The Kamikaze glitch is (seemingly) a glitch in Melee that can be performed by using Mr. Game & Watch and Ness. Use Mr. Game & Watch to absorb (using Oil Panic) three of Ness's fully charged PK Flash attacks. Then, have Ness (or any other character) put up their shield. Once the bucket is unloaded onto Ness' shield, Mr. Game & Watch will become an unstoppable projectile, and will fly across the screen with blinding speed, instantly KOing any opponent in his path. This can also be done with Samus (Charge Shot), Mewtwo (Shadow Ball), or with a fully charged Super Scope, but with less effectiveness. Interestingly enough, it also works if the shield is replaced with PSI Magnet, which still results in Ness becoming dazed as though his normal shield had been destroyed.

If this is done near a wall, Mr. Game & Watch will stop at the wall and ride out the rest of the momentum of his attack. If the wall is jump over before the momentum disappears, Mr. Game & Watch will continue over the wall, despite the fact that he came to a complete stop.

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Smash Bros Melee Kamikaze Suicide Glitches and Exploits

Smash Bros Melee Kamikaze Suicide Glitches and Exploits

In Brawl

In Brawl, this will not work because Mr. Game & Watch only gets pushed a short distance. However, there is a hack with the USB gecko known as the "spiderman hack" that increases character's knockback and damage given per move by a very large amount. When nearly any attack hits a shielded character, the opponent's shield will break, and the user will be sent flying back, similar to the Kamikaze glitch, showing that the Kamikaze glitch may not be a glitch, but rather an extreme exploitation of the game's physics.


  • This glitch shares a bit in common with the Zero Gravity Glitch, as in if the character affected by the glitch moves away from the wall/ceiling that they're stuck on, they'll instantly die from the humongous speed they're moving at.
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