Jill is an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, hailing from the Game Boy Advance game "Drill Dozer". When summoned, she appears in her Dozer and drills her way off the stage, damaging anyone who gets in the way. She can easily be avoided by jumping to a high platform or one above the level of the stage she is released in. She will only attack those on her level of the stage.

Trophy Description

The Jill Trophy

A young girl who takes over the leadership of a band of righteous bandits known as the Red Dozers from her injured father. Jill sets out on the Drill Dozer to recover a red diamond stolen by the Skulkers. Jill has great reflexes and rode the Drill Dozer instead of a baby carriage growing up. She has an intense dislike of studying, however.

  • Drill Dozer


  • Jill will sometimes get stuck in a wall.
  • After some time, a whirlwind will appear around the drill and she'll start to move faster around the stage. This might indicate that she has entered to the Third Gear mode, where she shifts Drill Dozer up to use three gears for unlimited and powerful drilling: in Drill Dozer, Jill had to find two gears to power up her drill to advance in levels. When she shifted into third gear, the same whirlwind effect was present.

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