Knuckle Joe (ナックルジョー nakkuru jō) is a minor character from the Kirby universe. He originally appeared in Kirby Super Star (Kirby's Fun Pak in PAL regions), the first game in the Kirby series to utilize the Helper functionality. This allowed Kirby to create a Helper ally from his current power to assist him throughout the level. Knuckle Joe is the result of combining the Helper function with the Fighter ability. His attacks are inspired by Kirby's own when using this ability.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

In SSBB, Knuckle Joe is one of the supporting characters that spawns from the Assist Trophy item. When Knuckle Joe is summoned, he uses his "Vulcan Jab" technique, which is a series of rapid punches, on the nearest foe. Afterwards, he finishes the opponent off with one of two "finisher" attacks: the strong, short-ranged "Smash Punch", or the electricity-charged uppercut known as the "Rising Break" technique. The finisher he uses is chosen at random. He could be considered the most powerful Assist Trophy character, because if he manages to trap an opponent in his initial barrage, he can KO them from 0%.

For this game, Knuckle Joe is peculiarly voiced by Alesia Glidewell. She is the same actress who provided the voices for Zero Suit Samus and Krystal.

Trophy Description

A martial artist known for amazing attacks like the Vulcan Jab. With his bandana, he looks and fights the part of a Muay Thai boxer. When Kirby copies Knuckle Joe, he gains the fighting techniques of a hand-to-hand-combat expert. Knuckle Joe also engages in friendly block-breaking competitions with Kirby. His other famous techniques are the Smash Punch and Rising Break.

  • Kirby Super Star (1996)

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