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Kazuya is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is the fifth fighter in Fighters Pass Volume 2 and the eleventh downloadable character overall. His inclusion was revealed on June 15th, 2021. He is the second fighter to represent Bandai Namco, following Pac-Man.

He was released on June 29th, 2021. He is classified as Fighter #81.



  • Kazuya's moveset is most of his repretoire from the Tekken series, which have been converted to fit with Smash's 2.5D fighting style. Part of this conversion involves the utilization of his home series' diagonal direction inputs, meaning that most of his Normal Attacks requires the use of all 8 possible directions of the joystick, giving him access to an unprecedented amount of moves.
    • True to the style of Tekken, Kazuya can perform ground chain combo strings that move him forward; this is evident by his ability to pull off a 10-String, a special chain combo all Tekken characters have that deals ten consecutive hits.
    • Kazuya's moves lack a hitstop effect since it did not appear in Tekken. This was mistranslated as Hitstun in the 'Mr. Sakurai Presents' demonstration, but it should be noted that Kazuya's moves do still apply normal Hitstun.
    • Much in the same way Ryu and Ken retain their Shoto-archetype playstyles, Kazuya's moveset is reflective of Tekken's Mishima-archetype; these include his ability to perform the Electric Wind God Fist (EWGF) and Crouch Dashes.
      • With precision, Kazuya is also able to repeatedly cancel his Crouch Dashes into each other, allowing him to do Tekken's version of a Wavedash. While a Korean Backdash (a Tekken-exclusive mechanic that allows backwards Crouch Dashing) is not possible under regular circumstances, it can be mimicked in 1-vs-1 matches by repeadtly backdashing (flicking the control stick in the opposite direction where he is facing).
  • Some moves involve Kazuya tapping into his Devil Gene to briefly transform into Devil Kazuya, mainly in his Special Moves and Smash Attacks.
  • Kazuya can enter Tekken 6 and Tekken 7's version of Rage, where his body begins to emit a red aura after taking a certain amount of damage; in Rage mode, not only will the damage of his attacks be amplified by 1.1, but he can gain access to a Rage Drive, an incredibly powerful attack that can only be used once per Stock. However, it is only available within a certain damage range, meaning that it will disappear after passing a specific threshold.
    • It can be executed three ways: simply Grabbing the opponent, performing his Down Special Heaven's Door, or by inputing the Shoryuken command (➡+⬇+↘) with the Attack button.
  • In an effort to emulate Tekken's mobility, Kazuya has a very short jump and very limited range, forcing players to have him be close to his opponents almost at all times. He also has a very slow walk, which is also made to match Tekken's own walk speed.
  • Much like Ryu, Ken, and Terry, Kazuya will always face his opponent in 1-vs-1 matches.

General Moveset

Note: All command inputs listed are for when Kazuya is facing right. Inverse the directions when he is facing left.

  • Jabs:
    • Flash Punch Combo: Two quick punches from his left hand followed by a powerful lunging right punch. Executed by quickly pressing the A button twice, then a slight delay before pressing a third time.
    • 10 Hit Combo: A direct recreation of his first of three 10-Strings in Tekken. A series of 10 consecutive attacks that cancel into each other as Kazuya moves forward. The last hit will always connect with opponent, even if they are Shielding. Executed by quickly tapping the A button ten times or just simply holding it for the entire duration.
  • Grab: Grabs the opponent with his right arm.
    • Pummel - Sternum Smash: Punches the opponent's midsection.
  • Edge Attack: A crouching shin kick
  • Floor Attack: Kicks around himself
  • Dash Attacks:
    • Leaping Sidekick - A Hop Kick that propells Kazuya forwards by a great length.
    • Left Splits Kick - An axe kick with high reach and trajectory that can also Reflect projectiles. Executed by quickly flicking the control stick twice and then the A button (➡+➡+🅐).
  • Aerials:
  • Tilts:
    • Up Tilt - Twin Pistons: Two consecutive uppercuts from both of his hands. The A button must be pressed twice for each uppercut.
    • Side Tilt - Oni Front Kick: A straight-outward kick much like Captain Falcon's and Ganondorf's Side Tilts.
    • Reverse Tilt - Flash Tornado: A tornado kick, much like Ryu's strong neutral attack. Executed by tilting the joystick in the opposite direction of where Kazuya is facing.
    • Down Tilt - Neijiri Uraken: Spins and strikes low with his fist, which bursts the opponent upward. Must be done while Kazuya is standing. The hit can be cancelled, allowing the move to act as a fake-out.
  • Throws:
    • Up Throw - Air Inferno: Throws the opponent upwards, then briefly transforms into Devil Kazuya to fire a laser beam diagonally above; the beam can hit multiple opponents much like Mewtwo's Forward Throw.
    • Forward Throw - Double Face Kick: A command grab where he will kick the opponent in the face twice, with the second kick launching them forward.
    • Back Throw - Steel Pedal Drop: Grabs his opponent by their leg, turns around, and slams them to the ground.
    • Down Throw - Stonehead: A headbutt that launches the opponent upwards, leading to a combo opportunity.
    • Special Throw - Gates of Hell: Grabs the opponent, bends their body backwards, and kicks them away in the opposite direction. Only executable through a special command input - diagonal down forward, down, diagonal down forward again, then the grab button (↘+⬇+↘+Grab).
  • Smash Attacks:
    • Up Smash - Devil Twister: Kazuya twists his body upwards while performing an uppercut straight above him. Has Launch resistance.
    • Side Smash - Glorious Demon God Fist: A lunging punch with launch resistance. The very tip of his fist is a sweetspot that deals the most damage and causes a Special Zoom.
    • Down Smash - Lion Slayer: A crouching downward strike the pops opponents upwards from the ground. Can Meteor Smash opponents if they are airborne while hit. It can also break Shields.

Diagonal Tilt Attacks

  • Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks - A hopping roundhouse kick followed by three consecutive spin kicks, with each kick getting higher. It can be stopped at anytime during its duration. Executed with the joystick aimed diagonally upwards in the same direction where Kazuya is facing and pressing the Attack button four times (↗+🅐+🅐+🅐+🅐).
  • Tsunami Kick - A high kick followed by an axe kick. Works similarly to Ken's Oosoto Mawashi Geri into Inazumi Kick. The second kick can break Shields. Executed with the joystick aimed diagonally downwards in the same direction where he is facing and pressing the Attack button twice (↘+🅐+🅐).
  • Stature Smash - A standing low kick that can Trip opponents. Executed with the joystick aimed diagonally downwards in the opposite direction of where he is facing and pressing the Attack button (↙+🅐).
  • Jump Side Kick - Kazuya will kick in front of him while hopping backwards. His leg will gain invincibility during its duration. Executed with the joystick aiming diagonally upwards in the opposite direction of where he is facing and pressing the Attack button (↖+🅐).

Crouch Attacks

These are attacks that Kazuya will only do while crouching.

  • Tombstone Crusher - A backwards floor tumble that ends with a kick. Executed with the joystick aimed diagonally downwards in the same direction where he is facing and pressing the Attack button (↘+🅐).
  • Crouch Jab - Punches while ducking. Inputed by simply aiming the joystick straight downwards while pressing the Attack button (⬇+🅐)
  • Crouch Spin Kick - A spinning low kick. Executed with the joystick aimed diagonally downwards in the opposite direction of where he is facing and pressing the Attack button (↙+🅐).
  • Demon God Fist - A wall standing attack where Kazuya punches with an electrified fist that functions similarly to a Focus Attack. Executed by crouching first, then pressing the Attack button once Kazuya immediately stands up.

Command Input Attacks

These are attacks that can only be executed with the Shoryuken input - forward, then down, then diagonal down forward (➡+⬇+↘).

  • Crouch Dash - Also known as a Mist Step. It is a built-in advanced movement technique where Kazuya skitters across the stage by microdashing along the ground.
  • Wind God Fist - A crouching uppercut that launches the opponent upward. Executed by tapping the Attack button while Crouch Dashing (➡+⬇+↘+tap 🅐).
  • Electric Wind God Fist - A frame-perfect electrified hook that momentarily stuns the opponent. Executed by pressing the Attack button the same time as the last direction of the Shoryuken input (➡+⬇+(↘+🅐)).
  • Dragon Uppercut - An electrified uppercut. Executed by inputting the Shoryuken command and pressing and holding the Attack button (➡+⬇+↘+hold 🅐).
  • Spinning Demon to Left Hook - A spin kick that transitions into a left hook punch. Kazuya is momentarily invincible during the spin kick. Executed with the Shoryuken input and pressing the Special button (➡+⬇+↘+🅑).
  • Rage Drive - An ultra-powerful version of his Down Special, Heaven's Door, that's only accessible when he is in Rage mode. Outside of the special command input (which is the same as the Dragon Uppercut), it can also be executed with the Down Special as normal or through a Grab.

Special Moves

Kazuya's Special Moves
Standard Special Devil Blaster
Side Special Devil Fist
Up Special Devil Wings
Down Special Heaven's Door
Final Smash Final Blaster
Fighter Ability Rage (Kazuya)

On-screen appearance

Flies in from a cloud of smoke in his demon form crossing his arms before he turns around and changes into his human form/

Idle Poses


  • In his Up Taunt, Kazuya smiles while crossing his arms
  • In his Side Taunt, he will perform Demon's Wrath - A high left kick, followed by a punch, followed by a low right kick, and ending with a left hook. It is the strongest Taunt Attack in the game and can KO in normal circumstances.
  • In his Down Taunt, Kazuya transforms into his Devil form and roars.

Victory Screens

Unlike the other fighters, Kazuya has no specific victory theme, and instead of the normal announcer, it will be a new announcer saying Kazuya's first and last names, to fit in with the game series he originated from.

  • For the first screen, Kazuya performs one of his victory poses from the first Tekken
  • For the second screen, Kazuya does one of his victory poses from Tekken 5 and Tekken 6
  • For the third screen, Kazuya does one of his victory poses from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection onwards.


  • All of Kazuya's attacks emit unique spark effects, which are taken from the Tekken series. Special sound effects also accompany them, which are taken from Tekken 6 and Tekken 7.
  • For Kazuya's throws, they will be shown in unique camera angles (or zoom-ins for 2D stages) during 1-vs-1 matches. This is meant to mimic similar camera techniques in Tekken.
  • When Kazuya's in his Rage mode, his portrait in the HUD will start glowing for the entire duration. This is meant to mimic a similar effect that occurs to the health bars when it is low/nearly empty in Tekken 7
  • Kazuya is the first character in Smash history to lack a victory fanfare; instead, the announcer from Tekken 7 will simply say "Kazuya Mishima wins" in all of his victory screens.

Classic Mode: Fighting Fists with Fists

Kazuya's congratulatory picture

All fighters in Kazuya's Classic Mode are fighters who specialize in hand-to-hand combat, a reference to Tekken being a close-quarters fighting game. All but the final two rounds are Stamina matches, where both Kazuya and his opponent will have 100HP (except for Round 4). The song "Kazuya Mishima, Devil Kazuya (Remix)" will play during the end credits.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Ryu Mishima Dojo "Dojo (Japanese-Style Mix)" A reference to Street Fighter X Tekken, as well as Akuma and Kazuya's battle in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution's story mode (as both Ryu and Akuma are Shotos).
2 Captain Falcon Port Town Aero Dive (Omega Form) "Bit Crusher" A possible reference to Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition, as there are multiple exclusive costumes in the game based on Nintendo characters (Captain Falcon being one of them).
3 Little Mac Boxing Ring "Dist Thins Out" Little Mac may be a reference/stand-in for Steve Fox, a Tekken character who is also a professional Boxer.
4 Donkey Kong and King K. Rool Gaur Plain (Omega form) "Yodeling in Meadow Hill" A possible reference to Tekken's animal fighters, such as Kuma, Panda, Roger, Roger Jr., and Alex. Donkey Kong and King K. Rool will have 70HP each.
5 Lucario Spear Pillar "Moonlit Wilderness" A reference to Pokkén Tournament, a fighting game developed by Bandai Namco that combines Tekken's playstyle with the Pokémon universe, with Lucario being one of the game's playable characters.
6 Mii Brawler (x6) Fourside (Omega form) "Karma" All Mii Brawlers will wear the Bionic costume, a reference to the G Corporation soldiers.
7 Bonus Stage
Final Kazuya (x2) Castle Siege (underground section) "Desperate Struggle" After the first Kazuya is defeated, a Metal Kazuya will appear and take his place. References the final battle of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution's story mode, where Kazuya fights Heihachi and transforms into his Devil form mid-fight. Castle Siege's underground section is also meant to resemble Brimstone & Fire, a stage in Tekken 7 where the final battle takes place.

Palette Swaps

SSBU Kazuya Stock Icon (0 Default).png


Kazuya's martial arts outfit, based on his default appearance in Tekken 5 and Tekken 6.

SSBU Kazuya Stock Icon (Alt 1).png


Kazuya's business suit that he wears as CEO of the G Corporation. It is also his default outfit in Tekken 7.

SSBU Kazuya Stock Icon (Alt 2).png


Based on Kazuya's Player 1 outfit from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

SSBU Kazuya Stock Icon (Alt 3).png


Based on Kazuya's Player 2 outfit, also from Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection.

SSBU Kazuya Stock Icon (Alt 4).png


Resembles Kazuya's Player 2 outfit from both Tekken and Tekken 2, due to the gi pants' colors resembling denim jeans and his foot guards resembling converse sneakers.

SSBU Kazuya Stock Icon (Alt 5).png


Based on his secret outfit in Tekken 2, which he also wears as a boss in Arcade Mode. It is also his Player 2 outfit in both Tekken Tag Tournament and Tekken 5.

SSBU Kazuya Stock Icon (Alt 6).png


Based on the design of Jin Kazama's gi.

SSBU Kazuya Stock Icon (Alt 7).png


Based on Kazuya's metallic gold costume from Tekken 7.




  • Kazuya's codename within the game's files is "demon", a reference to the Devil Gene and the Devil powers it gives him, as well as what he inherited from his mother Kazumi Hachijo and later passed on to his son Jin Kazama.
  • According to Masahiro Sakurai, his intention was to capture the essence of Tekken into Kazuya's gameplay and translate it for Smash, which proved to be difficult. This lines up with previous statements he had made during the DLC development of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, where he revealed that he wanted to have Heihachi Mishima join the game, but couldn't due to similar reasons.
    • Heihachi himself was not chosen as the Tekken representative in Ultimate due to him not harboring the Devil Gene, which Sakurai explains allowed Kazuya to have Special Attacks.
  • Kazuya was released on the same day as Min Min the year prior. Coincidentally, both come from 3D fighting games.
    • Also coincidentally, Min Min briefly appears in Kazuya's reveal trailer where she is thrown into a volcano by the latter.
  • Kazuya is the second third-party antagonist to join Smash, following Sephiroth.
  • Kazuya is the first antagonist to be the sole representative of his series.
  • Smash marks the second time Kazuya is playable in a 2.5D fighting game, following Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • Several of Kazuya's animations seem to have been imported directly from Tekken 7; an example is during both Roundhouse to Triple Spin Kicks and Spinning Demon to Left Hook, where his torso appears to be twisted for a split second. This practice is fitting, as both Tekken 7 and Ultimate are both developed by Bandai Namco, and as such, share some of the same development team members.
  • Kazuya is currently the heaviest DLC Fighter, passing Piranha Plant by a single unit.
  • Kazuya's reveal trailer makes several references to the Tekken franchise:
    • Kazuya repeatedly throwing fighters into a volcano is a reference to a recurring plot element in the series, where Kazuya and his father Heihachi throw each other off of cliffs into volcanoes when one or the other is defeated in battle as an act of revenge.
    • Kazuya's splash art ("Kazuya GETS READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE") is a reference to the screen that flashes before a match from Tekken 4 and onwards. The font used is taken directly from Tekken 7.
    • The unique camera panning that occurs before Kazuya battles himself and afterwards against Ryu in the gameplay section is meant to mimic a similar camera movement that occurs everytime before a match begins in Tekken.
    • During the gameplay section, a brief overhead shot features Kazuya and King K. Rool about to punch each other. This is meant to mimic the Bandai Namco logo animation in Tekken 7 for the TEKKEN PROJECT development team featured in the game's start-up and promotional material; in this context, King K. Rool is meant to be Jin Kazama.
    • During the gameplay section, Kazuya can be seen performing Crouch Dash to avoid Ken's Hadoken. This may be a potential reference and mimic to a brief scene in the reveal trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken, where Kazuya battles both Ryu and Ken.
    • Kazuya can be seen performing Devil Fist to Snake, who is in his Animal Camouflage palette swap; this could be a potential reference to King, due to the camouflage's resemblance to a jaguar's pelt.
    • Kazuya can be seen battling a green Inkling and Zero Suit Samus in her black palette swap. Due to their colors, Inkling is meant to represent Bryan Fury, and Zero Suit Samus is meant to represent Nina Williams.
  • Kazuya's splash art is the second to use a different font, the first being Piranha Plant's.
    • It is also the first splash art to have text be a rendered 3D model.
  • Kazuya is the second fighter to not have the Announcer heard in his victory screens, following Joker.
  • Kazuya is the fourth fighter in Ultimate to speak a non-English language in all regional versions of the game, the other three being Cloud, Min Min, and Sephiroth. This is consistent with Tekken, as all international characters in the games speak their native tongue across all regional versions.
  • Kazuya is one of five characters who does not encounter a boss during Classic Mode; the other four being Jigglypuff, Bayonetta, Terry, and Steve.
  • Kazuya's crowd chant uniquely incorporates a taiko drum.
  • When Kazuya is in Rage mode, the controller's HD Rumble will vibrate in a heartbeat rhythm until the effect ends.
  • Kazuya has the second highest amount of songs out of all of the Fighters Pass characters, having a total of 39.
    • This amount is only surpassed by Terry, who has a total of 50 songs.
  • For unknown reasons, the European Ultimate websites feature a banner that says "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate x Kazuya", unlike the rest of the regional versions which uses the Tekken logo instead.
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