This article is about Jigglypuff's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For other uses, see Jigglypuff.
Jigglypuff can jump 5 times in the air and can move faster in the air than on the ground. Use Jigglypuff's great aerial ability to overwhelm your opponent! If you manage to land the down special Rest, you can powerfully launch your opponent.
—Description from the Super Smash Blog.

Jigglypuff is a veteran fighter in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, first playable in Super Smash Bros. It was confirmed to return on June 12, 2018 during E3 2018.





Changes from SSBWU/3DS


Ground Attacks

Aerial Attacks

Grabs and Throws

Special Attacks

  • When using uncharged Rollout, Jigglypuff will only roll once and will then stop.


Ground Attacks


  • Jab: Jigglypuff slaps forwards once, then a second time.
  • Forward Tilt: Jigglypuff does a side kick.
  • Up Tilt: Jigglypuff Stands on one foot and kicks upwards behind itself with the other foot.
  • Down Tilt: Jigglypuff kicks low across the ground.
  • Dash Attack (Jiggly Ram): Jigglypuff tackles with its whole body.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: Jigglypuff lunges forth while throwing out a strong kick.
  • Up Smash: Jigglypuff headbutts upwards.
  • Down Smash (Jiggly Split): Jigglypuff puffs up, kicking to each side.

Other attacks

  • Floor Attack (Front): Gets up and spins around with its foot extended.
  • Floor Attack (Back): Gets up and spins around with its foot extended.
  • Floor Attack (Trip): Gets up and spins around with its foot extended.
  • Ledge Attack: Flips back on the stage and kicks forward.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: Jigglypuff performs a sex kick.
  • Forward aerial: Jigglypuff kicks forwards with both feet.
  • Back aerial: Jigglypuff spins around and throws a kick behind itself.
  • Up aerial: Jigglypuff swipes above itself with one hand.
  • Down aerial: Jigglypuff does a drill kick downwards.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel: Jigglypuff pounds the opponent with its open hand.
  • Forward Throw: Jigglypuff inflates to push the opponent away.
  • Back Throw: Jigglypuff leaps backwards and slams the opponent on the ground.
  • Up Throw: Jigglypuff twirls around with the opponent in one of its arms and throws them upwards.
  • Down Throw: Jigglypuff places the opponent on the ground and rocks back and forth on them.

Special Moves

Jigglypuff's Special Moves
SSB Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Pound Rollout
Side Special Pound
Up Special Sing
Down Special Rest
Final Smash Puff Up


  • Up Taunt:
  • Down Taunt:
  • Side Taunt:

On-Screen Appearance

Idle Poses

Victory Poses

In competitive play

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