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Kazuya Mishima is the secondary antagonist (former first protagonist) of Bandai Namco's Tekken franchise.

He joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the fifth fighter in Fighters Pass Volume 2 and the eleventh downloadable character overall.

Character Description

Kazuya Mishima is a middle-aged man who initially presented himself as a hero who defied his criminal father and defeated him in combat. However, his true colors were eventually revealed as a power-hungry, anger-fueled villain hellbent on world domination (though his dark side is largely hinted at in the PlayStation port of the first Tekken). He is the son of Kazumi and Heihachi Mishima, husband to Jun Kazama, father to series protagonist Jin Kazama, half-brother to secondary protagonist Lars Alexandersson, adoptive brother to Lee Chaolan, and grandson of Jinpachi Mishima. He primarily fights using the signature Mishima Style Fighting Karate, which was taught to him by Heihachi.


Kazuya is introduced in the first Tekken as an entrant in The 1st King of Iron Fist Tournament, a martial arts competition devised by Heihachi Mishima and sponsored by his financial company, the Mishima Zaibatsu. Kazuya enters the tournament to exact revenge on his father, who had abused him for years and threw him into a volcano years prior as a test of strength. Kazuya faces Heihachi as his final opponent and manages to defeat him, later throwing his unconscious body off of a cliff much like what happened to himself. With his father gone, he assumes control of the Zaibatsu as the ultimate reward for winning.

Tekken 2

As CEO, Kazuya uses the influence of the Zaibatsu for his own villainous intentions, turning the company into a far more ruthless organization; some of the crimes committed range from creating genetically engineered animal soldiers to seizing the entire island of Hokkaido. Two years after the first Tekken, Kazuya hosts another King of Iron Fist Tournament; Heihachi, having revealed to have survived his fall and hid in the mountains to train, enters the competition in order to take back control of the company. The two eventually have a rematch at the tournament's climax, where Kazuya is beaten by his father; he is later knocked unconscious and thrown into a volcano as it erupts, seemingly killing him. Heihachi regains his leadership role in the Zaibatsu and inexplicably creates world peace.

Kazuya serves as both the sub and final boss of the game. When first battled, he will be wearing his famous purple suit, but upon losing the first match, he will transform into his Devil form.

Tekken 3

Although Kazuya appears in the game in certain cutscenes, he is not a playable character, due to still being presumed dead during the game's events.

Sometime during the 2nd Tournament, Kazuya met a woman named Jun Kazama. The two form a relationship, with Kazuya later impregnating her with a son. However, around this time, Kazuya begins to succumb to the control of a dark force within him. Jun and Angel try to help him supress it, but their efforts ultimately fail with his defeat. Jun soon gives birth to their son, Jin. Fifteen years later, Jun is suddenly killed by a creature known as Ogre. Under the orders of her mother, Jin flees to Heihachi, where he tells his grandfather of the events and asks to be trained in the Mishima Style Fighting Karate to exact his revenge on Ogre. Four years later, Jin enters the 3rd King of Iron Fist Tournament, unknowingly being used as bait by Heihachi to lure the Ogre. At the competition's climax, Jin ultimately defeats the creature, but is gunned down by the Tekken Force under Heihachi's orders. However, Jin is revived by the same dark power his father had within him and transforms into Devil Jin. He attacks his grandfather before flying off into the night, leaving Heihachi stunned.

Tekken 4

Two years later, in his search to find Jin, Heihachi uncovers a photograph of a burnt corpse with deformed wing-like limbs protruding from its back. He diverts his attention and begins to search for the body, believing it to be Kazuya. His investigations eventually lead him to the G Corporation, a company specializing in biogenetics; it is then revealed that they found Kazuya's corpse and managed to revive him, where he agreed to use his body as their test subject. With their research, Kazuya learns to control his Devil Gene, while plotting his revenge against his father; though this training is slightly hindered after the Tekken Force raids the G Corporation's headquarters to steal their findings. In an effort to lure him out, Heihachi announces a 4th tournament with control of the Zaibatsu as its ultimate prize. Not only does Kazuya enter, knowing full well its a trap, but Jin re-emerges, now holding an intense grudge against his father and grandfather and plans to end the family bloodline. Kazuya meets his son for the first time in the semi-finals, where an intense battle ensues. Their confrontation eventually spills into the final round against Heihachi at Hon-Maru Temple, resulting in a three-way battle with the Mishima men. It ends with Jin incapacitating both Heihachi and Kazuya (now having merged with his devil form); although he nearly kills both, he stops after the guidance of Jun's spirit and then flies off into the night.

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection

In the aftermath of the tournament, several Jack-4 robots are sent by the G Corporation into the temple. Both Heihachi and Kazuya attack them, but Kazuya quickly betrays his father and escapes, leaving Heihachi to seemingly die when the robots self-destruct. Soon after, a fifth tournament is announced, though its host and benefactor are unknown; Jin joins to figure out why his Devil Gene is starting to go haywire, while Kazuya joins to know who in the G Corporation ordered the Jack-4 attack. Eventually, Jin and Kazuya slowly find out that the host is Heihachi's father Jinpachi, the founder of the Zaibatsu, who formed the new King of Iron Fist Tournament in the hopes that the victor would kill him to prevent a supernatural entity from taking over his body. In the end it is Jin who faces off against Jinpachi, who ultimately defeats him and becomes the new CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

Following the 5th tournament, Jin throws the world into chaos by leading the Zaibatsu into a war against all nations. Kazuya, having usurped control over the G Corporation, places a bounty on his son, having been seen as the only force capable of opposing Jin; in response, Jin announces a 6th tournament in an effort to battle his father and crush the G Corporation. At the same time, a solider in the Tekken Force named Lars Alexandersson has incited a coup d'état within the Zaibatsu by creating the rebel army known as Yggdrasil, alongside an android calling herself Alisa Bosconovitch. After a battle against the Tekken Force, Lars and Alisa escape from their destroyed base and go on a journey to discover their origins.

Their travels eventually lead Lars and Alisa to the G Corporation, where they defeat Tekken Force commander Nina Williams and confront Kazuya, but he easily beats them. Kazuya escapes and, during the madness, Lars' lieutenant Tougou is killed. After he and Alisa confront Jin at the top of Zaibatsu's Central Tower, and Alisa's defeat, Lars and Raven trail Jin into a temple in the middle of the desert. Kazuya is also there to fight Lars again, but is defeated; afterwards, Kazuya learns that Lars is his half-brother, having been Heihachi's illegitimate son, to which Kazuya reacts in disgust. He leaves the temple, no longer seen for the remainder of the story.

Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

After the events of Tekken 6, Jin has disappeared after seemingly defeating the demon Azazel, while the Zaibatsu and the G Corporation are still interlocked in a war. With his grandson gone, Heihachi (who has revealed to have survived and gone into hiding in the last game) regains control of the Zaibatsu. He and Nina Williams then strike a deal with Claudio Serafino, the leader of a secret group of exorcists known as the Archers of Sirius, in the hopes of exposing Kazuya being the devil in order to turn public opinion against the G Corporation. Sometime later, Heihachi is ambushed in his dojo by Akuma from Street Fighter, claiming to have been sent on behalf of Heihachi's late wife Kazumi, who ordered him to kill her husband and son. After briefly teaming up to ward off an invasion of Jack-6 robots, one of which is used by Kazuya to eavesdrop on their conversation, Akuma defeats Heihachi, who escapes and uses the opportunity to declare himself dead to the public. Akuma then heads to the G Corporation to kill Kazuya, where he reveals that Kazumi saved his life and owes a debt to her; as the two clash, Heihachi secretly records their battle and Kazuya's transformation into Devil Kazuya. In the heat of the battle, Heihachi orders the Zaibatsu's Orbital Laser Satellite to destroy the G Corporation's building, seemingly killing both Kazuya and Akuma. The footage of Devil Kazuya begins to spread, though it is revealed that he survived the destruction and retaliates by destroying the satellite; this inadvertently sparks rumors of the Zaibatsu losing control of the satellite leading to mass scale devistation and thus having public opinion be against the Zaibatsu yet again.

While the game's events unfold, an unnamed journalist has been gathering information on the Mishima family to craft an èxpose, and has been with Lars' team who have since discovered Jin's whereabouts and are trying to chase him down. To the journalist's surprise, Heihachi requests a private interview with him, to which he finally divulges on his full history. Decades prior to the first Tekken, Heihachi met Kazumi in Jinpachi's dojo; though initially rivals at first, they began a romance and Kazumi eventually gave birth to Kazuya. One day, Kazumi fell ill and gradually turned violet, with her symptoms going back and forth from severe to fine. She eventually confronts Heihachi, telling him he will inflict chaos and war upon the world in the future. The two then clash, with Kazumi transforming into Devil Kazumi during the fight; it ends when Heihachi reluctantly kills his wife in self-defense. A 5-year-old Kazuya witnesses the whole ordeal and angrily tries to fight his father. Heihachi unfortunately defeats him and throws him off a cliff, suspecting that he might've also inherited devil powers - if he survived his fall, it would've also meant that the Devil Gene passed on to Kazuya; this action would inadvertently set off the chain of events in the entire Tekken series. Heihachi tells the journalist that all of the destruction his family has caused is his fault and he regrets not killing Kazuya sooner. The Tekken Force then knock out the journalist and have him rescued by Lars hours later, where Heihachi finally confronts his son at a volcano.

The two have a long and grueling fight, eventually tiring each other out. As Kazuya is beaten into the ground, he suddenly has a flashback to the fateful day, seeing his mother die and being thrown off the cliff. Kazuya becomes enraged and punches Heihachi with such force that it stops his father's heart, finally killing him. Kazuya then throws his lifeless body into the lava while echoing Heihachi's mantra: "A fight is about who is left standing. Nothing else". Akuma, who also survived the G Corporation's destruction, then arrives to ambush Kazuya, leaving the outcome of their fight unknown. In the aftermath, Jin, Lars, Alisa, and Lee Chaolan lament on the state of the world, with the G Corporation not ending the war despite the Zaibatsu's downfall and Heihachi's death. Lars then tells Jin that he is the only one left that can kill Kazuya and end the war once and for all, to which he agrees.

Tekken Tag Tournament series

The first Tag game, while non-canon, marked Kazuya's return to the playable roster after an absence from Tekken 3, as the game featured the return of everyone from the first three games up to that point. Additionally, his Devil form is treated as a separate character; when paired, Kazuya will instead transform in and out of his Devil form when tagging out instead of running offscreen to allow his partner to run in. His ending in the first game shows him having defeated Jin. About to leave, Kazuya is stunned to see Jin transform into his own Devil form and prepares for another fight.

The infamous Mishima family feud is parodied in Lars' Tag 2 ending, which sees almost the entire Mishima-Kazama family having a seemingly friendly dinner, although its so hectic that Lars doesn't have the chance to eat anything. In Kazuya's own ending, he defeats Unknown (a demonic, transformed Jun Kazama) and absorbs her power, attaining a new level of power as a result.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate



Kazuya was announced to be joining Ultimate at the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct on June 16, confirming him to be the fifth fighter in Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Kazuya can perform his moveset from the Tekken series, which have been converted to fit with the 2.5D fighting style of Smash and utilizes all 8 directions of the control stick. Certain moves, like his Specials and Smash Attacks, allow him to transform in Devil Kazuya. He can also enter Rage, which gives him access to a powerful move called a Rage Drive.

He was released on June 29, alongside the stage Mishima Dojo, 39 music tracks, and a Tekken-themed Spirit Board as a part of Challenger Pack 10.


A Fighter Spirit of Kazuya can be obtained after beating his Classic Mode route. An alternate Spirit of Kazuya in his business suit can be purchased from the Shop for 300G after downloading Challenger Pack 10. As they are Fighter Spirits, they do not have their own Spirit Battles and cannot be used.

No. Spirit Name Artwork Origin Type Rating Effect Cost
1474 Kazuya.png Kazuya Mishima Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter N/A N/A N/A
1475 Kazuya Mishima.png Kazuya Mishima (Coat) Tekken 7 Fighter N/A N/A N/A


  • Kazuya is the second third-party antagonist to join Smash, following Sephiroth.
    • He is also the fourth enemy to be DLC, following Piranha Plant, Zombie & Enderman, and Sephiroth.
      • He is also the first antagonist to be the sole representative of a universe.
  • Kazuya is the second fighter to represent a game where he isn't the mascot nor the default character, following Min Min.
  • Kazuya is the fifth fighter to originate from a fighting game, following Ryu, Ken, Terry, and Min Min.
    • Of the five:
      • Kazuya is the first villain (though albeit a former protagonist)
      • Kazuya is the second to come from a 3D fighting game, following Min Min
  • Kazuya's inclusion in Smash marks the second time he is playable in a 2D fighting game, following Street Fighter X Tekken.
    • It would also be the second time he has encountered Mega Man and Pac-Man, as both were guest characters in that game.
    • Smash also marks the third time Kazuya has met Ryu and Ken, following Namco x Capcom and Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • Kazuya is the fifth fighter to speak Japanese in all regions, following Marth (pre-Ultimate), Roy (pre-Ultimate), Cloud, and Sephiroth. Similarly to Min Min, this is consistent with Tekken, as all international characters in the game speak their native tongue across all regional versions.
  • Kazuya is one of ten fighters to come from a real-world location (Japan); the other nine being Snake (United States), Sonic (Christmas Island), Little Mac (New York, USA), Ryu (Japan), Simon and Richter (Transylvania, now modern-day Romania), Ken (California, USA), Joker (Tokyo, Japan), and Terry (United States).


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