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'''Features Obtained''': R.O.B.'s eyes (with casing), and light on head.
'''Features Obtained''': R.O.B.'s eyes (with casing), and light on head.<br>
'''Standard Special Move''': [[Robo Beam]]
'''Standard Special Move''': [[Robo Beam]]

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This article is about the different Kirby hats in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For other uses, see Kirby. To see the move, see Inhale.

In every Super Smash Bros. game so far, Kirby has had the ability to copy any other characters' standard-special move (besides another Kirby). When Kirby copies one of his opponents, he will also bear a resemblance of that character. While the main functionality of the abilities remain intact, some of them have a much shorter range than the originals due to Kirby's smaller size. But others like Warlock Punch can be beneficial thanks to Kirby being faster than Ganondorf.

Kirby can choose to discard the ability at any time by using his fighter stance, though he may also lose it when taking damage. Here is what Kirby looks like when he copies the other characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Bowser (Koopa)


Features Obtained: Bowser's hair, eyebrows, and horns.

Special Move: Fire Breath

When he inhales Bowser, Kirby gets the hair, eyebrows, and horns of the evil King of Koopas. He now has the power to use Fire Breath.

Note: The pose for when Kirby is using his version of Fire Breath is the same as when he breathes fire as Fire Kirby in Kirby: Super Star and subsequent games featuring the ability.

Captain Falcon


Features Obtained: Captain Falcon's racing helmet (with transparent black visor).

Special Move: Falcon Punch

After inhaling Captain Falcon, Kirby receives his helmet as well as the Falcon Punch attack, complete with an amusing imitation of the "Falcon Punch!" shout. Like Captain Falcon, Kirby can preform a Reverse Falcon Punch.

Diddy Kong


Features Obtained: Diddy Kong's Nintendo hat.

Standard Special Move: Peanut Popgun

If Kirby sucks up Diddy Kong, he will wear Diddy's cap and acquire Diddy's Peanut Popgun to use for himself.

Donkey Kong


Features Obtained: Gorilla hair (everywhere but hands and face), and DK's hair point.

Standard Special Move: Giant Punch

When the pink puffball copies Donkey Kong, Kirby acquires a special Donkey Kong suit, and gains the special move Giant Punch. In a way, Kirby looks like a coconut, possibly resembling those in the Kirby series that drop from trees, or it is sometimes interpreted as a Waddle Dee.

Falco Lombardi


Features Obtained: Falco's beak, spiky Mohawk, and red coloring around the eyes.

Standard Special Move: Blaster (Falco)

When Kirby swallows the beaked wonder Falco, Kirby gains Falco's Blaster. Complete with feathers on his head, a beak, and red coloring around his eyes.

Fox McCloud


Features Obtained: Fox's ears and headpiece.

Standard Special Move: Blaster (Fox)

After copying Fox, Kirby now has the power to shoot with Fox's Blaster. He also gains Fox's ears and his special headpiece Fox uses to communicate with his team mates.



Features Obtained: Ganondorf's hair (with eyebrows and sideburns), and head ornament.

Standard Special Move: Warlock Punch

After Kirby swallows the great lord of all evil, he gains the ability to use Warlock Punch. Complete with big, red, hair with sideburns, an amulet on his head, and a pointed headband. Interestingly enough, after absorbing a character such as Ganondorf, Kirby's large eyebrows make his eyes seem perpetually angry. Kirby can also use a Reverse Warlock Punch.

Ice Climbers (Popo & Nana)


Features Obtained: Popo's parka.

Standard Special Move: Ice Shot

After Kirby swallows either Popo or Nana he gains the ability to use Ice Shot. Complete with a blue parka covering his whole body, leaving nothing bare but his feet and hands.

Note: Kirby in this form resembles Freeze Kirby from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land.



Features Obtained: Ike's hair and headband.

Standard Special Move: Eruption

When Kirby inhales Ike he will be able to use the powerful move Eruption. He will gain Ike's headband and hairstyle.

Jigglypuff (Purin)


Features Obtained: Jigglypuff's ears and swirled hair tuft.

Standard Special Move: Rollout

After Kirby swallows his round, pudgy, look-alike he gains the ability to use Rollout. Complete with pointy ears and a swirly tuft of hair making him look similar to Clefairy. Unlike other Kirby hats, the hairstyle is the same color as Kirby, rather than Jigglypuff pink. Another strange thing is that he will say "Puuuu!" when fully charged instead of "Jiggly!", even when the language is English.

King Dedede


Features Obtained: King Dedede's hat (with gold band).

Standard Special Move: Inhale

After swallowing his oversized nemesis, Kirby's Inhale can work at longer range. This is the only way to perform the obscure, and arguably unnecessary, "Kirkirkircide." King Dedede's headpiece also becomes Kirby's to wear.



Features Obtained: Link's hat.

Standard Special Move: Hero's Bow

Kirby gains the ability to use Link's Hero's Bow. After Kirby has successfully copied Link, he will also wear Link's green hood.

Note: This Kirby looks exactly like Sword Kirby, minus the actual Sword (unless using Final Cutter) and the ball on the end of the cap. This is perfectly normal, as Sword Kirby's appearance seems to be a reference to Link.



Features Obtained: The top of Lucario's head (with ears).

Standard Special Move: Aura Sphere

When Kirby copies the Aura Pokemon, he gains a hat that resembles Lucario. He also gains the ability to charge and throw Aura Spheres, just like Lucario.

Note: Kirby's Aura sphere doesn't increase with his percentage like Lucario's does, however it is much stronger than Lucario's weakest Aura Sphere. The damage is fixed as if Lucario has taken around 80% damage.



Features Obtained: Lucas's hair.

Standard Special Move: PK Freeze

When Kirby sucks up the young boy Lucas, he gains the Lucas' stylish hairdo along with his icy PK Freeze. He also imitates the way that Lucas says "PK Freeze!"



Features Obtained: Luigi's cap.

Standard Special Move: Fireball

This is what Kirby looks like when he copies Luigi. Kirby gains Luigi's distinct cap he has worn over the years. He also gets to use Luigi's Fireball move which differs slightly from Mario's Fireball.



Features Obtained: Mario's cap.

Standard Special Move: Fireball

This is what Kirby looks like when he copies Mario: Kirby gains Mario's distinct cap he has worn over the years. He also gets to use Mario's Fireball.



Features Obtained: Marth's hair, with hair piece.

Standard Special Move: Shield Breaker

After Kirby swallows the blue-haired swordsman, he gains the ability to use Shield Breaker, complete with some noticeably longer hair than Marth for some unknown reason.

Meta Knight


Features Obtained: Meta Knight's mask (with green eyes), and small wings.

Standard Special Move: Mach Tornado

If Kirby ingests the mysterious Meta Knight he gains his mask, the Galaxia Sword, and a pair of bat wings in addition to Meta Knight's Mach Tornado ability.

Note: There is some comical irony in Kirby's appearance here, as Meta Knight without his mask is revealed to look exactly like Kirby, but with different colors and a scowl.

Mr. Game & Watch


Features Obtained: Entirely black with gray outline, and white eyes and mouth.

Standard Special Move: Chef

If Kirby emulates this multitalented denizen of the Flatzone, he becomes a black version of himself with a gray outline. He can launch food-based projectiles at his foes using Chef.



Features Obtained: Ness's backward baseball cap.

Standard Special Move: PK Flash

If Kirby copies the renowned hero of Onett, Kirby will now have PSI powers at his control. Kirby's Inhale move is now PK Flash, and he sports Ness's baseball cap. Kirby actually pronounces 'Flash' clearly.

Note: The Ness Hat looks like Yo-Yo Kirby from "Kirby Superstar".

Captain Olimar


Features Obtained: Captain Olimar's nose and antenna.

Standard Special Move: Pikmin Pluck/Pikmin Throw

When Kirby swallows Captain Olimar, he'll get Captain Olimar's nose and helmet antenna. He will also get the ability to do two different special moves, which is unique among Kirby hats. He first uses Pikmin Pluck to get a Pikmin, and immediately uses Pikmin Throw. The Pikmin act only as projectiles which do not latch on to the opponent, and die upon contact with the ground.

Princess Peach


Features Obtained: Peach's crown.

Standard Special Move: Toad

When Kirby swallows Peach he sports an adorable crown from the Princess. He is able to use Toad to block and counter attacks.



Features Obtained: The top of Pikachu's head, with ears, eyes, cheeks, and attached tail. Standard Special Move: Thunder Jolt

Here is Kirby when he inhales Pikachu. He gets an adorable Pikachu hat that features Pikachu's tail, face, and ears. Kirby is granted the ability to use Thunder Jolt from his own cheeks, just like Pikachu. Kirby will do a slightly-humorous imitation of Pikachu's cry when using Thunder Jolt.



Features Obtained: Pit's laurels and wings.

Standard Special Move: Palutena's Arrow

If Kirby performs Inhale on Pit, he will be granted Palutena's Arrow to shoot at opponents. Pit's headpiece and wings will now be on Kirby. There will also be, for some strange reason, a distinctive squeak when Kirby releases the arrow.

Note: It resembles Cupid Kirby, a Kirby copy ability where Kirby can fly around and shoot arrows.

Pokémon Trainer

For information on Pokémon Trainer, see Pokémon Trainer.



Features Obtained: The top of Charizard's head, with nose, horns and attached wings.

Standard Special Move: Flamethrower

If Kirby copies Pokemon Trainer while Charizard is out in the fray, he gets a unique Charizard hat. He will also be granted special move Flamethrower.



Features Obtained: The top of Ivysaur's head, with attached bulb and leaves.

Standard Special Move: Bullet Seed

When Kirby copies Ivysaur, he gets an Ivysaur hat that mainly displays Ivysaur's bulb and ears. As such, he is able to use Bullet Seed.



Features Obtained: Squirtle's shell (worn on head), with attached tail.

Standard Special Move: Water Gun

After Kirby inhales Squirtle, he will now bear a special Squirtle hat that features Squirtle's shell and tail. Now, Kirby has the ability to use Water Gun.



Features Obtained: R.O.B.'s eyes (with casing), and light on head.
Standard Special Move: Robo Beam

If Kirby copies R.O.B., he gains his sensory goggles as well as the blinking light on his head that tells him when the Robo Beam is fully charged. When upon executing this attack, Kirby says "BEEP" in a monotone voice, like a robot.

Note: This ability works very similarly to Laser Kirby.

Samus Aran


Features Obtained: Samus's helmet, which covers the entire body.

Standard Special Move: Charge Shot

This is what Kirby looks like after he copies Samus Aran. Kirby gets to use Samus's Charge attack, along with having her helmet.



Features Obtained: Sheik's cloth wrappings and hair.

Standard Special Move: Needle Storm

If Kirby copies Zelda's alter-ego, he will gain the ability to perform Needle Storm as well as Sheik's headwrap and hair.



Features Obtained: Snake's headband and facial hair.

Standard Special Move: Hand Grenade

When Kirby inhales Solid Snake he gets a goatee & headband. He will also be able to throw grenades. Wearing the Snake 'hat' when using Cook Kirby makes for a rather humorous-looking bearded chef appearance.

Note: Like Snake, Kirby will cover his ears...or where his ears would be when the grenade explodes near him.



Features Obtained: The top of Sonic's head (above the eyes), with ears and quills.

Standard Special Move: Homing Attack

When Kirby inhales Sonic, he gets the hedgehog's stylish quills. He will also be able to use Sonic's Homing Attack.

Toon Link


Features Obtained: Toon Link's cap.

Standard Special Move: Hero's Bow

If Kirby inhales the Hero of Wind he obtains his cap and Hero's Bow.



Features Obtained: Wario's biker helmet, with straps.

Standard Special Move: Chomp

If Kirby inhales the fat enemy of Mario he will sport a cool biker-helmet worn by Wario himself. You will also be able to use the special move Chomp. This is the only way to perform the very obscure "Kirbiocide."

It should be noted that if Kirby inhales Wario while in his overalls look, Kirby will still get this hat, not Wario's classic yellow "W" cap.



Features Obtained: Wolf's ears and eyepatch.

Standard Special Move: Wolf's Blaster

If Kirby copies the leader of Team Star Wolf, he obtains Wolf's Blaster. The Blaster is slower than the two other Star Fox characters, but it is the most powerful. Kirby will also have Wolf's special eyepatch and ears.



Features Obtained: Yoshi's head, with nose, eyes, and red spines.

Standard Special Move: Egg Lay

If Kirby swallows the green dinosaur, he will earn a cute Yoshi cap. He will also gain a tongue to use Egg Lay.

Princess Zelda


Features Obtained: Young Zelda's headdress.

Standard Special Move: Nayru's Love

If Kirby sucks up and copies Princess Zelda, he will sport her old headpiece from past Zelda games. He will also have the power to reflect projectiles with his new special move Nayru's Love.

Zero Suit Samus


Features Obtained: Zero Suit Samus's ponytail, with scrunchy.

Standard Special Move: Paralyzer

If Kirby makes a meal out of Zero Suit Samus he comes out with her blonde ponytail. Kirby will be able to shoot a Paralyzer Shot.