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Kaclang is a spell that can be used when Hero uses his Down Special Move, Command Selection. It costs 6 MP.


When Kaclang is used, Hero turns into metal, becoming immune to all damage for a limited time. The transformation also renders him unable to move or attack at all and the effects of this spell can’t be cancelled early. If used in the air, Hero will fall to the ground, which can result in self destructs. It can also hit opponents if he falls on them in this state. Hero can be one-hit-KO'ed by another Hero using Metal Slash in this form, and this is easily punisheable by any other character that simply charges a Smash attack and waits for Hero to stop being immune. It is very situational and can only really be useful to be safe from powerful items like Dragoon or Daybreak.

Hero's Special Moves
Standard Special Frizz Frizzle Kafrizz
Side Special Zap Zapple Kazap
Up Special Woosh Swoosh Kaswoosh
Down Special Command Selection
Sizz Sizzle Oomph
Psyche Up Bounce Heal
Flame Slash Kacrackle Slash Acceleratle
Bang Kaboom Snooze
Hatchet Man Whack Thwack
Zoom Kaclang Metal Slash
Magic Burst Kamikazee Hocus Pocus
Final Smash Gigaslash