Kihunters (キハンター星人, Kihunterian) are enemies from the Metroid series. Kihunters are a race of insect-like beings that have joined with the Zebesian Space Pirates.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

Kihunter Smash Run

Kihunters appear as enemies in Smash Run. They can spit out acid that paralyses you, similar to Zero Suit Samus' Paralyser.

Trophy Description

Creatures hailing from the Metroid series. They start off life as a Zero, growing into this bee-like form. Kihunters prefer to attack with quick dashes and by spitting gobs of acid. Definitely dodge the acid— it stuns you and goes through shields. Defeated Kihunters drop Jump stat boosts.

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  • Villager can Pocket Kihunter's acid, retaining the paralysis effect as well.
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