Template:Character Jigglypuff is a hidden character in both SSB and SSBM, unlocked in SSBM by completing Classic/Adventure mode on any difficulty/stock or by playing 50 vs. matches. In SSB, Jigglypuff is unlocked by beating 1P mode on any difficulty with any character, and with any number of stock. From the Pokémon series, this puffball is a force to be reckoned with.


Wall of Pain: Repeatedly using front or back air on an opponent, sometimes even off the stage.

Pillow Rest: On any breakable surface(Blocks in Yoshi's Island,Green Greens, and Mushroom Kingdom.) Down throw an opponent and right after the throw breaks the block, the throw is interupted and both characters fall. Rest right after the block breaks and it will almost always hit the opponent.

Pros & Cons


  • Has 5 midair jumps in addition to her rising pounds
  • Superb all around recovery
  • Powerful Down+B attack
  • Aerial maneuverability allows her to weave in and out to attack (Ex. Wall of Pain)
  • Fantastic edgeguarder
  • Deceptively strong attacks
  • Huge priority
  • Can combo and juggle characters off the screen and still recover


  • Extremely light and floaty, thus especially easy to KO.
  • Slow all around
  • Severely lacks range
  • Easy to knockback
  • Requires strong mastery of Directional Influence
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