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This article is about Jigglypuff's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For other uses, see Jigglypuff.

Jigglypuff, known in Japan as Purin (プリン Purin?), is a character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Jigglypuff visually appears unchanged from past Smash Bros. games, though has suffered a large Nerf from Melee to Brawl.

Jigglypuff currently ranks 36th, in the F tier on the current Brawl tier list due to suffering a large nerf (as mentioned above) in attack. Examples include Rest: while in Melee Rest can KO opponents at 25% or higher, it can't KO opponents until they reach 45% or higher. Plus, it has a reduced hitstun and combos less, resulting in negative match-ups with most characters. As a result, Jigglypuff has the lowest tier drop, decreasing 33 spaces from Melee's current tier list (Ganondorf coming in second). However, it still dominates the air. It is also somewhat strong and has one of the best recoveries in the game.

How to unlock

  • Play 350 Brawls, and then defeat Jigglypuff.
  • Find Jigglypuff in the Swamp stage after completing the Subspace Emissary. It can be found through the first door after defeating the False Giant Diddy Kong.
  • Alternately, after completing the Subspace Emissary, event matches 1-20 can be completed. Afterwards, any event match may be played. Jigglypuff will appear and must be defeated to be unlocked.


Jigglypuff's fighting style is unique as it will spend most of its time in mid-air, being that it is designed to be the ultimate mid-air brawler. Possessing 6 jumps, combined with the second fastest air speed (second only to Yoshi), the slowest falling speed, and the horizontal boost from Rising Pound, Jigglypuff dominates in aerial combat; with its F-air and B-air moves, it is capable of performing the Wall of Pain technique very effectively, which allows for opponents to be KOed at low percentages, by effectively being juggled off-screen. Jigglypuff's excellent aerial maneuverability and sliding DACUS make up for its slow dash speed (the slowest in the game). A main disadvantage for Jigglypuff is that Jigglypuff's light weight and floatiness results in its being sent flying rather easily in any direction and inn virtually any stage, thus making Jigglypuff the easiest character to KO. However, its light weight (combined with being floaty and small) also makes it immune to most chain grabs (with the exception of the few ones that are effective against floaty characters). Although it is immune to most chaingrabs, its air release sends it almost no horizontal distance at all, (though the release is vertically high, and can move 1 frame before anyone else's air release) allowing grab release combos by several characters. Jigglypuff has many attacks with good priority and decent knockback, but these attacks also have very low range, (being light and poor ranged makes approaches very dangerous) and sometimes a medium amount of starting and/or ending lag. Its recovery is aided by Rollout, which is also a devastating approach attack on the ground, and the fact it never enters a helpless state makes the attack effective in the air too. However, rollout, as with all charging approach attacks, can be predictable and can lead to a self-destruct, if one is not careful. The move Rest provides invincibility frames which manifest in 1 frame - faster than a shield. This enables Jigglypuff to avoid some dangerous situations. Rest can also deal up to 45% damage, and has vertical knockback and almost no horizontal knockback, guaranteeing a KO at around 45%, meaning Jigglypuff's vulnerability period after Rest can be avoided if the attack hits. However, in the event that the attack misses, Rest leaves Jigglypuff extremely vulnerable. Jigglypuff also has a good array of Smash Attacks, admittedly quite laggy, though strong nonetheless. Jigglypuff regrettably does lack projectiles, but its great aerial mobility helps it dodge many enemy projectiles easily. Upon breaking its shield, Jigglypuff will be rocketed upward for a Star KO provided there is no ceiling above it (see Shield Jump). Fortunately, though, its shield size is very large.

Jigglypuff is a character of extremes, having the slowest falling speed, the second-fastest airspeed, the lightest weight, and the slowest dash speed. This makes playing against it different from playing against any other character.

One of the most well-known features of Jigglypuff is likely the fact that it has the slowest falling acceleration in the game (unlike Fox possessing the fastest falling acceleration). This is both advantageous and disadvantageous. Some of the pros of this are: it allows for greater ease in performing techniques such as the Wall of Pain, it provides for amazing recovery ability, and it enables Jigglypuff to remain airborne when there are troubles on the ground. The downside is that when Jigglypuff needs to land, other characters may find it easy to simply run beneath it and juggle it (this can be overcome, however, by employing the aid of its attacks in landing, such as rollout or b-air). The 2nd disadvantage is that in situations where fast-falling is normally advantageous, such as in up-drafts, or scrolling stages, Jigglypuff can be killed off the top easily. A 3rd disadvantage is that it makes the character much more vulnerable to vertical KOs, ergo Jigglypuff becomes very easy to KO at any part of the screen. Finally, the 4th disadvantage is that it makes Jigglypuff's recovery (although it travels great distance) predictable, and fairly easy to edge-guard.

Changes from Melee to Brawl

Jigglypuff suffered an immense nerf from Melee to Brawl. Jigglypuff's rest special move has significantly less knockback and initial damage (it can no longer KO at almost any damage percent), but adds a flower on the opponent's head instead of having a fiery effect, which can make much more damage in total than in Melee. Jigglypuff's Fair and Dair are stronger, but its Bair, Nair, and Uair are weaker. Dair is no longer a Meteor Smash. Rollout now has two stages of being "fully charged": 'Fully Charged' and 'Super Charged'. Rollout also no longer puts Jigglypuff into a helpless state if used in the air. Jigglypuff has greater air control now due to having faster midair acceleration (although it's now second to Yoshi) and slower falling speed (which makes its midair jumps give more distance). Jigglypuff is no longer tied with Zelda for having the slowest dash speed (due to Zelda's dash speed increasing). On the upside, it is heavier than it was in Melee (although it is now the lightest character, which may make it seem like its weight has decreased). One minor change is that Jigglypuff's pound now has strictly vertical knockback (as opposed to it previously knocking the opponent up and behind Jigglypuff). Another minor change is that Jigglypuff's down throw now only does damage when the opponent is thrown, not during the rolling part of the attack.

Jigglypuff also received some cosmetic changes. The biggest cosmetic change is that almost all of Jigglypuff's movements now make a squeaky, rubbery, and puffy sound (including midair jumps and attacks). Another cosmetic change is yellow sound waves appear around Jigglypuff when sing is used instead of colorful sound waves. Jigglypuff also doesn't open its eyes in the last part of the song, instead only opening them when the song is over. Jigglypuff's blue and green costumes have changed. Blue is now a sunhat, and green is now a nightcap from Kirby's Sleep ability hat. Jigglypuff also has a new costume which is a white hat with a bit of pink, based on the female trainer's hat from FireRed and LeafGreen.


Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack - Two very quick, yet extremely short ranged slaps. Great for jab locking. Both slaps do 3%.
  • Dash Attack - Spins forwards, resembling a miniature Rollout. 10% and can, unlike other dash attacks, "jump".
  • Strong Side - Spins once while kicking. Short ranged. Does 10% damage. Can be angled.
  • Strong Up - Lifts its foot behind it, attacking upward. Main hitbox is behind Jigglypuff, although there is a small weaker one in front of it. Does 8% damage.
  • Strong Down - Ducks down and sticks its foot out. Has average startup and ending lag, but decent range for Jigglypuff. Poor knockback. Does 10% damage.
  • Side Smash - Slides forward while keeping foot stuck out. Long duration, but high starting and ending lag, but strong knockback. Does 22% damage fully charged. (16% Uncharged)
  • Up Smash - Headbutts upward. Works well with DACUS. Strong knockback. Does 18% damage fully charged (13% Uncharged)
  • Down Smash - Puffs downward, kicking to both sides. Has very strong knockback, but short range. Is a semi-spike. Does 16% fully charged.
  • Ledge Attack - Turns and kicks. Does 6% damage.
  • 100% Ledge Attack - Gets up and spins on both sides of it. 9% front hit, 8% back hit. Vertical knockback.
  • Floor Attack - Spins legs around while getting up, kicking in front and behind it. Short ranged. Makes a Rollout sound. Does 5% damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial - Sticks foot out, shrinking in on itself a little. Is a very long sex kick. Does 10% damage. (6% towards end of Kick)
  • Forward Aerial - Dropkicks forward, the upper hitbox being it's sweetspot, and the tip and lower hitbox being it's sour spot. Is a good finisher. Does 12% damage. (Sourspot = 10%) Good for a Wall of Pain.
  • Back Aerial - Spins once backward and kicks. Does 12% damage. Also good for Wall of Pain and stage spiking, but for higher percentages are needed for KO's from it.
  • Up Aerial - Waves once upward, has good duration. Does 9% damage. Low knockback up to 100% means that it useful for combos. Knockback readily increases after 100%.
  • Down Aerial - Spinning drill kick. Does 16% maximum damage and can lead into a rest.

Grabs & Throws

Coincidentally, all of Jigglypuff's throws do 10% each.

  • Pummel - Slaps with its tuft of hair. Does 3% damage. - very slow for a pummel.
  • Forward Throw - Puffs once, hitting opponent forward. Low knockback. Does 10% damage.
  • Back Throw - Back suplexes opponent. Decent knockback. Does 10% damage.
  • Up Throw - Spins once and sends opponent up. Does 10% damage. Good finisher. Often OHKO on matches where enemies' launch resistance is decreased, such as Easy/Normal level of All-Star Mode or Multi-Man Mode.
  • Down Throw - Rolls back and forth on its opponent. Does 10% damage.

Special Moves

Jigglypuff's Special Moves
SSB Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Pound Rollout
Side Special Pound
Up Special Sing
Down Special Rest
Final Smash Puff Up


Role in Subspace Emissary

Jigglypuff in The Subspace Emissary.

Jigglypuff does not play a major role in the Subspace Emissary, being an optional character, much like Toon Link and Wolf. After completing the Subspace Emissary, an extra door in The Swamp can be found that links to Pokemon Stadium 2, where Jigglypuff is performing a song. Jigglypuff is then fought and, if defeated, is unlocked (if not already unlocked) and joins your party.

Exclusive stickers

These stickers can only be used by Jigglypuff or a select few including it.

  • Charizard: [Arm, Leg] attack +10
  • Deoxys: [Slash] attack +10
  • Entei: [Flame] attack +20
  • Goldeen: [Leg] attack +4
  • Groudon: [Flame] resistance +14
  • Gulpin: [Electric] attack +16
  • Jigglypuff: [Body, Spin] attack +31
  • Jirachi: [Arm, Leg] attack +7
  • Meowth: [Slash] attack +5
  • Metagross: Launch resistance +23
  • Mew: [Body, Spin] attack +4
  • Moltres: [Flame] attack +20
  • Pokémon Trainer: [Arm, Leg] attack +13
  • Staryu: [Specials: Direct] attack +3
  • Togepi: [Body, Spin] attack +11
  • Torchic: [Flame] attack +8
  • Weavile: [Slash] attack +5

Palette Swaps

Jigglypuff's changeable clothing in SSBB

Trophy description

A Balloon Pokémon. It invites opponents in close with its big, round eyes, then puts them to sleep with a calming song. The secret to the song's unfailing efficacy is Jigglypuff's ability to sing on the wavelength that will make its opponent the sleepiest. It also uses Attract to infatuate opponents who touch it. It uses a Moon Stone to evolve into Wigglytuff.

  • Pokémon Red/Blue (Game Boy)
  • Pokémon Diamond/Pearl (Nintendo DS)


  • As a hidden character, Jigglypuff's presence in the game was intended to remain a secret until the game's release, however, Jigglypuff, along with Ness and Lucario, was accidentally leaked approximately two weeks prior to the game's Japanese release via a How to Play video.
  • Jigglypuff is the only veteran character to not have a role in the main story of the Subspace Emissary, being unlockable only after its completion, which is also a way to get Toon Link and Wolf.
  • Of the 12 original Super Smash Bros. characters, Jigglypuff is ranked the lowest in Brawl. However, Link beat her by only one rank.
  • Jigglypuff's Down Taunt involves it deflating and floating to the ground before re-inflating. This is based on Jigglypuff's faint animation in battles on the consoles-based Pokémon games (e.g. Pokémon Stadium).
  • Despite the fact that Jigglypuff is usually the first character unlocked in Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee, Jigglypuff is one of the last characters to be unlocked in Brawl.
  • Jigglypuff has only two KO screams: one for a Star KO and one for a normal KO.
  • Jigglypuff and Luigi are the only characters not to be playable in any single-player Event Matches unless chosen.
  • Jigglypuff is the only character to have any of its nerfed attributes mentioned on Dojo!!, which said that Rest's power (in both damage and knockback) has reduced.
  • If Jigglypuff's shield breaks, Jigglypuff will be launched upwards, high enough to be instantly KO'd. This occurs only if there is no ceiling to block the vertical blastline.
  • One of Jigglypuff's alternate colors seem to be based on Kirby's hat.
  • Unlike the other Pokémon characters in the series, Jigglypuff has her shiny appearance as her default swap instead of her normal coloring, though Jigglypuff does not sparkle.
  • Two of Jigglypuff's alternate costumes seem to based upon female protagonists from the Pokemon franchise. The white hat belongs to Leaf, the female protagonist of FireRed and LeafGreen, and the straw hat could potentially be a reference to Yellow from the Pokemon Adventures/Pokemon Special manga.
  • Jigglypuff is one of the characters who has drastically dropped in tier rank from previous games. Jigglypuff was in the A tier in Melee, but is in the F tier in Brawl.

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