The Ken Combo refers to a spike setup with Marth discovered and popularized by professional smasher Ken Hoang.

The combo itself is simply as follows: single jump f-air, midair jump d-air. However, some players refer to the entire chain of n-airs and f-airs followed by the spike as a "Ken combo" due to its effectiveness in SSBM competitive play. However, it should be noted that players can usually escape this combo by DIing the f-air out.

According to Ken himself, the Ken Combo was initially discovered and developed in the original Super Smash Bros. using Captain Falcon's spike.

In Brawl, the Ken Combo can be executed by other characters such as Toon Link, R.O.B., and Olimar, although it should be noted that it is not a true 'Combo'; lack of hitstun allows the victim to simply airdodge away or even hit back. Additional hitstun however in different versions of Brawl+ allow for even more characters to perform it, and not enough time for an opponent to airdodge away.

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