Jump cancel Throw (JCT) is an advanced technique in Super Smash Bros Brawl that allows you to throw an item while sliding a little bit forward similar to a Glide Toss. It can be performed by any character in the game. First have an item in hand, then dash. Jump and cancel it into a throw. There are different frame limits for each character. Basically, this tech is performed by transferring the jump momentum into the toss, which is how the character slides forward.

It's applications are similar to a glide toss because you can perform a forward, backward, forward reverse, and a Backward Reverse JCT. There is a slight difference between the two. Note that you won't gain any invincibility frames like a glide toss does. Characters with a poor glide toss can use this to gain some distance.


The following characters have the ability to create items that they can use to perform a Jump Cancel Throw

  • Zero Suit Samus: Power Suit Pieces created on start/transform
  • Snake: Hand Grenades created by his Standard Special. They must be dropped via the Shield button and picked back up again in order to be carried like other items.
  • Link and Toon Link: Bombs created by Down Special
  • Peach: Vegetables created by Down Special
  • Diddy Kong: Banana Peels created by Down Special
  • Wario: Wheels created by destroying Wario Bike (created by Side Special)
  • R.O.B.: Gyros R.O.B. has thrown and recovered can be glide tossed.
  • Kirby: by copying Snake's ability, he can also create hand grenades. Must also Shield drop his grenades first.


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