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  • Fast ground and air speed.
  • Great recovery, as he can jump five times before having to fall to the ground, and Final Cutter helps him get back on the stage if he is somehow unable to get onto the ledges.
  • Second shortest duck in the game after Jigglypuff's, allowing him to avoid most projectiles.
  • Stone gives slight invulnerability if used successfully, and inflicts considerable shield damage.
  • Hammer can lead to low percentage KO's if fully charged. It also inflicts considerable shield damage.
  • Can copy abilities of opponents, being able to use their standard special ability, making him stronger and more versatile if he copies a good standard that covers his weaknesses.
  • Can perform "Kirbycide", although simply inhaling heavy/poor recovery opponents and spitting them out near bottom blast line corners can kill them, and can get back onto the stage afterwards.
  • Has two Meteor Smashes: Down Aerial and the second hit of Final Cutter.


  • Somewhat weak neutral attacks, making it hard to launch opponents. He also has limited KO moves
  • Lightweight and floaty, being easy to launch.
  • Low range on most attacks.
  • Hammer Flip hurts Kirby the longer it is charged. It is very predictable and has considerable lag.

Differences from Brawl

Kirby has received many buffs and nerfs, balancing him further than in Brawl.


  • Lighter and slightly smaller than in Brawl.
  • Faster walk, dash and air speed.
  • Slightly lower base jump.
  • Slightly smaller feet, resulting in lower range for some moves that involves kicking.

Ground Attacks

  • The third hit of his Neutral Attack can transition between rapid jabs and a finisher. The finisher counts as a projectile.
  • Down Tilt is faster.
  • Up Tilt and Dash Attack deal slightly less damage.
  • Forward Smash is faster, however it has less range and knockback.
  • Up Smash is faster and deals more knockback.
  • Down Smash is slightly faster.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral, Up and Down Aerials deal slightly less damage.
  • Back Aerial deals slightly more damage and knockback. However it has a sourspot that causes lower damage.
  • Down Aerial's Meteor Smash is slightly stronger and faster.

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab range is slightly lower.
  • Pummel is faster.
  • Forward and Down Throws are slightly faster, but deal less damage and more knockback.
  • Back Throw is much slower.
  • Up Throw is slightly faster and causes more knockback.

Special Attacks

  • Inhale deals more damage when used to copy abilities, and less damage when used to spit enemies, and enemies are launched slower, also. It also has slightly more vertical range, with the wind effect being in a cone. Additionally, the very first frame of Inhale can, in some instances, flip opponents before swallowing due the pushbox present on it.
  • Hammer Flip (known as Hammer in Melee and Brawl) can now be charged on the ground for increased damage, and once reaches full charge it starts causing recoil damage to Kirby, similar to King Dedede's Jet Hammer. However, it has higher startup and ending lag, and causes decreased damage and knockback when uncharged.
  • Final Cutter deals more damage with both sword and energy wave. The projectile travels much less than before, though, about half of the original distance. The second hit has higher knockback scaling, being able to Meteor Smash opponents more reliably.
  • Stone has slightly stronger invincibility frames and also has slightly less ending lag. It also can turn Kirby into a Thwomp.
  • New Final Smash, Ultra Sword, replacing his old one, Cook Kirby. It is a multi-hit long range Final Smash based on the same power from Kirby's Return to Dream Land.


Ground Attacks

  • Standard Combo: Vulcan Jab: Punches the opponent twice, then unleashes a flurry of punches that end in a stronger one. This is inspired in Fighter Kirby combo. 2%, 3%. Max damage around 18%.
  • Side Tilt: Does a spin kick which can be tilted. 8%.
  • Up Tilt: Stands on one foot and lifts the other quickly. 5% at the beggining of the move, 4% at the top.
  • Down Tilt: Kicks forward, low to the ground. 6%.
  • Dash attack: Breakdance Spin: Spins forward, kicking with his feet in a breakdance-like way. Inspired in Yo-Yo Kirby's running attacks 9% if all hits land.
Smash Attacks
  • Side Smash: Powerfully kicks forward. The attack is less powerful if you hit the enemy with the very tip of Kirby's foot.

Uncharged: 15%, 11% at the tip. Fully charged: 21%, 15% at the tip.

  • Up Smash: Does a backflip, kicking upwards. Power gradually decreases as the move ends.

Uncharged: 15% to 11%. Fully charged: 21% to 15%.

  • Down Smash: Does a split and spins around.

Uncharged: 14%. Fully charged: 19%.

Other attacks
  • Edge attack: Quickly climbs the edge and kicks in front of him.
  • Rise attack: Gets up kicking both sides of him.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air: Does a cartwheel. Loses power gradually. 10% down to a minimum of 4%.
  • Front Air: Kicks thrice in front of him. 4%, 3%, 5%. 12% combined.
  • Up Air: Kicks upward in a loop. 9%.
  • Down Air: After charging for a split second, spins around with his feet outstretched, hitting multiple times, like a drill. 7% if all hits land.
  • Back Air: Kicks backwards with both of his feet. 13% sweet spotted, 8% if not.

Grabs and Throws

  • It is worth noting that all of Kirby's grabs and throws are based off his Suplex Kirby (also known as Backdrop Kirby).
  • Pummel: Punches opponent with his free hand. Really fast, but weak. 1%.
  • Up throw: Flies upwards with the opponent, disappearing from the stage for a moment, then comes back and slams the opponent on the ground. 10%.
  • Frontal throw: Lifts opponent, spins with them in the air, then body slams them on the ground. 7%.
  • Back throw: Lifts the opponent, then jumps backwards, slamming them on the ground. 8%.
  • Down throw: Lays the opponent on the ground then kicks them multiple times. 6%.

Special Moves

Kirby's Special Moves
SSB Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Inhale
Side Special Hammer Hammer Flip
Up Special Final Cutter
Down Special Stone
Final Smash Cook Kirby Ultra Sword

Kirby's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Ice Breath Jumping Inhale
Side Special Hammer Bash Giant Hammer
Up Special Wave Cutter Upper Cutter
Down Special Grounding Stone Meteor Stone


Kirby's taunts are also used to give up his current copied ability.

  • Up Taunt: Does his famous "stage clear" dance. At the end, a little star pops out.
  • Side Taunt: Spins around and makes a pose.
  • Down Taunt: Smiles at the camera saying "Hi!" and waving his hands.

In competitive play

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Pudgy, little Kirby lives in the peaceful hills of Dream Land on the Planet Popstar. He can inhale things with his big mouth, either copying their abilities or spitting them out again. In Smash Bros., Kirby can inhale opponents and copy their standard specials. He gets launched easily but recovers well.

  • Game Boy - Kirby's Dream Land (08/1992)
  • SNES - Kirby Super Star (08/1996)

Kirby (Alt)

Holding the special button left or right will charge up Kirby's Hammer Flip attack. Charging too long hurts Kirby! The hammer strikes twice in the air, but landing the single blow on the ground is more powerful. Kirby's up special Final Cutter slices up and down, firing a shock wave upon landing.

Kirby's Copy Abilities

Sword Kirby

That green cap sure does make Kirby look heroic, doesn't it? Maybe wearing it just inspired Kirby, but while he's wearing it, he gets all kinds of neat moves, like Spin Slash, Multisword Attack, and Sword Dive. He's even able to pull off these moves in the air, on the ground, or underwater!

  • NES - Kirby's Adventure (05/1993)
  • 3DS - Kirby: Triple Deluxe (05/2014)

Beam Kirby

Waddle Doo can fire beams form his eye. Does that make you green with envy? Then inhale him and copy that ability! You'll then be able to shoot beams from a wand, and the attack can even be charged up for greater effectiveness. You can also use a beam to push switches or to grab and toss your foes.

  • NES - Kirby's Adventure (05/1993)
  • SNES - Kirby Super Star (08/1996)

Ice Kirby

The perfect ability to copy in the summer--Kirby gains freezing breath when he copies the Ice ability. Enemies frozen by his arctic blasts can be launched at other foes too. Perfect for a tough fight or when you need some ice for your iced coffee. Kirby isn't busy saving Dream Land or anything...

  • NES - Kirby's Adventure (05/1993)
  • SNES - Kirby Super Star (08/1996)

Needle Kirby

Kirby normally looks tasty as a big ol' marshmallow, but he's significantly less appetizing when he's copied the Needle ability. Those pokey spikes won't add any flavor at all. With this ability, Kirby can bash into enemies or launch the spikes at them. A great, easy-to-use ability!

  • NES - Kirby's Adventure (05/1993)
  • 3DS - Kirby: Triple Deluxe (05/2014)

Tornado Kirby

Who needs hats when you can have an actual tornado coming out of your head? That's our Kirby--always the trendsetter. And with the Tornado ability, he can go one step further, turning his whole body into a cyclone to go on a wild rampage. His rapid spinning isn't exactly easy to control, but that's all part of the fun!

  • NES - Kirby's Adventure (05/1993)
  • Wii - Kirby's Return to Dream Land (10/2011)

Mike Kirby

Curious what Kirby's singing voice sounds like? Then track down and inhale Mr. Tick-Tock or a Walky! Kirby can copy the Mike ability and then use a mike or megaphone to really let 'er rip. Sometime he sounds as cute as he looks, but he can also hit those low notes when he wants to rock.

  • NES - Kirby's Adventure (05/1993)
  • Wii - Kirby's Return to Dream Land (10/2011)

Sleep Kirby

You don't get to see sleeping heroes very often. They're so busy rescuing princesses or saving the world, they just don't have time for a little nap. Not so with Kirby! The moment he inhales the snooze-prone enemy Noddy, he pops on his sleeping cap and dozes right off. Ah, Kirby, what dreams might you be having today?

  • NES - Kirby's Adventure (05/1993)
  • SNES - Kirby Super Star (08/1996)

Bomb Kirby

When he copies the Bomb ability, Kirby gets to don a stylish hat just like Poppy Bros. Jr. The hat's appearance varies a little from game to game, but the ability itself is always pretty much the same: pull out a bomb, throw it, BOOM! Careful, though--if you hand onto the bomb for too long, you'll go BOOM yourself!

  • SNES - Kirby Super Star (08/1996)
  • 3DS - Kirby: Triple Deluxe (05/2014)

Fighter Kirby

"Show me your moves!" Wait--that's not Kirby's line! Regardless, he's really fired up and ready to become a fighting machine with that red headband. He knows the basics, like kicking and tossing, but he can also muster his fighting spirit to blast distant foes.

  • SNES - Kirby Super Star (08/1996)
  • Wii - Kirby's Return to Dream Land (10/2011)

Wing Kirby

Kirby doesn't need copy abilities to bop through the air, but actually having wings gives his aerial skills a definite boost. They even let him use some extra attacks, like the acrobatic Shuttle Loop and the mighty Condor Head. He can also fire at foes with his Feather Gun! Thought Kirby was just a squishy puffball? Surprise!

  • SNES - Kirby Super Star (08/1996)
  • Wii - Kirby's Return to Dream Land (10/2011)

Ninja Kirby

Making his debut in Kirby's Return to Dream Land, the Moonja enemy looks about as ninja as you can get. If you copy its ability, Kirby can become a master of the ninja arts! With a variety of useful skills like Knife Throw and Blossom Storm, you might want to remain a ninja forever!

  • SNES - Kirby Super Star (08/1996)
  • Wii - Kirby's Return to Dream Land (10/2011)

Plasma Kirby

What does the aurora borealis have in common with lightning? Plasma! And what does Plasma Kirby have in common with them? Hrm. Maybe that was too easy... Anyway, Plasma Kirby can build up plasma using the +Control Pad and fire it with the B Button. You can look up more about plasma if you want, but firing plasma is what's important here.

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