Killer Wail are the Inklings's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


An Inkling will place the Killer Wail down, pointing in the direction he or she is facing. After warming up for a bit, the Killer Wail will fire a massive beam of sound energy that traps any opponent it catches and repeatedly damages them. It will slowly pan upward before ending, and its last blast will deal significant damage and knockback. After bringing out the Killer Wail, the Inkling will be able to move around while it is operating and attack opponents or force them into the Killer Wail's blast.


The Killer Wail is a special weapon in Splatoon being able to emit powerful sounds waves powered by the user's ink.


  • The Killer Wail's name is a pun of "killer whale", a type of dolphin.
  • Killer Wail’s color varies based on the Inkling preset used.


Inkling's Special Moves
Standard Special Splattershot
Side Special Splat Roller
Up Special Super Jump
Down Special Splat Bomb
Final Smash Killer Wail

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