Poké Floats (ポケモン亜空間, Pokémon Subspace) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee that can be unlocked by playing 200 or more battles in Vs mode. In All-Star mode, Jigglypuff and its teammates are fought here.

Stage description

Poké Floats is a stage similar to Rainbow Cruise, since both are naturally fixed-camera and scroll. Unlike in Rainbow Cruise, however, the background remains static. The fighting is on top of giant Pokémon floats (hence the name) which are in a constant cycle. Staying on a certain float too long will cause the player to lose a stock because the float goes behind the blast lines. A caution is that the floats tend to become harder to predict as the loop goes on, until it resets back to the first one.

The Sudowoodo trophy is unlocked upon unlocking this stage.

List of Floats in Order of Appearance

After Geodude, the last few Unown clear the screen just before resetting back to Squirtle, and the process starts all over again.



Onix as seen in Pokémon Stadium. This is an example of how Poké Floats took its design of the "floats" from the character models in Pokémon Stadium.

While this stage does not directly come from a Pokémon game, the character models of the first generation Pokémon do come from the models in the game Pokémon Stadium. The models for the second generation Pokémon come from Pokémon Stadium 2.

The song that plays on this stage is mix between the different themes that plays when battling against other trainers, gym leaders, and wild Pokémon in Pokémon Red & Blue.


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