu. With its fluffy design and zippy style, the Cloud 9 seems like a good match for Yoshi, but can you imagine what it would look like for Wario to drive this? It might just be distracting enough to give you an advantage!