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=== Idle Poses ===
=== Idle Poses ===
=== <br>
Victory Poses ===
=== Victory Poses ===
== <br>Moveset ([[Arsene]]) ==
== <br>
Moveset ([[Arsene]]) ==
If [[Arsene]] is activated, he will attack alongside Joker for some of his moves.
If [[Arsene]] is activated, he will attack alongside Joker for some of his moves.

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This article is about Ren/Joker’s appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For other uses, see Ren Amamiya.

Joker is a downloadable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He is one of the DLC fighters of the Fighters Pass. He was released in April 17, 2019.





Moveset (Joker)

Rebellion Gauge

Rebellion Gauge is Joker's unique gauge that appears alongside his damage meter, which allows him to call upon his Persona Arsene. It is filled over time or when Joker takes damage, though it fills up more if Rebel's Guard is used to intercept enemy attacks or when Joker is behind a stock. If Joker is KO'd, he loses a portion of the gauge.

Upon filling up Rebellion Gauge, Joker will shout "Arsene!" or "Persona!", summoning the being while taking off his mask (if in his Joker outfit) or his glasses (if in his Student outfit), with the same object disappearing from his portrait while the gauge turns blue. If the camera is close to the fighters and Joker stands still, a cut-in of Joker will appear in the Persona style. If Joker is standing still when Arsene is summoned, he gains invincibility during its startup.

While Arsene is present, the Persona will attack in tandem with Joker, increasing its damage output and knockback, visually indicated by a blue slash. Joker's Special Moves also upgrade to Gun Special, Eigaon, Wings of Rebellion, and Tetrakarn/Makarakarn. The Rebellion Gauge drains slowly over time when Arsene is active, with Arsene's duration being shortened if Joker gets hit. If completely emptied, Joker will shout, "Return!" and don his mask and glasses again, and Arsene will disappear. Arsene will disappear briefly when Joker is grabbed, and if Joker is KO'd while Arsene is present, the Persona will disappear and the Rebellion Gauge will be reset to its charging state.

Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack: Performs an inward slash, backhanded stab, then an outward slash.
  • Forward Tilt: Performs a double thrust with his knife, with the second thrust going at a higher angle.
  • Up Tilt: An upwards swing with his knife that sends it spinning into the air, before Joker catches it backhandedly.
  • Down Tilt: A baseball slide. Based off of Joker’s ability to slide under lasers in Persona 5.
  • Dash Attack: Performs a roundhouse kick followed by a baby freeze, a variation of the freeze breakdancing move.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: Rears back and swings downwards with both hands in front of him, similar to Falco’s forward smash.
  • Up Smash: Spins inwards while facing the screen, performing a knife uppercut with his right arm.
  • Down Smash: Sweeps the floor with a knife swipe in front of himself, then behind.

Other attacks

  • Floor Attack (Front): Slashes in front of himself, then behind himself.
  • Floor Attack (Back): Slashes behind himself, then in front of himself.
  • Floor Attack (Trip): Kicks behind himself, then in front of himself.
  • Edge Attack: Climbs up and slashes outward.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: Strikes in a circle while doing two inward corkscrews in the air.
  • Forward aerial: A hook kick, followed by a roundhouse kick.
  • Back aerial: An upward swipe behind himself.
  • Up aerial: A corkscrew flying kick with a finishing kick, similar to Sheik’s up aerial.
  • Down aerial: A delayed downward arcing swipe similar to Marth’s down aerial.

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab: Reaches out with one arm.
  • Pummel: Knees his opponent.
  • Forward Throw: Tosses the opponent forward with a flourish of his arm.
  • Back Throw: Trips the opponent over his foot, similar to Marth’s back throw.
  • Up Throw: Throws the opponent directly upwards with a flourish.
  • Down Throw: Magically slams the opponent onto the ground while posing and flourishing his left arm, sending the opponent bouncing upwards.

Special Moves

Joker's Special Moves
w/o Arsene with Arsene
Standard Special Gun Gun Special
Side Special Eiha Eigaon
Up Special Grappling Hook Wings of Rebellion
Down Special Rebel's Guard Tetrakarn/Makarakarn
Final Smash All-Out Attack


  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt:
  • Side Taunt:

On-Screen Appearance

Idle Poses

Victory Poses ===

Moveset (Arsene)

If Arsene is activated, he will attack alongside Joker for some of his moves.

Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack: Performs an upward swipe, downwards finger point, then a hand thrust.
  • Forward Tilt: Thrusts his right hand forwards before raising it in a beckoning gesture.
  • Up Tilt: Raises his hand with a beckoning gesture.
  • Down Tilt: A baseball slide alongside Joker.
  • Dash Attack: A delayed football kick, which only effects the damage of Joker’s second kick.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: Swings his arms downwards, causing an X-shaped slash in front of the duo.
  • Up Smash: Waves his arm above himself with his left arm.
  • Down Smash: Kicks in front, then behind himself, similar to Samus’s down smash without a legsweep.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial: Lays his back against Joker and slashes alongside him, forming a perfect circle slash around the duo.
  • Forward Aerial: A delayed roundhouse kick that only effects Joker’s second kick.
  • Back Aerial: A downward wave of his hand, causing the duo’s attacks to interlock with each other.
  • Up Aerial: A delayed kick upwards after Joker’s looping kicks, affecting only the last hit.
  • Down Aerial: A delayed foot stomp that acts independently from Joker’s slash, causing the move to hit twice. Unlike Joker‘s attack, it meteor smashes opponents.

In competitive play

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  • His english voice actor, Xander Mobus, is also the announcer, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but his voice sounds different than the announcer.
    • This also marks the first time a Super Smash Bros. announcer has also voiced a playable character and the announcer in the same game.
  • Joker is the 3rd character which his invitation letter is seen during his trailer, the two first are Villager and Isabelle.
    • Also, this means Joker is the first character outside of the Animal Crossing universe, first DLC character and first third-party character who have his invitation letter appearing.
  • Joker is the 3rd third-party character to originate from a mostly M-Rated series. The first two being Snake and Bayonetta.
  • Joker is the 1st character to have 2 differents trailers: a first one, a bit unusual, to reveal only his name and apparence as a DLC, then another, in a classic way, where gameplay and mechanics of the character are shown.
  • Joker is the first character to have a special Victory Pose when the player finish off the opponent with the Final Smash.

Palette Swaps

Classic Mode: Shadows

Round Opponent Stage Music
1 Mr. Game & Watch (x8) Mementos Last Surprise
2 Giant Kirby Kalos Pokémon League Aria of the Soul
3 Samus and Dark Samus Mementos Mass Destruction
4 Meta Knight Mementos Beneath The Mask
5 Dark Link, Dark Toon Link and Dark Young Link Mementos Reach Out to the Truth
6 Giant Incineroar Mementos (Omega Form) Rivers in the Desert
Bonus Stage
Final Master Hand Mementos (Omega Form) Our Beginning


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