Kirby Beta Stage 1 (listed as Small in the Debug Menu) is a hidden stage in Super Smash Bros., only accessible through the use of cheat codes or other cheat devices. Naturally, it appears to resemble Dream Land from the Kirby universe. This level is not used in tournaments, likely due to the difficulty of accessing it.


It is identical to Dream Land in that it has three floating platforms above the center of the main platform, however, both sides of these platforms serve as ledges. The main platform is slightly thinner than Dream Land's, and can be jumped through from below.


This map is not used in tournaments, due to the bugs and glitches found in the level. Aside from the fact that the platforms in the level serve as ledges, there are oftentimes where players' Up Special Move will cause a self destruct near the edges of the level due to players being boosted through the main platform of the stage and falling to his/her death.

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